Two Easy DIY Kitchen And Back Landing Organization Ideas

Are you tired of searching for your keys or trying to remember where you last left your sunglasses? The struggle is real in most busy households but I've got a simple solution for that. In less than two hours you can have them corraled in one place with these two easy DIY organization ideas. One is a handy key organizer with sunglasses holder and the other a kitchen apron holder.

Key Organizer With Sunglasses Holder

Two Easy DIY Kitchen And Back Landing Organization Ideas

Kitchen Apron Holder

Seriously, these are so easy to make and inexpensive too. You can make them as fancy or simple as you want, depending on the type of hooks you use. No fancy tools - no fancy hardware required.

Kitchen-Back Landing Organization Unfinished Wood Plaques
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I stumbled upon these large unfinished wooden plaques in a clearance bin for $3.20, marked down from $32 each. No twisting my arm, I grabbed for future projects. While they look like the perfect house number plaque, I saw wall hook potential.

The plaques were used for both projects that I'm sharing today. If you can't find these particular ones locally, you can find several unfinished wooden plaque ideas online.

Project One - Key Organizer with Sunglasses Holder

Let's begin with the key organizer with sunglasses holder because it is something most of us could use in our homes at our back door, mud room, or beside the garage door.

I used milk paint for both projects but you could use chalk, latex, or acrylic craft paint. As long as the paint adheres to unfinished wood, you're good to go.

Easy DIY Key And Sunglasses Holder

Painting the large wooden plaque

These are the supplies I used to make the key organizer with sunglasses holder. I used inexpensive hardware because frankly, once all the things are hanging on them, you hardly notice the hardware anyway.

Key Organizer And Sunglasses Holder Supplies

The first thing I did was paint the wooden plaque with two coats of white milk paint. The milk paint I used is called Ironstone from Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint line. I added bonding agent to the paint so it wouldn't crackle like milk paint is prone to do.

Key Organizer And Sunglasses Holder Painted White

Next, I painted the oval center with sage green milk paint. My milk paint color is called Upper Canada from the Homestead House Paint Co. line.

Key Organizer And Sunglasses Holder Painted Green

Giving the wooden plaque aged charm

To give the painted plaque a lovely timeworn appearance, I brushed a coat of clear wax over the painted wood. Next, I brushed a layer of dark wax, making sure it nestled in the grooves and along the edges of the wood carved applique. With a lint-free rag, I wiped away the excess dark wax. The dark wax adds depth to the sage green color too.

Key Organizer And Sunglasses Holder Aged Dark Wax

Attaching hooks and pulls onto the painted wood plaque

The five white hooks will hold several key rings and the white pulls are to hang sunglasses. You can hang two to three pairs of sunglasses per pull - that's a lot of sunglasses storage!

Hang the hooks along the bottom of the plaque so the keys hang down from the holder. You don't have to follow the oval pattern for placement like I did. To be honest, I wish I had hung mine straight across the bottom so there was more space between the sunglasses and keys.

Hang the two pulls side-by-side near the top.

Key Organizer And Sunglasses Holder Hooks

If you are not a fan of my simple stark white hardware you could fancy it up with decorative hooks and pulls in bronze, silver, brushed nickel, or cast metal. Whatever suits your decor.

No more lost keys and sunglasses and enough storage potential for the entire family! Because take it from this empty nesting Mama, once the kid's start driving, the keys and sunglasses will be everywhere.

Hang them up as soon as you enter the door and grab them as your walking out. So handy to have them corralled in one place.

Project Two - Kitchen Apron Holder

If you and your family like to cook chances are you have at least one apron in your kitchen. Instead of shoving them inside a drawer, what about hanging them on pretty hooks on a kitchen wall? How fun to collect pretty aprons or ones with funny sayings and like art, have them on display. Now that I have an apron holder I'm on a mission to find some new kitchen aprons.

DIY Kitchen Apron Holder With Glass Hooks

What else could this holder be used for?

This would definitely make a pretty herb drying rack. Wrap twine or ribbon around bundles of fresh herbs and hang them from the glass knobs to dry.

Instead of aprons, it could be used as a kitchen towel holder. Much like the apron holder, hang your favorite kitchen towels from the pretty knobs or hooks.

It could also be used as a BBQ tool holder. Hang it on the fence or wall near the grill to hang your most-used grilling utensils.

Painting the kitchen apron holder

These are the supplies used to make the kitchen apron holder.

DIY Kitchen Apron Holder Supplies

We're going to use the same milk paint colors as the key and sunglasses holder except for this one we're going to paint the colors in layers using a dry brush technique.

The first layer is painted with two coats of green milk paint. Once the paint is dry, lightly sand to remove any lumps with 220-grit sandpaper.

Kitchen Apron Holder Painted Green

With an inexpensive chip brush, dip just the tips of the bristles into white milk paint and offload the excess onto a paper towel. With little pressure, swipe the bristles across the wooden plaque in random brush strokes. Don't cover the entire plaque because we want some of the green colors underneath to show (as pictured below).

Kitchen Apron Holder Whitewashed

Like we did with the other plaque, protect the paint with a coat of clear wax followed by dark wax to give it a timeworn appearance. Again, making sure the dark wax nestles into the grooves and the details on the wooden applique and wipe the excess with a lint free rag.

Kitchen Apron Holder Aged Dark Wax

Adding decorative hooks to the kitchen apron holder

I used pretty glass cabinet knobs for apron hooks. The possibilities are endless for what style of knobs or hooks you use.

Kitchen Apron Holder Glass Knobs

And there you have it, two easy peasy DIY ideas for kitchen and back landing organization. Because I had most of what I needed on hand, mine cost less than $5 each to make. It's up to you what price point you spend depending on the type of wood plaque and hardware you use. The possibilities are endless!

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Two Easy DIY Kitchen and Back Landing Organization Ideas

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  4. What smart organizers, Marie! I don't use aprons, but I could totally see that holding dishtowels! And the key/sunglass holder is super clever, too!

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