Mid-Century Modern Headboard Entry Bench With Shoe Storage

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Earlier this summer a client asked me to keep my eyes open for a mid-century modern twin headboard with clean and simple lines to transform into an entry bench with shoe storage.  It took a few months before finding the perfect headboard set but we found one and couldn't be more happy with the results.

Today I'm sharing a tutorial on how to DIY a Mid-Century Modern Headboard Entry Bench with shoe storage underneath. 

Headboard to Entry Bench with shoe storage

This is what the head and footboard looked like before...

Headboard and footboard BEFORE

Mid-Century Modern Headboard Entry Bench With Shoe Storage

The stamp on the back shows that it was made in 1950 and the finish is called Almond.

Process picture of headboard and footboard made into a bench

You can see how I turn headboards and footboards into benches HERE.

Now for the pretty!  Benches, like dining room chairs, are a beast to paint with a brush.  The job is so much quicker using a sprayer.  My workshop is in the basement of our home and so using spray paint, especially in the winter, is not an option unless I can do it outdoors.

Last year the good folks at HomeRight sent me a Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer to try out.  The first time I used it was on an  MCM Dresser Makeover and instantly fell in love.  The finish comes out smooth as buttah and cuts the painting time down to mere minutes.  Gotta love that!

HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer

I filled the canister half way with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in the color Duck Egg Blue and diluted it a little with water.  Next I ran a flow test using the Viscosity Cup provided with the sprayer to ensure the paint wasn't too thick.
Viscosity Cup for the Finish Max Sprayer
Then I started spraying that pretty color all over that bench.  It took three thin coats for full coverage.

Applying chalk paint using a HomeRight paint sprayer

To add some contrast I brushed the arms and top of the back with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in French Linen.

Duck Egg Blue and French Linen chalk paint used on an entry bench

My client wanted their surname on the back of the bench and so I incorporated their name into a tree branch with three birds representing each member of their family.

I created the graphic in Microsoft Word and printed it out using the Poster setting on my computer so it would be enlarged.  Using graphite paper *(affiliate link) behind the graphic, I traced it onto the bench.  Afterward, I painted it using a script liner art brush *(affiliate link) and more of the French Linen chalk paint.

A hand painted graphic on a headboard bench

As I mentioned above, my client's wanted shoe storage on the bottom.  1" x 2" lumber was cut to size to create slats that fit on top of wooden brackets on either side (see picture below).

Wood brackets attached to bottom of headboard bench to accommodate shoe storage wooden slats

Before installation, I stained them with Minwax Wood Finish Stain in Dark Walnut*(affiliate link).

The plan was to use a brad nailer to attach them, but it decided it needed a day off. How dare it!  On to plan B - drilling small pilot holes so the slats wouldn't split and screwing them in place from the bottom.

1 x 2 lumber stained dark walnut and used for shoe storage on bottom of a headboard bench

Here is where the HomeRight Paint Sprayer *(affiliate link) came in handy again.  I sprayed two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a clear satin finish *(affiliate link) to protect the bench.  Normally I wax or oil over chalk painted finishes but considering this bench would be a utilitarian piece, I wanted added water-resistant protection.

Whenever I use a poly finish on my furniture pieces, I ALWAYS use my Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer to apply it.  Goes on like glass with no brush strokes!

Patience is a virtue that went missing in my DNA and so when I choose products for my shop they better be easy to use and operate.  I can honestly say that this paint sprayer is a breeze to operate and easy peasy to clean.  I cannot say enough about this little powerhouse machine in my workshop.

Head and footboard transformed into an entry bench

I'm quite pleased with how the entry bench turned out. Thankfully, so were my clients and that makes me VERY happy.

If you found this tutorial on how to build a Mid-Century Modern Headboard Entry Bench with shoe storage helpful, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

Turning a headboard and footboard into an entry bench

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Queen Anne Desk Makeover With Parisian Flair

I am beyond thrilled to be a new member of the Themed Furniture Makeover Day group. This group of talented furniture reimaginers come together once a month and transform a piece of furniture based on a theme. This month the theme is French.

