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Hi there and welcome to the Interior Frugalista! My name is Marie and I'm the tool-toting, paint-splattered, coffee addicted, DIY Grandma behind the blog. The good-looking guy beside me is Darcy, a.k.a Mr. Frugalista, husband of many decades, official IF furniture buyer, and project assistant.

Meet Marie, the blogger behind Interior Frugalista, and how her passion for budget-friendly DIY, furniture makeovers, upcycling, and crafts began.

We are Canadians living in the landlocked prairies who love sandy beaches and warm sea breezes who have big dreams of living near water someday.

Our winters are long and can be very cold and so like bears, you'll find us hibernating in the man/woman cave, a.k.a. basement workshop, or under the Mexican sun. Otherwise, you'll find us being silly with the grandkids.

Our passion for DIY and thrifty upcycles came out of necessity after buying our first fixer-upper. Refusing to let living on a tight budget stop us from creating a beautiful nest meant creative upcycles and budget-friendly DIY.

"Our home has been renovated with sweat equity. Like pages in a book, every room tells a story." ~Marie

One of my favorite things to do is look at the potential of a room, a piece of furniture or a thrift store find and breathe new life into it with very little money.

Frugal is my middle name and so I love the challenge of decorating on a tight budget because it forces me to think outside the box and look at creative ways to "get the look" without the hefty price tag. In fact, I took an Interior REdesign certification course specifically because it taught me how to style beautiful rooms by shopping the home.

My mission is that every project shared on the blog include a step-by-step tutorial in hopes that it inspires and empowers you to transform your own homes with money-saving ideas.

The blog started as a way to share our DIY projects with family and friends and the name, Interior Frugalista came to me in a dream. Little did I know then that it would one day be featured in Country Sampler Magazine or at Country Living, HGTV, HuffPost, Shutterfly, and Architecture and Design. Or that it would make the Top DIY Blogs list at DIY Idea Center.

These are some of the project categories you will find at Interior Frugalista.

Besides the blog, you can find us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can also reach us by email at marie(at)interiorfrugalista(dot)com.

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