3 Unique Ideas For Festive Recycled Sweater Ornaments

Do you save your old sweaters that are too worn for the donation bin? I do and have a tub that I've been saving to use for craft projects or making pillows one day. That one day is today but instead of pillows, I turned three into festive recycled sweater ornaments and they are so easy to make!

3 Unique Festive Recycled Sweater Ornaments

I have a lot of the red and grey sweater leftover so I think I'll make that pillow after all. It'll look lovely in the living room with the ornaments. But more about that project another day.

3 Unique Ideas For Festive Recycled Sweater Ornaments

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It's Day 6 and we are sharing DIY Ornament Ideas!

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These are the garments used to make the recycled sweater ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Garments
I've included affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make these ornaments. See my disclosure policy.

To make these ornaments you will need:

Ornament 1 - Red Knit Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Red Sweater Ornament

Ornament 2 - Plaid Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornaments

Ornament 3 - Red & Grey Felted Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Red & Grey Sweater Ornament

These are the items used to embellish the sweater ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Embellishments

The instructions to make all three are pretty much the same except for minor adjustments to both the plaid and red & grey ornaments. We'll discuss those later in this post but these are the instructions for the basic assembly of the ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornaments

Sweater Ornament Instructions

  • Cut salvaged sweaters in squares about 1-inch larger than the embroidery hoop.
  • Lay the fabric, good side facing up, over the inner ring of the embroidery hoop.
  • Line up the pattern so it's straight.
  • Fit the outer hoop over the inner ring.
  • Pull the fabric taut.
  • Tighten the embroidery hoop screw.
  • Pull the excess fabric over and tuck it into the inside of the hoop.
  • Run a bead of hot glue to secure in place.
  • Trim the excess fabric.
  • Tie jute twine around the embroidery hoop screw to form a 4-6 inch hanger.

Additional instructions for Red & Grey Sweater Ornament

The only difference with this ornament is that I added eyelet trim from the felted wool sweater to form a pocket on the bottom half of the ornament.

Festive Recycled Red & Grey Sweater Ornament With Eyelet Trim

Tuck a sprig of faux flocked evergreen with small pine cone inside the eyelet pocket and hot glue in place.

Festive Red & Grey Sweater Ornament With Evergreen Sprig

Make a small bow with 3/8-inch plaid ribbon and hot glue on the top of the ornament.

Festive Red & Grey Sweater Ornament With Plaid Ribbon

Additional instructions for the plaid sweater ornament

When you cut the fabric for this ornament don't cut off the tassels.

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament With Tassels

We want them to hang on the bottom of the ornament as pictured below.

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament With Hanging Tassels

Salvage the tassels that were cut on both sides.

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament Salvaged Tassels

Glue the salvaged tassels to the back of the embroidery hoop. 

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament Extra Tassels

Hot glue a sprig of faux flocked evergreens to the top of the ornament with three red berries.

That's it! They are so quick and easy to make and I had all three finished within 15 minutes. They don't have to be hung on the Christmas tree. I made six and have them hanging on three tall grapevine screens on a wall in my living room. They look lovely!

3 Festive Recycled Sweater Ornaments

Scroll down for many more DIY Ornament Ideas for your holiday season!

I share my projects at these inspiring link parties.

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Red Holiday Inspired Antique Empire Dresser

Red is my favorite color and so you can imagine how excited I get during the holidays when I can go crazy with it. When the Furniture Fixer Upper challenge came up mid holiday decorating, well all I saw was red...in a good way. Meet Holly, she's a beautiful red holiday inspired empire dresser that I grew quite fond of during her makeover. So much so that I decided to keep her.

She showed up on our doorstep looking like she was on her last leg but all I could see was her beautiful craftsmanship. She deserved someone breathing new life into her and I was happy to take on the challenge.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Before Makeover

You can see in the photo above that there are missing wooden knobs, a keyhole escutcheon, and veneer but that's not all the damage.

Red Holiday Inspired Antique Empire Dresser

Like I mentioned earlier, it's Furniture Fixer Upper Day where myself and five talented furniture painting friends come together to breath new life into six pieces of furniture. Look for the links to the makeovers at the bottom of this post.
For last months challenge, I used one little napkin to completely transform an old Serpentine Dresser that had also seen it's better days.

My guess on the age of this dresser

Take a look at the back of the dresser. Judging by the square nails used to attach the back my guess is it dates back to around 1840's - 1850's. Unfortunately, there is no furniture makers stamp and I couldn't find another dresser just like it during my research. If any of you have a better idea, I'd love to hear about it in the comment section.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Back

When I work on projects in the workshop I always have music blasting from my bluetooth speaker. Like I said, I'm in full holiday mode over here so Holly and I enjoyed many hours listening to period music with Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite.

