Kroehler French Provincial Side Table Makeovers Unified With Graphics

The round Kroehler table on the left may look familiar because I gave it a white makeover several months ago. My client recently inherited a matching rectangular table and wanted them unified for her living room. After it was chalk painted white and distressed to match, the Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables were further unified with graphics and I show you how.

Kroehler Tiered Side Tables with graphics

Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables Unified With Graphics

This is what the table looked like before the makeover...

Kroehler French Provincial Side Table Before

There were a few minor scratches and dents that some filler easily fixed on the legs and top. The table was painted with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Old White. Using 220 grit sandpaper, they were lightly distressed and protected with a coat of clear wax. To give it an aged appearance, like the matching round table, dark wax was applied all over, especially in the nooks and crannies and the excess removed with a lint-free rag.

Now for the fun part, unifying the tables with graphics...

Image Transfer Medium Technique on Kroehler Tiered Table

Normally I transfer graphics using the Graphite Image Transfer Technique but because the placement of the graphics on the lower tier of these tables was hard to reach, they were applied using the Image Transfer Medium Technique.

How to apply graphics using Image Transfer Medium

The Count Your Blessings and French Wreath graphics were found on the Graphics Fairy website. In PicMonkey I uploaded the French wreath and layered the Count Your Blessings graphic inside the wreath. Next, I reversed the image, making a mirror image of the graphic, saved it and printed it on bond paper.

Note: A laser printer works best for this technique, however, if you only have access to an inkjet printer, you MUST let the ink completely dry first or it will smudge during the next step.

I repeated the same process for the next graphic except this time I created my own Live Love Laugh text inside the wreath. Again saving it as a mirror image and printing onto bond paper.

Cut around the printed graphics as close to the edge as possible and apply image transfer medium using a foam brush onto the good side of the graphics.

French Provincial side table image transfer 1

Carefully place each graphic in the middle of each table tier and lightly remove any air bubbles with a brayer or old credit card (pictured above). Allow the graphics to dry for at least three hours before moving onto the next step.

Working in sections and a water bottle, lightly spray the graphic and with the ball of your finger gently remove the first layer of paper. Let dry again and repeat the process until the last layer of paper is removed and the graphic remains. Be careful not to rub too much or you risk removing the graphic.

The image will appear slightly murky but that will clear up when you apply a clear top coat to seal the graphic. My preference is Gator Hide from Dixie Belle Paint Company which is a non-yellowing matte water repellent sealer.

French Provincial Side Table image transfer 2

Now the great thing about this particular image transfer medium is that it peeled off so much easier than other products I've used and in far fewer steps.  The image held onto the wood firmly, even after distressing it lightly with sandpaper.  This is the best product I've used so far!

French Provincial Round Side Table with Graphic

French Provincial Rectangular Side Table with graphic

Thankfully my client was pleased with her tables and I'll get the pleasure of seeing them in her living room in early 2015 as she's enlisted my Interior Redesign services to do a makeover of a few rooms in her home.  I can't wait because besides refinishing furniture, one of my passions is doing room makeovers using what is already in the home!

Round French Provincial Side Table After Makeover

Rectangular French Provincial Side Table After Makeover

I can't leave a drawer untouched so I lined it with scrapbook paper using the same image transfer medium to adhere it to the drawer and top coat protection.

French Provincial side table makeover with lined drawer

Now the two Kroehler French Provincial Side Tables look like they've always been a matching set!

French Provincial Side Tables unified by a makeover

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How To Make Beaded Christmas Cone Trees For Less

Don't you just love it when the holiday decorating catalogs come out? I sure do because they're always chock-full of inspiration. This girl on a beer budget seems to gravitate towards the most expensive items on the page.

Recently I saw some gorgeous beaded cone trees that would be perfect for our fireplace mantel but the price was way over our budget. No matter how much I tried to put those darn trees out of my mind I just had to have them.

So I did what any DIYer would do, made my own version of their Beaded Christmas Cone Trees for a fraction of the price.
DIY Christmas Cone Trees

The inspiration trees are covered completely with gold and white beads but I decided to cover mine with fabric, metallic spray paint, and glitter paint. In all honesty, the thought of working with all those tiny little beads...well let's just say that I'm a bull in a china shop and there's no telling what kind of chaos would ensue.

