Revival of the Adirondack!

Let me start off by saying, I have no affiliation with Behr or Home Depot and am not promoting this product on their behalf. I'm just sharing with my peeps a new product I tried for the first time and am very impressed with the results. When I started this project I didn't intend on posting about it - hence the reason for the photos of the can after I messed it up.

This is my Adirondack tete-e-tete after I removed the flaking paint with a wire brush and Behr All-In-One Wood Cleaner. Unfortunately I don't have a Before picture with the flaking paint and damaged wood (again, because I didn't plan on posting this project). Trust me, it was in pretty bad condition - you can get an idea of what it looked like by the foot stool. I was impressed how the cleaner immediately treated the wood and removed any mold and mildew. I'm not going to lie, this was a heck of a lot of work but well worth the elbow grease in the end!

Here is a better close up of the foot stool. I purchased two Adirondack chairs and assembled them. You can see the difference between the new and old wood. That's my little helper on the chair - he takes far too many breaks!

This DeckOver solid stain not only revives old wood but it conceals splinters and cracks up to 1/4".  My tete-e-tete was full of cracks and splinters that are now completely concealed. I got pretty good coverage with just one coat but here is one of the new chairs after two coats. The finish has a slight texture to it which I don't mind because we use cushions but the texture is fine enough that you could comfortably sit on them without. It's great for outside furniture because it is mildew resistant. I love the Sage color too!

Here is a close-up of the texture.  You can brush or roll this stuff on - I brushed mine.

You can't see any difference between the old wood and the new wood.  I just love the results!

Geez, another coffee break followed by a siesta.  Good help is hard to come by!

I'm looking forward to many summer afternoons on these chairs enjoying a good book and a nice cold glass of....oh look at that...a well deserved cold one is already waiting for me on the side table!
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20 Amazing Bed Frame Transformations

Hello and thanks for visiting today!  It is an exciting day because I was asked to curate a "Bed Frame Project" clipboard for Hometalk.  If you are following me you know that I love seeing the potential in otherwise tired, dated, or discarded...well, pretty much anything!  So I was thrilled and honored when asked to share some of the amazing projects posted in this category.

So without further adieu, here are 20 of my favorite bed frame transformations in no particular order...

 is the largest home and garden knowledge hub on the web.  It's fueled by the firsthand experience and advice of hundreds of thousands of home enthusiasts and professionals.  It is an excellent site for ideas, inspiration, tutorials, and resources.  Every day, real people post hundreds of real-time projects and questions that may be relevant to your life.  I welcome you all to visit this wonderful community!

Here are close-up photos of each of these amazing projects...
http://www.hometalk.com/interiorfrugalista  (THAT'S ME)
A great big Thank You to Hometalk for the opportunity to curate a clipboard on your site!
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Fun scrapbook paper mini bunting flag banner!

I was inspired by Gina's bunting flag tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage. As soon as I saw her post I knew exactly where I wanted one in my home. But truthfully, it was so much fun to make that I don't think I can stop at just one!

I made my mini bunting flag banner with vintage scrapbooking paper, some twine, and a few cute little embellishments I found at Michael's.

So let the fun begin, shall we...


I choose two scrapbook paper designs that reminded me of summer.  Doesn't the red checkered paper remind you of a tablecloth?  The other is a song sheet which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes written by William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), "In Summer, the song sings itself"

I wanted my flags to be 3" long so using a paper cutter, I sliced the paper in 3" wide strips.  I then cut the strips in 6" lengths (which conveniently worked out to be exactly in half as the paper was 12" long).

Next I folded each piece in half.  Yes, Mama was enjoying a nice cold glass of soda while I played!

After measuring twine to fit loosely across my chalkboard, I folded it in half to find the center.  This is where I will attach the first flag.  There's that cold glass of soda again!

I placed a strip of glue along the fold with an Elmer's Tape Runner and attached the twine.  I then applied a few more strips of adhesive across the middle and bottom of the paper and carefully folded the paper together, ensuring the edges lined up properly.

And there they are!  I was too lazy to measure the distance between each flag and just eyeballed it.

Next cut out whatever shape you prefer for each flag.  I lightly folded each flag in half to get a perfectly symmetrical triangle but you can just freehand the cutting if you choose.

Here I used some fun embellishments I found on sale at Michaels.  

Don't you just love these cute mini clothespins!

Ta Da!  I couldn't resist adding these glittered self-adhesive letters to each flag spelling out the word S U M M E R !

So cute!  Chalkboards are fun but sometimes using them as a To Do List can be daunting every time you walk by it.  That's why I added "have fun" to the bottom as a reminder of what really matters in life!

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Easy Kitchen & Back Landing Organization

Hello and greetings from my rainy neck of the woods!  I made an escape for a few days to the sunny Niagara region of Ontario and had an amazing time.  I was reminded just how much I would love to live in a community that wasn't landlocked.

Anyway, back home to reality.  Before I left I had some DIY fun with a couple of small projects.  One for the kitchen and the other for our back landing.  The best part of this project is that while shopping for another project I stumbled upon these...

I didn't care who saw me, I did the Happy Dance in the middle of the aisle when I saw that these babies were regularly $32.00 and in a clearance bin for....drum roll please...$3.20!!!!  Yes, I bought every darn one of them and would have traveled to each of their stores to buy up the entire stock in the Greater Edmonton area.


And so it began, my easy 2-hour project that has helped organize a few things around the house.  I mixed up a batch of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Ironstone and Homestead House milk paint in Upper Canada green.

Let's start with the kitchen project first.

After two coats of Upper Canada milk paint and a light sanding to remove lumps.

Next I dry brushed a coat of Ironstone milk paint and once dry lightly sanded to reveal the Upper Canada green.

Then I gave it a coat of clear soft wax followed by dark wax inside the grooves, medallion and randomly over the entire surface.

Kitchen Apron Hooks

Added three glass knobs and ta da!

Kitchen Apron Hooks

A pretty little spot to hang my apron!  

Project 2 - Back Landing

After a couple of coats of Ironstone milk paint.

Two coats of Upper Canada milk paint.

A coat of clear soft wax followed by dark wax inside the grooves and medallion.

Key Rack

Looks a little odd with all these hooks and handles but wait until you see how amazingly functional they will be in the back landing.

Key Rack

No more looking for sunglasses and car keys - love it!
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