Easy Kitchen & Back Landing Organization

Hello and greetings from my rainy neck of the woods!  I made an escape for a few days to the sunny Niagara region of Ontario and had an amazing time.  I was reminded just how much I would love to live in a community that wasn't landlocked.

Anyway, back home to reality.  Before I left I had some DIY fun with a couple of small projects.  One for the kitchen and the other for our back landing.  The best part of this project is that while shopping for another project I stumbled upon these...

I didn't care who saw me, I did the Happy Dance in the middle of the aisle when I saw that these babies were regularly $32.00 and in a clearance bin for....drum roll please...$3.20!!!!  Yes, I bought every darn one of them and would have traveled to each of their stores to buy up the entire stock in the Greater Edmonton area.


And so it began, my easy 2-hour project that has helped organize a few things around the house.  I mixed up a batch of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Ironstone and Homestead House milk paint in Upper Canada green.

Let's start with the kitchen project first.

After two coats of Upper Canada milk paint and a light sanding to remove lumps.

Next I dry brushed a coat of Ironstone milk paint and once dry lightly sanded to reveal the Upper Canada green.

Then I gave it a coat of clear soft wax followed by dark wax inside the grooves, medallion and randomly over the entire surface.

Kitchen Apron Hooks

Added three glass knobs and ta da!

Kitchen Apron Hooks

A pretty little spot to hang my apron!  

Project 2 - Back Landing

After a couple of coats of Ironstone milk paint.

Two coats of Upper Canada milk paint.

A coat of clear soft wax followed by dark wax inside the grooves and medallion.

Key Rack

Looks a little odd with all these hooks and handles but wait until you see how amazingly functional they will be in the back landing.

Key Rack

No more looking for sunglasses and car keys - love it!

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