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The gal behind the blog

Hi there and welcome! Happy to have you pop over for a visit - let me introduce myself. I'm Marie, the tool-toting, paint-splattered, coffee addicted, DIY Grandma behind The Interior Frugalista. Warning: if you stand still long enough, you may get painted!

Let me introduce you to my side-kick, Darcy a.k.a. Mr. Frugalista, my husband of 32 years who bears the official title of furniture buyer here at The Interior Frugalista.

When I'm not creating projects or writing blog posts I love spending time with my adorable grandkids, reading, and relaxing outdoors under the warm sun. I'm a landlocked Canadian who loves sandy beaches, the smell of fresh ocean air, and warm sea breezes.

How it all began

My passion for DIY and all things thrifty came out of necessity after making the decision to become a stay-at-home Mom when our kids were little. Bound and determined to make living on one income work meant learning how to stretch a dollar.

Refusing to let living on a tight budget prevent us from having a beautiful home meant DIYing our way to creating a nest we are proud of and reflects our personalities.

In that making something out of nothing, I learned a lot of new skill sets; including operating power tools. I also earned my Interior REdesign (restyling rooms using what is already in the home) and Home Staging certification thereby officially trained to style homes.

How the blog got its name

When toying around the idea of starting a blog to share our DIY projects with family and friends, many names came and went. Ready to scrap the idea, Interior Frugalista came to me in a dream and the rest is history.

Why we love what we do

Darcy and I have renovated our way through our 1960's bi-level with a lot of sweat equity. We work well as a team, although we have certainly had our moments. We are known to have at least one project on the go at all times around our humble abode.

"Our home has been renovated with sweat equity. Like pages in a book, every room tells a story." ~Marie

I'm THAT gal...
Who can be heard down the aisles of our local thrift store shouting, "so what can I turn this into".

I'm THAT gal...
Who will hover over a piece of furniture at said thrift store until it has a SOLD sign with my name on it. Bless the poor soul who tries to get near MY coveted find.

I'm THAT gal...
Who drives around our neighborhood after dark (okay, I send Mr. Frugalista) the night before Large Item Pickup.

I'm THAT gal...
Who gets goose bumps when a friend invites me into their basement or garage because that's usually where the good stuff is hiding.

"Our home is my art canvas" ~Marie

This doesn't please Mr. Frugalista who sometimes dreads hearing the words, "I just got a great idea".

The whole point of the blog

My goal is to inspire and teach others how to Refinish, Repurpose, and DIY their way to creating a beautiful home on a tight budget.

My hope is that the tutorials in every blog post show you how to breath new life into found, foraged, or inherited treasures and create easy home improvement projects.

My motivation is to share ways to save money, inspire women to pick up a power tool, rescue dated treasures from ending up in the landfill, and for this ole grandma to prove that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

Where the aprons are hung

The Interior Frugalista is located in the Canadian prairies near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the northernmost major city in North America. Our winters are long and can be very cold and so like the bears, I spend mine hibernating in the man...ahem...woman cave a.k.a. basement workshop.

Please don't be shy

I love hearing from you! It's always a thrill to read your comments and I do my best to promptly respond to each and every one of them.

This is a family-friendly site and any spam or inappropriate comments will be removed.

If you are unable to leave a comment on the blog, please feel free to email me at marie(at)interiorfrugalista(dot)com.

It always makes my day when I open my inbox to find a message from a lovely reader.

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If you were inspired

It is music to my ears when I hear that my projects inspired a reader. If you recreate any of my projects I would love it if you emailed a picture. I may just share it on my social media platforms, with your permission of course.

If you are a blogger who recreated any of my projects and published it on your blog, I would appreciate a mention of where you got your inspiration and a link to my post.

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