Recently a friend called to tell me about a small desk that was up for grabs and wanted to know if I would be interested. I couldn't pull up to the driveway fast enough. Being a woman who loves all things French, I knew this would be the perfect piece to makeover for this challenge.

Meet Marie Antoinette: a Queen Anne Desk with Parisian Flair.

Queen Anne Desk Makeover With Parisian Flair

Queen Anne Desk Makeover With Parisian Flair

This is what the desk looked like when I acquired it...

Queen Anne Desk Before Makeover

The original plan was to paint the desk in a combination of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ in Paris Grey and Old White. I started the makeover painting the entire desk in Paris Grey and then called it a day. The following morning while taking a shower, inspiration struck; think Bombay meets Restoration Hardware.

Back on the shelf went the can of Old White chalk paint and out came the color, Graphite.  I randomly dry brushed it all over the Paris Grey, dabbing the excess paint off onto a paper towel first. I just kept playing until it felt right.

Queen Anne Desk painted two tone gray
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Using my finger, I applied Gold Gilding Wax along the edges and around the drawer fronts. The jewelry on this piece is the gorgeous silver and gold mercury glass knobs. I had them in my stash and thrilled with how they look with the two-tone gray paint colors.

Queen Anne Desk with mercury glass knobs

So why did I call it Marie Antoinette? For two reasons; one is because that was my Mémère's name and while working on this piece she was on my mind a lot. Second, I painted the inside of the drawer with the color Antoinette by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.

Queen Anne Desk drawer painted Antoinette pink

I lined the bottom of the drawer with some pretty French Postscript Scrapbook Paper from my stash.

Queen Anne Desk with decoupaged papered drawer

Now for the fun part, adding the Français. I envisioned the Marie Antoinette desktop looking like a Parisian postmarked envelope from a love letter.

Queen Anne Desk with Parisian Envelope Top

The address is stenciled with Old White and Graphite and then distressed a little with fine sandpaper.

Queen Anne Desk with French address stenciled top

The French postmark was traced from a decal using carbon paper behind it and then hand painting the details using a script liner art brush.

Queen Anne Desk with hand painted Parisian postmark top

A French desk wouldn't be complete without pretty stationery and a fountain pen with which to write a steamy love letter.

Queen Anne Desk Makeover with rose petal stationary

One of my favorite furniture pieces to makeover are desks and here are two other French-inspired desk makeovers. A Desk Makeover With Parisian Flair that sold rather quickly and a curvy French Provincial desk for a client. 

Here is a Curbside Desk Rescue that I did for my neighbor.

Queen Anne Desk Makeover Before and After
I hope you're as excited as I am to see how my talented friends added a French spin on their furniture makeovers this month. Please pin directly from their blog posts rather than the links below.

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An Easy Peasy DIY Fall Wreath With Mini Banner

On Monday I told you about the Fall Ideas Tour that is going on this week in Blogland.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour so far.  If you missed Monday and Tuesdays tours follow the links at the bottom of this post.  

I'm so honored and excited to be a part of this tour.  Today seven of my blogging friends and I share our Fall Wreath creations.  Mine is an Easy Peasy Fall Wreath with a DIY Scrabble Tile Banner.

DIY Fall Wreath with Scrabble Tile Banner

My Fall Wreath is so easy peasy to make I almost feel guilty.  

DIY Fall Wreath with leaves, ribbon and Fall picks

Materials List  *Affiliate Links included - see my disclosure policy

How To Make A Fall Wreath With A Mini Scrabble Tile Banner

Step 1: Covering The Wood Wreath Form

Wrap an entire roll of Fall ribbon around the wreath form, ensuring there is a long strand left to use for a double bow. 

Wrapping Fall ribbon around a wooden wreath form

Step 2: Adding Fabric Leaves

Cut the stems from the fabric leaf picks and simply insert them behind each fold in the ribbon, working your way around the entire wreath. Add a dab of hot glue to secure them in place.  

Attach fabric leaves to ribbon wrapped wreath form

Step 3: Attaching Fall Acorn Picks

Insert four Fall Acorn Picks evening around the wreath.  Sorry, I was so engrossed in my fun project that I forgot to take pictures of this process.  You get a good idea of where I placed them in the picture below.

