Basement Ceilings {Then and Now}

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Armstrong Residential Ceilings. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

Can you see your family and friends enjoying an evening with popcorn and your favorite flick in your own home theatre?  

That's what I see when I look at this basement.  In it's current state it reminds me of something you'd see in an office building, especially with that fluorescent lighting.  It certainly doesn't feel like a space you'd want to spend much time in.    

Thankfully basement ceilings have come a long way since the day this one was installed. With some DIY ceiling repair this room could easily be transformed into a beautiful home theater!

It's important in a basement to have access to plumbing and electrical and so a suspended ceiling is a perfect option.  But first what needs to be addressed is whatever caused the water damage on the ceiling tiles and have the problem repaired.  Before installing a new ceiling I would hire an electrician to run wiring along the ceiling joists for media components like a smok'n surround sound system.  Those fluorescent fixtures gotta go so I'd have the electrician install recessed pot lights throughout the space and for added movie theater ambiance, wiring for wall sconces around the perimeter of the room.  To control the lighting, I'd have them on dimmer switches.

Now the fun part, looking at all the options available for basement ceilings and picking one that would elevate this basement from Yikes to Oh Wow, where can I sit!  Considering we're looking at transforming this space into a media room I would look at Acoustical options with high CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class) ratings that reduces sound being transmitted to adjacent rooms or the floor above.  I'd also look at NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) ratings which absorb sound.  While it may be amazing to have high definition theater surround sound bouncing from each corner of the room, those relaxing with a good book upstairs may not appreciate it. Likewise, those enjoying the movie downstairs may not appreciate hearing the thump thump of footsteps from those walking around upstairs. 

Can you imagine this beautiful Shallow Coffered home theater rated drop panel ceiling in this basement? Gorgeous dahling!

If black isn't your thing, what about this equally attractive Homestyle Raised Panel with sound blocking in white? 

Another option is this Single Raised Coffered Panel with sound blocking.  The profile isn't as pronounced but still quite stunning.

For a more contemporary look the Tincraft Circles sound blocking drop panel would be a funky casual option!  

If you're anything like my family, we have our home theater system cranked loud so it feels just like we're at the movies.  Hey, if you're paying for that amazing sound system why not enjoy it's full potential!

The next two options would be excellent choices because they have both Sound Blocking AND Sound Reduction drop panels.

Fine Fissured Textured Tech Black drop panels.  I'm really liking this option too.  

Classic Fine Textured White drop panel.

So which would be your pick?  I would have never thought to install a black ceiling in our media room but now that I've seen the beautiful options shown above, I would love to replace ours...shhhh, don't tell Mr. Frugalista...with the Black Shallow Coffered panels.

Looking at the basement picture again, could you envision an awesome Snack Bar where the desk is?  I know I sure can!  I would install lower cabinets along the wall for movie snacks and incorporate a small bar fridge for cold drinks. What's a theater without popcorn? A theater style popcorn machine would be a great addition too.

To add impact to the snack center I would create an beautiful back splash and run it up to the ceiling.  I'm in love with these Metallaire Small Panels and they come in brass, chrome, copper, lacquered steel, stainless steel and white.  Personally I'd go for the chrome and run them diagonally on the wall just like in the photo. Ah mazing!

Or these contemporary Metallaire Medallion Panels.

There are many more tin backsplash styles available, which would be your pick?

I can't end this post without addressing the walls and the fireplace.  I would remove the chair rail because it divides the walls making them appear shorter. Instead I would paint them one color like a chocolate taupe, grey or red pulled from the colors in the bricks. I envision framed movie posters hanging on the walls.

Personally I could see a white painted fireplace mantle replacing the wood stove.  I'd remove the brick from the front, sides, and floor surrounding the wood stove but I wouldn't get rid of it.  What about reusing them along the entire wall to create a beautiful feature wall?  I could see a large flat screen television hanging above the fireplace.

What's a media room without comfortable reclining chairs and a place to hold your drink.  A four seat leather media sofa would complete the look of this basement transformation.  Now that's a space you and your family would get hours of enjoyment from, wouldn't you agree?  

Disclosure: I received compensation from Smart Click Advertising and Armstrong Residential Ceilings in exchange for participating in this opportunity.  But just like their flooring, I think Armstrong Residential Ceilings have excellent quality products that I wouldn't hesitate to use in my own home and recommend to others.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own.  I would not write a post about something I didn't think was valuable enough to use in my own home or recommend to you, my awesome readers.  The Interior Frugalista will only publish sponsored posts for products or companies that I love and believe in.
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Birds of Paradise {Coffee Table Makeover}

Good Morning and Happy T.G.I.F.  With Easter festivities and it being a short week I managed to only complete one furniture makeover.  It was the first time I played with this color combination and I must say, I'm in love!  It's been raining and cool this week so I didn't mind being down in the shop having fun with this Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Makeover.  Can you see my feline side kick who always finds a way to photo bomb my project pictures?

