Kid's Room Message Board Repurposed Cabinet Doors

Last year in an attempt to declutter the workshop, we dismantled a wooden corner media cabinet that we were going to do something with one day. One day turned into months and then into years and decided the likelihood of doing anything with it was slim. 

Fast-forward a year to our Thrifty Chicks Chalkboard challenge this month and the kid's room message board from repurposed cabinet doors is a perfect example of why I don't throw anything out. The two doors from the dismantled cabinet were perfect to make this chalkboard & corkboard message board fit for a princess.

A DIY kid's room message board idea with chalkboard and corkboard made from repurposed cabinet doors.

Kid's Room Message Board Repurposed Cabinet Doors

If you haven't heard of our Thrifty Chicks team, on the second Wednesday of every month my creative junk-loving friends and I come together to transform, upcycle, or repurpose a junk find based on a theme.

Thrifty Chicks Group themed blog hop is held on the second Wednesday of every month where a group of creative junk loving bloggers share an upcycled or repurposed thrift store or junk find.

In case you missed it, last month's challenge was to repurpose a License Plate and I turned mine into a kid's room license plate art for my grandson's room.

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Supply List

Small Cabinet Doors (salvaged)
Cork Sheets
Polka Dot Stencil
Clear Chalk Paint Wax
E6000 Glue
Flat Metal Brackets
Bulldog Metal Clips
Black Chalkboard Paint
Pure Gold Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint
Rustoleum Matte Clear Coat
Mini Round Craft Mirrors
D-Ring Picture Hooks

These are the salvaged cabinet doors from the corner media cabinet. I'm so glad I kept the wooden knobs because they'll be used for this project too.

Salvaged cabinet doors to use for making a kids room chalkboard message board.

I painted the message board in a feminine pink so it can be paired with the pink vintage student desk makeover.

A DIY girl's room message board with chalkboard and corkboard made from small recycled cabinet doors.

Here's How I Made It

The cabinet doors are painted with a leftover custom pink chalk paint from the wooden student desk. Pictured below is after the first coat of paint and it only took two coats for complete coverage.

Painting salvaged cabinet doors pink for a DIY kids room chalkboard message board.

Once the paint dried overnight it is protected with clear chalk paint wax that I had on hand, applied with a small wax brush, and buffed to a matte finish.

Turning A Cabinet Door Into A Chalkboard

The recessed part of one of the cabinet doors is painted with two coats of black chalkboard paint. It's important you wait the recommended drying time between coats for a lasting chalkboard finish.


Another option for making chalkboards is using flat latex paint or chalk paint in any color.

How to turn a salvaged cabinet door into a DIY chalkboard with paint.

How To Avoid Ghost Writing On A New Chalkboard

Before using a brand new chalkboard they should be seasoned first to avoid any permanent ghostwriting. to do this simply rub the side of a stick of chalk along the board both vertically and horizontally and wipe it off with a clean rag.

Turning A Cabinet Door Into A Corkboard

For the other repurposed cabinet door for the message board, a sheet of corkboard is cut to fit into the recess part of the door.

Cutting a sheet of corkboard for the recessed part of a salvaged cabinet door for a DIY kids room message board.

Considering I'm making this for a girl's room, I embellished the corkboard message board with fun pink polka dots using a handy polka dot stencil (see supply list).

Stenciling a DIY corkboard kid's room message board with pink polka dots.

Once the stenciled polka dots were dry, the corkboard is attached to the cabinet door with E6000 glue. Set heavy objects on top and let the glue cure for several hours or overnight.

Attaching stenciled cork onto a salvaged cabinet door with E6000 glue for a kids room corkboard message center.

Joining Cabinet Doors Together

To join the cabinet doors together, attach metal brackets in four places on the back like pictured below  - easy peasy!

Salvaged cabinet doors joined together with metal brackets on the back to make a DIY kids room chalkboard and corkboard message board.

Embellishing Message Board

Now to add some gold bling to the message board fitting for a girl's room. The original wooden cabinet door knobs and two silver bulldog clips were spray painted a pure gold color. Once dry the paint is protected with two coats of matte Rustoleum Clear Coat.

Gold spray painted accessories for a DIY girl's room recycled cabinet door chalkboard and corkboard message board.

To add a little more bling to the gold-painted bulldog clips, I attached mini round mirror beads with E6000 glue.

Adding mini mirror beads to gold bulldog clips for the DIY Chalkboard Message Board for a child's room.

The bulldog clips are attached to the middle of the message board with wood screws. One clip for holding a stick of chalk for the chalkboard and the other to hold a sticky note pad.

Blinged bulldog clips attached to reclaimed cabinet door chalkboard message board for a girl's room.

Last but not least, to hang the message board on a wall, two D-ring picture hangers are attached to the back of the frame.

Handy No Measure Picture Hanging Tip

I'm sure you can relate to how challenging it is to hang any kind of wall decor that has double picture hooks. Getting those nails in just the right spot on the wall, no less getting them perfectly level, can be a pain. This amazing no-measure picture hanging tip is going to rock your world!

Attaching D-ring picture hangers on the back of the DIY chalkboard message board.

The takeaway from this project is before throwing anything out, take a good look at it first because you never know if the parts can be repurposed into something new down the road. I know I'm thankful that I saved the dismantled parts of that old corner media cabinet!

So what do you think? Thanks for stopping by the Interior Frugalista today! I hope you were inspired by this idea for a handy kid's room message board.

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