From Wooden Shutters To Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

It's time for another Power Tool Challenge and this month's theme is Repurposed. Now that's a challenge after my own heart and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

A couple of weeks ago we helped our daughter and her family move.  Now that she's unpacked and settled she wants to create a coffee station on one end of her kitchen counter. She also wants to clear some valuable storage space in her cupboards by hanging her coffee mugs on the wall behind her coffee maker.

That's where this challenge and her Mama comes to the rescue.

Rustic Coffee Mug Holder Made From Wooden Shutters

Repurposed Wooden Shutter Into Coffee Mug Holder

Before I get into the details of the How To, if any of you haven't heard of the Power Tool Challenge, it is a group of tool savvy, skill sharing bloggers who come together each month to help encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zones and try basic power tool projects.

In case you missed it, last month I Repurposed an antique chair back into an Antique Chair Back Bird Feeder.

For this easy peasy Coffee Mug Holder, I used two power tools; a Compound Miter Saw and a Power Drill.

DIY Coffee Mug Holder from REpurposed wooden shutters

Several years ago I made a set of wooden shutters out of fence boards and had them flanking a mirror in our dining room. Last year when we added a Board & Batten wall in this space, the shutters came down and have since been collecting dust in the workshop.

Wooden shutters before being Repurposed into a DIY Coffee Mug Holder

While coming up with an idea for this challenge, I knew those shutters would be perfect repurposed into my daughter's under cabinet coffee mug holder.  The challenge, however, was that the space between the base of her kitchen cupboards and the top of an electrical outlet is only 20" wide x 13" tall.

Small area in rental for a kitchen coffee station

I thought it would be fun to salvage the tops of the pickets and have them point downwards towards the coffee maker.

Repurposed Wooden Shutter for under counter coffee mug holder

Step 1: Dismantling the old wooden shutters 

The first order of business was to remove the battens on the back of each shutter. Thankfully I assembled them with screws which made them very easy to take apart.

Step 2: Measuring the boards

DIY Wood Shutter Coffee Mug Holder

Remember above I mentioned that there are only 13-inches from above the electrical outlet to the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinet.  I measured each board from the top of the gable point to 13-inches and drew a pencil line with a straight edge.

Step 3: Cutting the boards

Cutting wood shutters for rustic coffee mug holder

With a compound miter saw, I cut each board on the generous side of the pencil mark.  That left a whole lot of leftover board and being one to who doesn't like to waste, I built a computer monitor stand for my office (I'll share that in an upcoming post).

Step 4: Assembling the Coffee Mug Holder

Clamped wooden shutters to repurpose into coffee mug holder

The width of three shutters equals 18-inches, perfect considering the width of her wall is 20-inches. I flipped the boards upside down and lined them up evenly and clamped in place. I found two pieces of MDF trim in the shop and luckily they were the perfect length.  Yay, no cutting required.

Drilling pilot holes into batten supports of coffee mug holder

MDF has a tendency to split so I made pilot holes with my drill using a 3/32" pilot hole bit. I applied wood glue to the back of each one and then attached the battens with #8 1-inch wood screws.

Step 5: Attaching picture hanger hooks

Attaching picture hanging hooks onto DIY coffee mug holder

I measured 3-inches from each side and attached triangle picture hanging hooks (D-hooks work just as well).

Tip: To keep the triangle from flopping downwards when trying to hang the coffee holder, mount the triangle so it rests just slightly onto the batten and stays pointing upwards. Saves you a lot of headaches later when hanging it on the wall!

Repurposed Wooden Shutters into Coffee Mug Holder

Now that the coffee mug holder is assembled it's time for the fun part, making it pretty!

Step 6: Painting the coffee mug holder

Using chalk paint, I brushed two coats of the color Hurricane. Next, I dry brushed Simplicity White which made the knots and grain in the wood pop as well as giving it that rustic look I was going for.

Note: The dry brushing technique I used was dipping just the tips of my paint brush into the paint and dabbing the excess off onto a paper towel.  With a light amount of pressure, I ran the brush in long vertical strokes.

Step 7: Marking the spots to hang the cup hooks

I decided to use white hooks to tie in with the white stenciled detail.  I wanted as many hooks as the mug holder could handle and hoped it would be an even 10. Unfortunately, I could only fit nine.

I laid the hooks out and placed a mug on each one like they would be if hanging vertically on the wall. Once I had them lined up, I measured them evenly across the boards using a tape measure. With an awl, I pressed firmly to make an indentation in the wood to mark where the screws for each hook will be mounted.

