Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy

Interior Frugalista is an independently operated blog run by Marie Blackburn and based in Canada. This website is about budget-friendly Repurpose, Refinish, DIY, and Home Improvement Ideas. My goal is to show you how to transform found and gifted treasures and RE-love them into your living space.


If you are a brand and interested in working with Interior Frugalista on any future projects, please contact me directly and I would be happy to send you my Media Kit. Please email your request to

Copyright Policy

All photographs in my posts are the property of Interior Frugalista and taken by Marie Blackburn unless otherwise stated. All photos will be watermarked with the Interior Frugalista name or logo. If you use ONE of my pictures, you must include a link back to the original post.

My material may be used by my fellow blogging peers IF it is linked to the original post on the blog and I am given credit via my full blog name and NOT "source".

You may also pin my images on Pinterest, Facebook, and other forms of social media if they are linked to my original blog post and I am given credit via my full blog name (Interior Frugalista). My editorial content may be linked back to my blog only and may not be published, copied, or reprinted without my consent. If you desire more than one photo per feature, please contact me for consent at

If you feature my work, watermarks MUST be left intact. Unwatermarked content may be made available upon request.

By reading this blog, you agree to not directly copy projects, but rather add your own twist to make them your own. If you create one of my projects, you agree to fully disclose in your blog post that you were inspired by Interior Frugalista and to link back to the inspiration blog post. You agree to not sell the creations I have developed without my consent.