Acorn embellished picks added to DIY Fall Wreath

Step 4: Tying a Bow

Make a double bow with the strands of ribbon.  I've included a Bow Tutorial that I found on YouTube that you may find helpful.

Tying ribbon strands to a DIY Fall Wreath

Step 5: Attaching A Scarecrow

Insert a cute Scarecrow pick or any other larger Fall pick into the knot of your bow. Secure it in place with a few dabs of hot glue.

A Scarecrow pick attached to a DIY Fall Wreath

Step 6: Using Hardboard To Make Scrabble Tiles

I was sure I took pictures of how I made the Scrabble tiles but for the life of me can't find them.  All I did was cut hardboard into 2-inch squares using a miter saw. You can use a straight edge and an Exacto knife to cut the board as well. If you would rather not make your own, tiles from a Scrabble game would work but because of their smaller size, they would have the same impact.

Step 7: Adding Numbers To The Tiles

Draw letters and their corresponding numbers with a pencil and then fill them in with a black Sharpie marker.

Step 8: Making A Mini Banner

Cut a strand of green twine long enough to reach across your wreath. Starting in the center and working your way outwards on each side, hot glue your tiles onto the twine. Tie or hot glue the banner onto your wreath, letting it droop a little.

Handmade hardboard wood Scrabble tiles for mini banner on DIY Fall Wreath

That's it!

It took less than an hour to make this project.  You'll notice from the photos that it isn't hanging on a door. We got a brand new custom factory painted door this summer and Mr. Frugalista will not allow anything to hang from it to avoid scratches. Insert sad face here because one of my favorite things each season is to hang a pretty wreath.

An easy DIY Fall Wreath ( Fall Ideas Tour 2015)

Have I inspired you to pick up some pretty Fall ribbon and a handful of picks to make your own DIY Fall Wreath? Maybe you'll be lucky enough to hang yours on the door!

Now it's time to see what my seven talented blogging friends created for their Fall Wreaths. You can find the links at the bottom of this post.

Fall Ideas Tour 2016

Press the links below to follow the entire Fall Ideas Tour 2015...

Monday - Mantels
Tuesday - Tablescapes
Wednesday - Wreaths
Thursday - Thrifty Crafts

Thank you for joining us and I hope you enjoy the tour and leave with loads of inspiration!  

You will find this project shared at these fabulous link parties.

A BIG thank you to the following for featuring this project...

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The Fall Ideas Tour begins today

Did you know there is a Fall Ideas Tour going on in the blogosphere this week?  Well, there is and it's chock-full of Fall inspiration for you.  Thirty-two talented bloggers are participating during a four day period.  Each day has a theme and today it is Fall Mantles.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see eight different Fall Tablescapes. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, especially for us Canadians, you don't want to miss these inspirational ideas!


On Wednesday, I will be participating in the challenge for the Fall Wreath leg of the tour.  I would love for you to come back to see the wreath I created as well as my seven blogging friend's creations.


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Scrabbling for Fall (How to make a fun Fall Scrabble Tile Banner)

It's Fall Y'all! Those of you who have been following me long enough know that Autumn is not my favorite season. I know, I fall (pun intended) into a minority on this one. Don't get me wrong, I love the beautiful colors, the bountiful harvests, and mugs of steaming hot apple cider just like the Fall Lovers do. But in all honesty, Fall reminds me of death and the Snow $h_t that's around the corner. Here in the Canadian Prairies, winters can be brutal.

Whether I like it or not, Fall is here and so I either move to a warmer climate or embrace it one DIY Fall Craft after another. So today as I Scrabble to embrace Fall (sorry couldn't resist), I am sharing How To Make A Fun Scrabble Tile Banner.

Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

It wasn't difficult to make this banner and most of the supplies I already had around the house.

Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

How To Make A Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

Tools Used

 *affiliate links are included in this post so you can see the products I used to make this project. See my disclosure policy HERE.

Materials List

Step 1: Making the Scrabble Tiles

Using a Metal Square, measure, and mark six square tiles at 7" x 7".