How To Make Beaded Christmas Cone Trees

These are the materials I used to make mine...
Beaded Christmas Cone Tree Materials

How to make the cones

 Bristol board Christmas Cone Trees
Place a sheet of bristol board vertically on a work surface. We will be making three trees at these heights:
26-inches high
22-inches high
18-inches high

Bristol Board Christmas Cone Trees
  1. Tape a piece of string onto the bottom right corner of a sheet of bristol board.
  2. Wrap the opposite end of the string around a pencil until it measures 26-inches when pointing down onto the bristol board (as pictured above).
  3. Starting from the left bottom corner of the board, draw a line across to the opposite side (as pictured above).
  4. Cut along the line with scissors.
  5. Roll into the shape of a cone, ensuring the top stays tight.
  6. Secure the cone in place with tape. I prefer using white duct tape because of its adhesion and so it blends in with the color of the bristol board.
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the next cone measuring 22-inches.
  8. Repeat Steps 1-6 for the last cone measuring 18-inches.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to complete this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you to support the costs of running this site. See my disclosure policy page.

Mirrored Cone Tree - 26 inches tall

DIY Mirrored Christmas Cone Tree
Mine $22.00 - Theirs $74.95

Mirrored Cone Tree Materials List:

3 sheets of Bristol board (dollar store)
White duct tape
Hot glue gun
Wide Silver Metallic ribbon
Bag of assorted Mini Mirrors For Crafts
Silver Wire Beads (6 per pkg) (Michaels)

Metallic Ribbon for Christmas Cone Tree
  1. Starting at the bottom, wrap a strand of Silver Metallic Ribbon around the cone, adding a dab of hot glue here and there to secure.
  2. When you reach the point where you began, measure approximately 1/2-inch, cut the ribbon and fold the raw edge under. Secure in place with a dab of hot glue.
  3. Repeat Step 1 -2 until you reach the top of the tree.
  4. Try to keep your seams lined up to one another (they will be on the back of your tree).
Mini mirrors and metal beads to embellish Christmas Cone Tree
With a hot glue gun, glue the mini mirrors onto the front of the silver wire beads. The mirrors come in assorted sizes you find the one that fits the opening best.
Mirrored Beads and Metallic Ribbon on Holiday Cone Tree
Glue the mirrored metal beads randomly around the tree and glue one to the top.

Beaded Cone Tree - 22 inches tall

Pearl Beaded Christmas Cone Tree
Mine $8.00 - Theirs $44.95

Beaded Cone Tree Materials List:

Silver Metallic Spray Paint
Self-Adhesive Pearls for crafts
  1. Paint the 22-inch cone with Silver Metallic Spray Paint. Mine took two coats for full coverage.
  2. Once the paint is completely dry, run assorted size self-adhesive Pearl and Gem bead strands vertically up the tree. Even though they are self-adhesive, place a dab of glue on the first and last bead of each strand for extra adhesion. 
  3. For added visual interest end the pearl strands evenly about 4-6 inches from the top of the tree and continue to gem strands only to the top.

Chevron Cone Tree - 18 inches tall

Chevron Beaded Christmas Cone Tree
Mine $10.50 - Theirs $34.95

Chevron Cone Tree Materials List:

  1. Spray the 18-inch cone tree with silver spray glitter. It took several coats to get full coverage.
  2. Once the glitter spray is dry, run a strand of silver beads around the base of the cone tree securing in place with a hot glue gun.
  3. Run two strands of silver beads around the top (as pictured above).
  4. Glue three beads onto the top of the tree.
  5. Wrap double strands of silver sequined ribbon, leaving about three inches between each double strand (as pictures above).
  6. In the space between the sequined ribbon, run the silver beads in a chevron pattern around the tree, securing in place with a hot glue gun. 
My version of the Beaded Christmas Cone Trees may not be as polished as the retail originals but I love them just the same. Place them over a large mirror or a bed of fluffy white feather boas like I did.
Trio of DIY Beaded Christmas Cone Trees
The poor pathetic 4-foot Charlie Brown Christmas Tree pictured below has been a holiday fixture in our house since the kids were babies. We don't have the heart to get rid of it so it takes a lot of shiny decorations to distract from the ugliness that lies beneath.
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree that went all glam
If you were inspired by my DIY Beaded Christmas Cone Trees for less version, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.
DIY Beaded Christmas Cone Trees
Has this inspired you to make your own version of Beaded Christmas Cone Trees? Perhaps you've already made some. I'd love to hear what materials you used to make yours.