White cup hooks on DIY Wooden Shutter Coffee Mug Holder

Step 8:  Adding a stencil

If you've been following me for some time then this stencil will look familiar. It's from the Coffee stencil line at Funky Junk Interiors. I used it on a Rustic Serving Tray Makeover a few months ago.

Coffee stencil for Rustic Coffee Mug Holder

Now that you have the hooks and mugs all lined up on the mug holder, mark where you want the words COFFEE and Served Here with a piece of painters tape. Remove the hooks and mugs and line up your stencil so it's centered vertically between the mugs.

Step 9: Attaching the cup hooks

Line the cup hooks with the holes and screw the cup hooks in place.  That's all there is to it!

This project is hot off the press so it hasn't made it's way to my daughter's kitchen coffee station yet. Hi Lovey, I hope you like your new coffee mug holder!  The pictures were taken from a wall in my kitchen.

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Wooden Shutters Before Coffee Mug Holder After

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How to quickly update an MCM Coppercraft Mirror In Aqua

Remember the ever so popular Coppercraft Guild Plastic Wall Art from the 70's?  Recently during a trip to Goodwill, we picked up a mirror for under $5.00.  What I like about this mirror is the texture and knew painted in a bright color like Aqua, those details would pop. So this week on Frugal Decor Tuesday I'm sharing How To Quickly Update An MCM Coppercraft Mirror.

How to quickly update a Mid-Century Modern Coppercraft Mirror With A Pop Of Aqua

MCM Coppercraft Guild Plastic Mirror spray painted Aqua

This is what the mirror used to look like...

Vintage Coppercraft Guild Plastic Copper Mirror Before

See all that texture?  I just love how they popped with just a few light even coats of Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Satin Spray Paint in the color Aqua.

Aqua spray painted Coppercraft mirror

Aqua spray painted Vintage Coppercraft textured mirror

After the final coat dried I protected it with two coats of Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover Clear Coat.

Aqua painted refresh on MCM Coppercraft Guild Mirror

I don't use spray paint often but when I do, this is one of my favorite go-to colors.  Last summer I painted a Bistro Set in this color and it sold very quickly.

Coppercraft Guild plastic textured mirror update

I think it looks so fresh and modern and would look great in any room.

Coppercraft Plastic Textured Vintage Mirror update

The turquoise whitewashed tray is also a plastic thrift store find that I brought back to life last year. You can catch that makeover here at Plastic Tray Refresh.

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MCM Coppercraft Mirror Before and After

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Frugal Decor Tuesday. Which do you prefer, the mirror before or after?

Before I end this post, did you catch the Between The Lines series last Tuesday?  I was one of the lucky bloggers to be featured in the first edition.  If you missed it, you can catch that post HERE.

Between The Lines is a new blog series that takes a peek into the lives of bloggers over the age of 50. Every Tuesday for the next nine weeks, a group of bloggers will be interviewed and featured by Katherine at Katherine's Corner.

You can catch Week Two of this series HERE.  For those of us "seasoned" bloggers, it's a great way to meet other bloggers in the Nifty Fifty Club!

You'll find this project linked up at these fabulous parties.

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Mid-Century Modern Record Cabinet Makeover

It's time for another edition of Themed Furniture Makeover Day, my favorite day of the month and this month's theme is Neutral.

Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet

Neutral, that's a challenging one for me, both in life and my furniture makeovers.  Rarely does my car, my energy level, my mouth, or my furniture makeovers land on this gear.

    • 2.
      having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.
      "the tone was neutral, devoid of sentiment"
  1. 2.  a neutral color or shade, especially light gray or beige.

I went with the Noun definition by using the colors white and gray.

Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Makeover supplies

According to my research this is a Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet and with the resurgence of vinyl, it could continue to serve that purpose.  My thought was that it would make a terrific small credenza in a home office.  It could also be used at the end of a bed for blanket storage or a small media cabinet.  The possibilities are endless.

Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Makeover

This is what it looked like before.  We found it on a local facebook auction site.  Other than a few paint chips and several missing wooden dividers, it was in really good shape.

Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Before

I painted the body and legs with Simplicity White chalk paint by Country Chic Paint.  The top and interior were painted in the color Hurricane, also by Country Chic Paint.

Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet Interior

It felt unfinished - this is where my neutral challenge comes in. So off to Michaels to find the perfect stencil.