Measuring the tile pieces for the Fall DIY Banner

  • Butt the square on the right side of the tiles and using the hole on the square, mark a circle for the rope to be strung through. 
  • Flip the square over and repeat this step on the left side of each tile (see picture below).

Marking the holes to hang the DIY Fall Banner

Drawing the cut lines for the Fall DIY Banner

Cut the tiles. You can see in the photo below that I used a miter saw. The table saw was in the back of the shed and in all honesty, I am still nervous about using one because with my luck, I'll lose a finger.

If you use a miter saw like I did, in order to cut through the 7-inch height of each tile, you will have to make two cuts by flipping the board over to finish the cut.

Another option is using a straight edge and a sharp Exacto knife.

Cutting the tile pieces using a mitre saw for the DIY Fall Banner

  • Clamp all six tiles together and place in a Vice.  
  • Drill the holes using a 1/4-inch drill. Saves you loads of time rather than cutting one at a time.

Clamping the tile pieces together for the DIY Fall Banner tiles

Drilling the holes on the top of the tile pieces for the DIY Fall Banner

Step 2: Adding the Scrabble Tile Letters and Numbers

  • First, paint each tile a cream color that looks similar to that of real Scrabble tiles.
  • In PicMonkey I created Scrabble tiles to spell out the word FALL. You could use 4-inch stencils for the letters and 1 1/2" ones for the numbers. 
  • I used Scrabble Tiles from a Vintage Scrabble game as my source for assigning the correct numbers to each letter (as pictured below).
  • Use carbon or graphite paper to trace the letter/number combinations onto each tile.
  • Using a black paint pen or Sharpie marker to paint them.

Next up, adding the pretty...

Making burlap leaves for the Fall DIY Banner

Step 3: Embellishing Tile One

  • Brush fabric stiffener or Mod Podge onto the back side of burlap ribbon.
  • Once dry, use a large faux leaf as your template and trace three burlap leaves.
  • Cut them out with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the fabric fall leaves over top the burlap ones at an angle.
  • Lay them out onto your tile and hot glue them in place.
  • Glue a few clusters of faux berries in the center.

Gluing a trio of burlap and fabric leaves onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

Cutting a small foam pumpkin in half for the Fall DIY Banner

Step 4: Embellishing Tile Six

  • Pull out the stem of a small foam core pumpkin and paint it with brown craft paint.
  • Carefully cut the pumpkin in half using an Exacto knife.
  • Paint the pumpkin orange.
  • To add depth to the pumpkin apply dark wax or brown glaze with a small craft brush along the ribs and blend with a clean rag.
  • Trace two small fabric leaves onto burlap ribbon and cut with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the leaves around the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine and with your fingers, rub Mod Podge all over the strand.
  • Wrap each piece of twine around a pencil and let dry for approximately 10 minutes.
  • Carefully remove from the pencil before it dries and adheres and let the curled twine dry completely.
  • Hot glue the jute tendrils behind the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Replace the stem and hot glue it in place.
  • Loosen up the tendrils to your liking.
  • Using hot glue, attach the pumpkin onto the Scrabble Tile (as seen in photos below).

Embellishing and attaching a small pumpkin half onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

Assembling the Fall Banner

  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine to the desired length of where you plan on hanging the banner.  Leave extra strands to trail down both sides.
  • Find the center of your twine and string the middle tile in place.  Because I used six tiles the middle fell between the two Ls.
  • Hot glue the twine onto the back of the tiles to secure them in place (optional). 
  • String the rest of the tiles onto the twine.

Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

That's it!  As you can see, I hung mine on our fireplace mantel.  I hope this inspired you to create a fun Fall Banner for your home.

If you would like more Fall inspiration, see my DIY Scrabble Tile Banner Fall Wreath or my Pumpkin Topiaries.

This project was created for the Fall Edition of the Power Tool Challenge team. If you haven't heard of the Power Tool Challenge, it is a team of tool savvy, skill sharing female bloggers who encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zones and try simple projects they can make themselves using a power tool.

Now it's time to see what Fall projects the team of talented bloggers created for this challenge.  If you like what you see, please remember to pin from the original source.

You will find this project shared at these fabulous Link Parties.

A BIG Thank You to the following for featuring this project...

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