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reimagine secondhand finds into reloved treasures

Do you have outdated furniture/ home decor stored away in the basement or cluttering up your garage?

You've had it for years because it holds sentimental value or was passed down and the hope is that it remains in the family.

But there it sits collecting dust and cobwebs. You intended to give it a makeover one day but you're unsure where to begin, or the fear of ruining it holds you back. Don't fret, I've got you covered!

About Marie
Hi I am Marie

My goal is to inspire you to see the potential in old and outdated furniture and home decor.

My passion is teaching others how to breathe new life into these cherished pieces so that they can be reloved treasures. Sometimes, it's as simple as adding a little paint.

The best part is that you'll have a one-of-a-kind REloved creation that you can proudly display in your home!

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Another passion here at interior FRUGALISTA is teaching you that DIY can be budget-friendly! We are constantly updating our modest 1960s home and almost every project has been completed with sweat equity.

Many projects are built using old pieces that have been repurposed into new and unique designs.

Because we believe that having a beautiful home isn't about how much you spend!

The changing seasons also inspire us to create budget-friendly seasonal home decor and crafts.

These DIY projects are made with either recycled materials or inexpensive dollar store and thrift store items.

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Are you wondering what products and tools you'll need for a furniture makeover?

In our Furniture Makeover Resource Guides, you'll find a large assortment of suggested products and tools that we can't do without in the workshop when doing furniture makeovers and upcycled decor.

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