Using the same simplicity white and hurricane gray chalk paint, I stenciled the right side of the cabinet both top and front.  It still felt like it was missing something and so I grabbed my grain sack stencil to frame the letters.  Perfect!

Stenciled Mid Century Modern Record Cabinet

Using a sanding block I distressed the stenciled parts and then protected the entire piece with clear wax.

White and gray MCM Record Cabinet Makeover

I had these knobs in my stash from my trip to Hobby Lobby when I was in Niagara Falls, New York last December. Remember, I'm Canadian so this was a real treat. You can read about that adventure here at Canadian Girl's Maiden Voyage To Hobby Lobby.

Hardware for MCM Record Cabinet Makeover

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and debating whether to keep it for my office or sell it at the outdoor market in May.

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MCM Record Cabinet Makeover Before and After

Time to head over and see what my friends from the DIY Furniture Girls group created for their Neutral piece.

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Between The Lines: The Interior Frugalista

Hello, frugalistas.  Normally I would be sharing a Frugal Decor Tuesday project with you today but I have another exciting event to share.  A new series has started in the blogosphere featuring seasoned bloggers in the 50+ age group.

It's called Between The Lines: A Look Into The Lives of Bloggers Over The Age of 50 and I certainly quality at the ripe young age of 57.

I am honored that Katherine, the mastermind behind this series, has chosen me as one of the ten featured bloggers to launch this series.  Every Tuesday for the next ten weeks, 10 bloggers will be interviewed and featured at Katherine's Corner.  On the 11th week, the tables are turned when the participants interview Katherine!

Why did I start blogging in the second half of life?
When Mr. Frugalista and I purchased our 60's fixer-upper, we began the process of making it our own on a very tight budget. With a lot of DIY elbow grease, thrift shopping, repurposing, and creativity we spent almost a decade renovating our home one room at a time. Visitors would comment on our DIY savvy skills and often called to see how our progress was going.

Then a couple of years after closing my real estate home staging business, I was itching to get my creative juices flowing again.  That is when I stumbled across a furniture upcycling course using milk paint.  The clouds parted and angels began to sing - I found my calling!  

I started thinking about how I could share our home renovations and my furniture projects online with family and friends.  I knew absolutely nothing about blogging and social media was something the young'ns were all caught up in.

One night in a dream the name The Interior Frugalista came to me.  I woke up, grabbed a coffee, went to my laptop and found Blogger, a free blogging platform, and the rest is history!

Naivety is bliss because had I known then what I know now about blogging, I would have run the opposite direction with my tail between my legs.  I am living proof that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Here is a sampling of some of our DIY renovations on a budget...

We turned our 80's Wall Unit into a Built-In Fireplace Feature for our living room.

Dated wall unit to DIY Fireplace Surround

We lightened and brightened our kitchen because quite frankly, it felt like we were living inside a wooden box.  Our almost twenty-year-old appliances needed replacing and so we decided it was a good time to tackle this room. 

Golden Oak to White and Bright DIY Kitchen Makeover

When we replaced our bedroom window with a much larger one (a huge splurge for us), we built a custom window seat and bookcase surround.

DIY Bedroom Window Seat and Bookcase

Another room I was thrilled to finally tackle was our basement laundry room.  We got the new appliances at the same time we replaced the kitchen ones - a huge but necessary splurge.  

DIY basement laundry room makeover

Like I mentioned above, I found my furniture upcycling calling well into my 50's.  I get so much joy rescuing furniture and breathing new life into each piece.  It also gives me great satisfaction knowing that I may have saved another piece from the landfill.

Like this 50's headboard that Mr. Frugalista and I transformed into a Faux Fireplace.

From Headboard to Faux Fireplace

Or this headboard and footboard that a rodent used as an all you can eat buffet during the winter in our shed before I transformed it into a Garden Bench For Two.

From headboard to outdoor garden bench for two

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover

One of my favorite furniture makeovers was a writing desk that I transformed into a French Envelope (take a close look at the top of the desk).

French Secretary Writing Desk

According to my blog statistics, a large number of you, my loyal frugalistas, are in the 50+ range so this new series is a great way for you to meet other bloggers in the Nifty 50's Club.

To see my interview and feature with Katherine pop on over to Katherine's Corner
Say hello and tell her that Marie sent you!  

If you like what you see when visiting the other bloggers featured in this series, subscribe and/or follow them on social media.

I hope you follow the series for the full 11-week duration.  I'll remind you each week on Frugal Decor Tuesdays.

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