The craftsmanship of this dresser from the 1800's

Before we take a closer look at all the damage I want to show you some of the craftmanship. I've never worked on a piece this old before so I'm taken by all the details, like these hand carved dove tail joints on the drawers.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Dovetail Joints

And the wood keyhole escutcheons.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Wood Keyhole Escutcheon

Here is a look at the top of the dresser. Either someone replaced damaged veneer with a diamond shaped wood inlay or this was a trademark of the furniture makers. Haven't a clue.

Red Antique Empire Dreser Damaged Top

Guess how much we paid for this dresser? A whopping $26 which I think is pretty sweet considering it's age, damage and all.

A look at all the damage on this empire dresser

But she needed a lot of work starting with the two small drawers at the top. I believe, if my research is accurate, they were used for gloves.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Drawer Repairs

Both drawer fronts had a slight curve from buckling over time and the small trim detail was coming apart. The fronts needed to be secured to the dove tail joints as well as the trim. Unfortunately bar clamps couldn't be used because of the curvature and so Mr. Frugalista used furniture straps to hold everything tight while the glue cured and it worked like a charm.

While that was curing it was a good time to fill all the places where there was missing veneer, like the skirting.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Damaged Skirting

There were a few corners both on the top and base that were pretty beat up.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Damaged Corner

Once the glue was cured on the top drawers it was time to fill the missing keyhole escutcheons and the missing wooden knob screw holes.

Red Antique Empire Dreser Filling Missing Keyhole Escutcheons

Making the empire dresser all pretty again

Time for the fun part, make her all pretty again. I did not feel guilty painting the dresser because it was beyond stripping and staining. I knew I would have major paint bleed if I opened the pores of the wood with a light sand so instead I primed first.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Primed

I'm on a mission to use up the paint in the workshop and I had just enough festive red Annie Sloan Emperor's Silk chalk paint left in the can to paint three coats.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Painted Festive Red

To deepen the paint color and add an aged patina I used black wax applied with a round brush. Applying more in the corners and buffing with a lint-free rag. When I added too much black wax in spots I would dab some clear wax onto my rag and rub it off.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Black Wax

In my stash I had a set of glass knobs and two pretty ones with back plates.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Hardware

And I did something I kind of regret now - painted them white. Tell me if you think I did the right thing? It's hard to tell in the photo below but there is silver gilding wax along the outer edges.

I'm not 100% certain about the glass knobs either. They remind me of old glass doorknobs. What do you think about those too?

Red Antique Empire Dresser Glass Knobs

Whew, this post has been long winded. It's about time I showed you what the red holiday inspired antique dresser looks like now.

Red Holiday Inspired Antique Empire Dresser Makeover

Red Antique Empire Dresser Side View

Red Antique Empire Dresser Carved Details

In keeping with the holiday inspiration and music enjoyed while doing the makeover, I lined the drawers with musical note wrapping paper. It's held in place with double sided tape in the corners.

Red Antique Empire Dresser Musical Note Paper Lined Drawers

I left the inside and sides of the drawers unpainted because I think the old wood and all it's time worn dents and scratches tell a story.

Did I tell you that red is my favorite color? I know I did, but just testing you. Here's some other pieces I painted red that you may like.
French Poem Drop Leaf/Tilt Top Table
Red Decoupaged Shopping Bag Table
Red Painted Fabric Arm Chair
Red Antique Oak Bookcase

Red Antique Empire Dresser Makeover Before And After
Now let's see how my talented friends in the Furniture Fixer Uppers group transformed these furniture pieces...

Furniture Fixer Uppers Group Furniture Before November 2018 Challenge
Press the links below to see the after photos and tutorials...

I share my projects at these inspiring link parties.

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One ingredient makes this the best spicy cheese ball

It's day 5 of the 12 Days Of Christmas 2018 event and the theme is Holiday Party Food Ideas. I'm sharing a recipe that is so popular in my house that if I don't serve it during the holidays, or any gathering for that matter, I hear about. One ingredient makes this the best spicy cheese ball EVER and how fun to shape it into a Christmas ornament for the holidays.

Best Ever Spicy Ornament Cheese Ball For The Holidays

Best Spicy Christmas Ornament Cheese Ball

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Talk Of The Town Party 151

I hope our friends to the south had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Let the holidays begin and to help get you started, have you been following the 12 Days Of Christmas 2018 Event? 50+ bloggers have come together to share everything from Christmas countdown calendars, recipes, crafts, ornaments, and the list goes on.

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Talk Of The Town Party 151 Features
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