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table

Mr. Frugalista, who has become my "Official" lunch hour Picker...Buyer...Scout...Thrifting Specialist, found this great coffee table for me to makeover.  The legs were in good shape but the top was well used beaten up.

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Before

Being veneer I didn't have the option of sanding it to the bare wood. Carefully I used the mouse sander to remove any knicks and scratches. Then I filled in the deeper gouges with Dynamic Dyna Patch Pro, my favorite non shrinking filler (I'm not being compensated for saying that - just sharing the love).

I painted the entire table with three coats of ASCP in Old White and the details with French Linen and oh I am loving this color!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table Close Up

The table looked gorgeous and I could have given it some clear wax and called it a day buuuuuut Mama can't leave well enough alone.  Needing to inject some personality into my pieces I gave the top some stenciled goodness with a Damask Birds of Paradise graphic.  It's actually part of an Allover stencil design to be used on a wall but why limit it's use!  I used the small image of this stencil on the inside doors of the Small Armoire Makeover.

Birds of Paradise Stencil

Using the larger Birds of Paradise image I stenciled it onto the table with a couple of coats of French Linen. Those pretty birds needed to pop so I went over the French Linen with a couple of coats of Duck Egg. Lov'n it!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table with stenciled top

The plan was to keep the table "clean"...no distressing...no dark wax.  Never say never because that is exactly what I ended up doing.  Why?  Because I really wanted the stencil to look aged.  It looked odd having the stencil aged and the table clean so I just kept going with the sandpaper and dark waxaroo!

Birds of Paradise Coffee Table

I wish I had a house with multiple rooms because I would really like to keep this sweet table but the reality is I don't and so I will sadly have to bid it farewell.


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Spring Burlap Cutlery Pouches

You may have seen several burlap pouches posted on Pinterest during the holiday season.  I thought they were just the cutest idea and pinned a few.  While organizing my Pinterest Boards the other day I came across them again and was inspired to adorn my Easter Table with some Spring Burlap Cutlery Pouches.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches

You will need:
  • 4 inch wide burlap ribbon 
  • 3/8 inch wide jute ribbon
  • quilting thread
  • self adhesive stencils
  • custom mix craft paint to match ribbon
  • small stencil brush

Burlap Cutlery Pouches supplies

Mark the burlap every 15 inches.  Cut and remove a strand of jute to mark where to cut each piece (see picture below). 

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 1

Cut two pieces of jute ribbon slightly larger than the width of the burlap for each pouch (I made 8 pouches so I cut 16 pieces of ribbon).

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 2

  • Sew one piece of ribbon to the top of each pouch ensuring the ribbon is facing towards you.
  • Flip the burlap over and sew the second piece of ribbon onto the bottom, on the opposite side of the burlap (see picture below).
Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 3

Fold the burlap up 5 1/4 inches and pin in place.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 4

  • Using thread that matches the color of your ribbon, stitch the burlap on each side from top to bottom.  Sew along the factory edge (see picture below).
  • Cut all the loose threads and trim the ribbon along the outer edge.
Burlap Cutlery Pouches Step 5

My table seats eight so I made enough for each place setting.

Burlap Cutlery Pouches before stenciling

  • Slip a piece of paper inside each pouch.
  • Place the self-adhesive stencil onto the center of each pouch.
  • Place some craft paint onto a paper plate and water it down slightly so it's not too thick but not runny either.
  • Dab paint onto the stencil brush and remove excess onto the paper plate.
  • Dab over the stencil.  You may need a couple of coats so wait a few minutes for the first coat to be dry to the touch.
  • Repeat on each pouch and let dry thoroughly before removing the paper inside.
Burlap Cutlery Pouches with Fleur De Lis Stencil

I'm calling these Spring Pouches but really the only thing Spring about them is the color!  I debated using a Bunny Silhouette which would be adorable but I don't have a lot of linen storage in our humble abode so I decided to go with a Fleur De Lis so I could use them year round.  The color goes well with my woven placements.

Burlap Cutlery Pouch

The plant pots were another quick DIY project for my dining room tablescape.  They started out looking like this (a stenciled paint job from many years ago).

Spring Plant Pots Before

I gave them a couple coats of Apple color chalk paint.

Spring Plant Pots Painted Apple Green

Then a white wash of Simplicity White chalk paint.

Spring Plant Pots whitewashed

Followed by some distressing with fine sandpaper and a wet cloth to remove some of the white.

Spring Plant Pots Distressed

I had these faux boxwood balls already so I simply set them inside each pot.  The plan was to buy some hyacinths to plant in each pot but well...I got lazy!

Burlap Cutlery Pouches

This year we're having a very casual Easter Dinner with my sister and brother-in-law who are visiting from British Columbia.  Instead of roasting a turkey or ham we are having a BBQ.  Unfortunately our weather is still cool and we had a fresh skiff of snow the other day so we'll be eating indoors.  Unlike during the holidays, I keep my Easter Tablescape pretty simple so these will definitely add a little pizzazz!

