Repurposed Vintage Copper Art Dog Leash Holder

While going through my thrift store stash accumulating under our basement steps, I came across copper art made by my husband's aunt in the 50s. It has moved with us from house-to-house for decades and not once did it hang on a wall. Such a shame considering its sentimental value. 

Our theme this month for the Power Tool Challenge Team is organization and while brainstorming ideas for my project, inspiration struck. I figured out a way to showcase my husband's aunt's creative talents by repurposing vintage copper art into a handy DIY Dog Leash Holder.

Dog Leash Holder using Vintage Copper Art

Repurposed Vintage Copper Art Dog Leash Holder

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Let's talk about safety...

Power Tools

  • Mitre Saw
  • Power Drill
  • Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 
DIY Dog Leash Holder using Vintage Art and Fence Boards

Materials List

  • Vintage copper art
  • Leftover fence boards
  • Coat hooks

Materials to make a DIY Dog Leash Holder

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Cutting The Wood

The first step was building a frame for the copper art to be mounted onto. I used leftover fence boards from our Pallet Wood Clock project and you can see how I aged the new fence boards here at How To Make A Large Pallet Wood Clock.

Leftover Fence Boards used to build a Dog Leash Holder

Using a miter saw, cut each board to size (measurements in the photo above).

Fence boards cut down to size with a mitre saw for a DIY Dog Leash Holder

Drilling Pocket Holes

Next, drill pocket holes on the backside of both the top and bottom horizontal boards, using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Drilling pocket holes using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig to assemble Dog Leash Holder Frame

You can see the pocket holes in the photo below.

Drilled pocket holes to assemble a Dog Leash Holder

Assembling The Frame

Line up the boards to the 2-inch mark from the edge (see photo above) on both the top and bottom horizontal boards. Using wood glue and #7 1 1/4" wood screws, assemble the frame.

Assembling a Dog Leash Holder frame

Painting The Wood Mat

I didn't like the lack of contrast between the blonde wood on the copper art against the fence board frame and so I gave it a whitewash with chalk paint.

White washing a Vintage Copper Art Frame used on a Dog Leash Holder

Spray Painting The Hooks

Unfortunately, I could only find coat hooks in a style that I liked in a chrome finish. Not having enough time to order hardware online, spray painted them in a Burnished Amber using Rust-oleum Forged Hammered Metal spray paint.

I wanted them to look similar to the patina on the art so I rubbed some Blackened Bronze Sophisticated Finishes Metallic Surfacer and that did the trick.

Spray painting chrome coat hooks Burnished Amber on a DIY Dog Leash Holder

Attaching Copper Art To The Frame

Using E6000 glue, attach the copper art onto the fence board frame, clamp it in place, and let it cure overnight.

Attaching Vintage Art using E6000 Glue onto a fence board Dog Leash Holder

Attaching The Hooks

I attached the painted coat hooks evenly across the bottom of the frame.

Painted Coat Hooks attached to a Dog Leash Holder

Making A Graphic

In PicMonkey, I created a graphic for the top.  If you'd like the free printable, click HERE.

Using graphite paper under the printed graphic, simply trace the image using a pen onto the frame. With a script liner art brush and craft paint in the color Burnt Umber, paint over each letter. Add a shadow line with Modern Masters Metallic Copper Paint.

Mounting Picture Hangers

The final step is attaching D-Ring Picture Hangers much the same way I did on the Pallet Wood Clock (pictured below).

D-Ring Picture Hangers to hang up heavy Wooden Dog Leash Holder

I hung it in our back landing ready to take Fido on his daily walk.

DIY Dog Leash Holder hung at the back door

Ahem...we have a cat.

I borrowed a friend's dog leashes to take these photos.

Truth is, I'll be selling this dog leash holder.

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Dog Leash Holder using vintage art

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