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Man Cave Makeover {The Clean Shave}

*Man Cave Makeover Campaign

Mr. Frugalista and I have been renovating our humble abode one room at a time for what feels like forever. Every room in the house has received a facelift and this past summer we started on the exterior renovations. If Mr. Frugalista had his way next summer we'd be adding a hot tub to our new patio. Not going to happen, replacing the ugly mint green siding trumps a hot tub!

Five years ago we renovated our main bathroom on a beer budget and ran out of funds to replace the dated tub. So I got to thinking maybe Mr. Frugalista can have the next best thing. Since he has pretty much taken over the main bathroom why not give him an indoor hot tub. Yeah okay a jetted tub isn't quite the same as a hot tub for six with lights, a sound system, and a brew under the stars!

So when Man Crates invited me to participate in their Man Cave Makeover Campaign I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to come up with a plan to upgrade our bathroom Indoor Jet Tub Manly Spa Cave!

The Clean Shave Man Cave Makeover

Have you heard of Man Crates?  They are a one stop online shop of unique gifts for men.  And you know what's really cool about these gifts, they come packaged in a wooden crate that requires being pryed open with a crowbar, which is included.  How fun is that!

They have crates for every kind of man.  The Golfer, Gamer, New Dad, Outdoorsmen, Sports fanatic, and the list goes on. When my daughter heard I was participating in this campaign she told me a few of her friends ordered various Man Crates for their significant others and loved them.

I thought the Clean Shave Crate would be perfect for Mr. Frugalista's Man Cave so he could enjoy a good old fashion clean shave.

The most stylish gear you'll ever keep in your bathroom.

So back to Mr. Frugalista's Man Cave.  Space is limited in this bathroom so I chose the Cocoon Whirlpool Tub for it's hour glass design, clean lines, comfortable neckrest and built in armrests so that I can spend hours relaxing in it 10 micro jets and powerful motor for Mr. Frugalista to rest and massage his weary bones.
Cocoon White Whirlpool Bath Tub

What woman wouldn't want a rainfall shower head too!
Pulse AquaRain Shower System in Chrome

One of the great benefits of a hot tub is the sound system.  Needing to convince him that his jet tub is the next best thing I choose this 3 Shower Wireless and Water-Resistant Sound System so he can stream his music, radio and podcasts while he soaks his troubles away.  
3 Shower Sound Systems That Beat Your Clunky Old Radio

It may not be colorful LED's but this manly candle will not only illuminate his man spa but has a frosty scent with notes of an icicle-encrusted branch of winter spruce, citron, balsam and sugar.
Voluspa 'Vermeil - Branche Vermeil' Petite Maison Boxed Candle

While soaking in the bubbles he can ingest some too with this cool Waterfall Wine Chiller that reminds me of a tuxedo.
Waterfall Wine Chiller

On the wall within tub reach is a toilet paper/magazine rack with his favorite This Old House Magazine to hopefully help him get inspired relax and unwind.
TP and Magazine Holder 10 Kitchen and Bath Space Savers

After he's all finished relaxing a warm bath sheet is waiting on the heated towel rack...
Regent 22 1/4" High Wall Mounted Towel Warmer in Chrome

...along with the Classic Six Box Set of Naturally effective cleaning agents in a handy bamboo caddy.  Hey, I'm not his slave!
Classic Six Box Set

I've added a handsome wood and chrome shaving caddy for his convience to keep him organized so they aren't laying all over the counter.
Razor Handle, Brush & Stand Kits - Woodworking

My biggest concern about Mr. Frugalista getting his new Man Cave is that he may not want to come out and I'll loose my slave Handyman.

So which Man Crate would you choose for the men in your life?

This isn't a sponsored post as I was not compensated for writing it.  I thought it was a fun campaign and wanted to participate for the opportunity to welcome my readers to a unique gift idea for the hard to buy for men in their lives during the holidays.