Wishing you all a 

Happy Easter Message

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The Easy Project That Wasn't {Twin Headboard Makeover}

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Finally the snow has melted and the temperatures have gotten warmer...when I say warmer I mean above zero.  In these parts when we hit the double digits the tops come off...as in convertibles!  So this Mama spent some time outdoors...with her top on (wouldn't want to scare the neighbors) getting her hands dirty.  Oh how I long to spend weekend mornings sitting on the deck in my pj's with a cup of coffee listening to the birds sing.

Last week one of the projects I was busy working on was this Twin Headboard.  The project that was going to be whipped up in an afternoon!  Ha, I think it heard me and decided, "oh lady you just wait and see, muahahaha".

Twin Headboard Makeover

Mr. Frugalista brought home this sweet Twin Headboard and as soon as I set eyes on it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it...or so I thought.

Twin Headboard Makeover Before

After repairing the knicks and giving it a coat of shellac, to avoid bleed through, I painted the entire headboard with Simplicity White.

Twin Headboard Makeover Simplicity White

I gave the silver medallions a light buff with Silver gilding wax to tone down the shininess and then decided to gild some of the edges of the headboard as well.

Twin Headboard Makeover with silver gilding wax

When I came back down to the shop after letting the white paint dry I discovered it had crackled and the panic button went off.  I gave it a light sanding in hopes it would remove the cracks but no such luck.  So a third coat of paint went on and I called it a day.

The following morning...surprise...it cracked too.  So much for that smooth clean look I was going for!  This thing had a mind of it's own and obviously wanted to have an aged antique look.  Alrighty then...next!

Twin Headboard Makeover with crackled finish

I had a roll of pretty Quatrefoil patterned paper set aside for this piece and so out came the wallpaper paste and I got right to it. I let it dry for about an hour and when I returned it looked like a sheet of bubble wrap!  Sorry, I was in such panic mode that I didn't take a picture.  I meticulously peeled it off and started all over again.  This time I used Modge Podge on the back of the paper and a brayer roller to ensure there would be no air bubbles.

Day 3...surprise, more bubbles!  This time when I removed the paper it took some of the paint off. Did you notice I didn't use the word "meticulously" this time?  And yet again in panic mode I forgot to take a picture but you can see the pretty paper I had in mind in the picture below.

Twin Headboard Makeover with wallpaper choice

Sanding the bits that came off wasn't working so I removed all the white paint and started over again.  This time I painted a coat of white primer first and a couple coats of Simplicity white.

Day 4...four bloody days for a simple headboard...good grief!  I opened the shop door and SURPRISE, crackled paint again.  At this point I threw my hands in the air and said, "oh well"  "@#$%&*"!  Out came the Frog Tape and I created vertical stripes.  I painted the stripes with the color Perfection chalk paint.  It took three coats before I got the coverage I wanted.  The purple didn't crackle, WTH? In the end I decided that I liked the contrast of the two finishes.

Twin Headboard Makeover

I gave it a coat of clear wax followed by dark wax, working it deep into the cracks.  So my Modern Twin Headboard Makeover ended up being an Antiqued Twin Headboard Makeover.  While I'm not happy with the time it took to complete this project, I am pleased with the results.

Twin Headboard Makeover

I still have the Stenciled Table and I think they would compliment each other nicely in a girl's bedroom.

Twin Headboard Makeover with matching Stenciled Side Table

I'm not going to lie, I'm so happy to see the back end of this project! Next up a coffee table makeover with a hand painted graphic.
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Mid-Century Modern End Table Makeover

This mid-century modern end table was in decent shape but lacked personality. Hence the reason I found it for a song during a trip to Goodwill. I knew it would come alive with a pop of white paint but inside the drawer was a manufacturer stamp that I didn't recognize.

Not wanting to take a paint brush to it until I knew something about the KF stamp inside, I searched high and low online for a manufacturer with this marking between the 50's and late 70's. I made the mistake once before of not researching the value of a piece before painting it. Even though this is just a small table, MCM furniture can have a hefty price tag so I wanted to be sure.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

There it sat in the corner of the workshop for weeks on end before I finally broke down and gave it a makeover. This is what it looked like before...

Mid Century Modern Side Table Before

This is a picture of the mysterious manufacturer's stamp.  If any of you are familiar with this stamp, please leave me a comment below.

Mid Century Modern Side Table Manufacturer's Stamp

Mid-Century Modern End Table Makeover

The plan was to paint it white and line the bottom shelf with bold geometric paper but sometimes these pieces have a mind of their own. Not wanting to paint the wood exterior, I decided mid makeover to sand and stain it a dark walnut.

Mid Century Modern Side Table striped to bare wood

I'm sure glad I did because I'm loving the high contrast between the pure white paint and the dark stain. It took about four coats of stain before I got it nice and dark.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

I bottom of the opening was just begging for a little something. In my stash, I had a retro flower power stencil and so I stenciled a few flowers in the colors Chocolate Tart by Country Chic Paint, and Greek Blue & Louis Blue from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Mid Century Modern Side Table with stenciled base

The entire table has two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a clear satin finish.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

I think this little end table has much more personality now and I'm happy to report that it sold rather quickly.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

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