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Mid-Century Modern Childhood Dresser Makeover

My son's girlfriend asked me if I'd give her colorfully painted childhood mid-century modern dresser a makeover. She painted it when she was 16 (and did a fine job I might add) but it was time to give it a big girl look for their new home.

MCM Dresser After Picture

This is what it looked like before...

MCM Dresser Before Makeover

A short time before starting the makeover I got a Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer and knew this dresser would be a perfect project to try out the sprayer. Oh gosh, I am genuinely in love with this machine!

MCM Dresser Makeover using a HomeRight Finish Pro Max Sprayer

Mid-Century Modern Childhood Dresser Makeover

Sanding to the bare wood was not an option but I wanted to achieve a stained wood patina on the exterior.  I remembered Homestead House carried a milk paint stain and so I ordered a bag in the color Sherwood Brown.

MCM Dresser Makeover using Homestead House Milk Stain

I prepared the milk stain according to the package directions and added some bonding agent to help the stain adhere to the old paint. Yes, you can use milk paint with a paint sprayer but it must be strained first to avoid lumps plugging up the machine.

It worked like a charm and took me a third of the time it normally does using a brush. The finish is smooth as a baby's bottom.

MCM Dresser Makeover sprayed with Sherwood Brown Milk Paint Stain

I got excellent coverage after only two coats, however, I wasn't 100% happy with the color as it had purple undertones and I wanted more of a dark walnut color.

MCM Dresser Makeover after 1st coat of milk paint stain

I had also ordered the milk stain in the color Provincial Walnut and decided to give that a whirl and that's when panic ensued. Too light, now what?

Before the milk stain had a chance to dry I took a slightly damp brush and moved the stain in up and down motions to reveal some of the Sherwood Brown underneath. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it started to take on the look of wood grain. Insert happy dance but still not the color I was hoping for.

MCM Dresser Makeover after a coat of Provincial Walnut Milk Paint Stain

I started thinking because it had multiple layers of milk stain perhaps it would be porous enough for Minwax stain to absorb it. Using a foam brush I tried a coat of Dark Walnut and it worked. You'd be hard pressed to tell that wasn't natural stained wood.

MCM Dresser Makeover stained with Minwax Dark Walnut

Now onto the drawers. Mr. Frugalista removed the wood pulls but I told him to hold tight on the trio of diamond blocks on the top drawer.

MCM Dresser Makeover before painting drawers

I painted all four drawers with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Old White. Using a mouse sander I removed the paint on the diamonds and stained them dark walnut to match the dresser.

MCM Dresser Makeover after chalkpainting drawers in Old White

After spending time on Pinterest my future daughter-in-law (finger's crossed) decided she wanted a cartography theme. I found these awesome rolls of map decoupage paper at Michaels.

MCM Dresser Makeover using Map decoupage paper on drawer fronts

Using thinned Mod Podge I attached the maps to the bottom three drawer fronts.

MCM Dresser Makeover with lined drawers and map drawer fronts

I had a roll of vinyl wallpaper leftover from another project and used it to line the inside of each drawer.

Once again using that awesome Finish Max Pro Sprayer, I protected the entire dresser with two coats of matte water based Tough Coat by Country Chic Paint.  I was so impressed with how streak free and smooth the finish went on that I will never apply it with a brush again.

MCM Dresser Makeover with floral lined drawers

To age the maps I applied a coat of dark wax and wiped off the excess. But then the top drawer was looking too stark so I applied dark wax on it too.

MCM Dresser with close up of map fronts

I painted the legs in Old White chalk paint as well as dark wax. I then brushed two coats of Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer to the metal feet.

MCM Dresser Makeover with white legs and bronzed feet

The original plan was to accessorize the dresser with chrome feet and pulls but when I held them up to the dresser the chrome finish was not working. I ended up using simple wood knobs purchased at Home Depot and chalk painted them in Old White followed by some aging with dark wax. Much better.

MCM Dresser Makeover with painted and dark waxed knobs

I'm so pleased with how this dresser turned out and thankfully so was she - a night and day transformation.

MCM Dresser Makeover After

If you found this tutorial on how to give a piece of furniture a stained wood patina using paint, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

MCM Dresser Makeover Before and After

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