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10 Most Popular Posts of 2017 - A Year In Review

As another year comes to a close I always enjoy spending December 31st doing A Year In Review. One of the things included in that review is browsing through all of the projects I've shared here on the blog and then going through my stats to see which were the 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017.

But first, before I break down the list, I would like to thank each and every one of you who take time out of your busy day to pop over for a visit here in my corner of the blogosphere. I truly appreciate your support and always enjoy reading your comments and emails that I find in my inbox. Thank You and may 2018 be a healthy, creative, inspiring, and memorable year!

Top 10 Posts of 2017 - A Year In Review

10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

And the countdown begins starting with number 10...

Press the links on the title of each to be taken to the original post.

Number 10:

DIY Wind Chimes From Thrift Store Dishes
I have to say this was a project that had me step outside of my comfort zone because I've never made wind chimes before. In the post, I share a short video of how lovely the silverware sounds when clanging together.
10th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 9:

Farmhouse Etagere Bookcase From Repurposed Tables
This is an If they come you will build it story. During the course of a year, three identical tiered tables landed on my doorstep from different sources without my asking. Actually, there were four but I repurposed three of them into this...
9th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 8:

Queen Anne Table Cooled With Icicle
This one surprised me that it made the list but I suspect it did because of the original condition of the burled veneer top and the transformation in a pretty light blue. The picture hanging above it has a lot of sentimental value, especially now.
8th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 7:

The Vintage Student Desk That Went All Glam
Someone had started a makeover on this vintage wooden student desk using red lacquer paint. My plan was to give it a masculine makeover and then this happened...
7th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 6:

Mid-Century Modern Bookcase Turned Funky Bar 
Nope, that isn't a papered back nor a stencil. Crisp white paint and playing with bright colors made such an impact on this MCM laminate bookcase that had seen better days.
6th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 5:

Vintage Office Bookcase Turned Rustic Farmhouse Cupboard
This was an office bookcase from circa 1957 that a friend gave me when her company changed locations. It totally lacked personality, albeit wood lovers may disagree.
5th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 4:

Jacobean Floral Nesting Tables
I must admit I am rather surprised that these nesting tables made the list and especially at how high on the list they came. Don't get me wrong, I love how the tables turned out, especially the color but this was one of the easiest makeovers of the year and I did it while sick with a lung infection.
4th Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 3:

Mom's Jewelry Cabinet Got A Makeover
This was the most sentimental makeover of the year, especially now after losing Mom in November. Painting it white completely transformed the dated finish but the Wow factor is on the inside after playing with napkins.
3rd Most Popular Post of 2017

Number 2:

Antique Wash Stand Washed In White
When finishing this makeover I was concerned how well it would be received because I used one of those you either love it or hate it kind of paint techniques. I acquired the washstand from a friend and it has an interesting history.
2nd Most Popular Post of 2017

Drum roll, please...

Number 1: Most Popular Post of 2017

Mid-Century Modern Flower Power Armchairs 
I did a happy dance when I found this retro-inspired fabric at our local Fabricland store. It was perfect for these danish office chairs from the 60's. There is a serendipitous story behind these chairs too.
Most Popular Post of 2017

I decided to include a bonus post because this was MY favorite furniture makeover of the year that didn't make the list.

My Favorite Post of 2017

The Mid-Century Modern Cabinet That Had No Legs
When Mr. Frugalista brought home a dilapidated cabinet with no legs I thought what the heck am I suppose to do with this? You truly have to see the before picture to appreciate the Wow factor of the transformation.
Favorite Post of 2017

I hope you enjoyed this collection of the 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017 here at The Interior Frugalista. My biggest hope is that you were inspired, motivated, or learned a new tip or two on how to RE-love thrift store items and old furniture back into your home...on a budget.

10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

Wishing you a Healthy, Happy & Creative New Year

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Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament with Mom's Jacket

I must have written, deleted and rewritten today's post a half dozen times as I debated whether to blog about such a personal project. As many of you know I lost my Mom to the ravages of Alzheimer's Disease on November 15th and the holidays have been especially difficult for our family this year.

I felt the need to honor Mom's memory with a meaningful tribute that not only would be cherished this holiday season but for many to come. And so using the jacket Mom wore last Christmas, I made Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornaments for my siblings and the grandchildren.

Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament

Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament

I have to thank Denise from My Thrifty House blog for the inspiration for my memorial ornaments after seeing her Embroidery Hoop Plaid Ornaments post.

I decided to pay that inspiration forward by sharing my memorial ornaments in hopes that it too will inspire others to create something special out of a piece of clothing, a blanket, or linens inherited from a loved one who has passed.

Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornaments

When we packed Mom's clothes for donation, I went through her closet to keep some of her favorite blouses. When I saw the jacket, it just had to come home with me to turn into something special.

DIY Memorial Ornament Supplies

In the photo above are some of the materials I used to make the ornament. I've included a Materials List towards the bottom of this post for your convenience.

How to make the memorial ornament

I managed to get enough fabric from the jacket sleeves to make all eleven embroidery hoop ornaments.

Memorial Ornament Using Loved Ones Jacket Sleeves

What you will need is a 3-inch embroidery hoop. What I quickly learned was these were hard to come by where I live, especially during the holidays. Every store was sold out.

Cut the fabric in a square approximately 1-inch larger than the hoop. I should mention that the Singer sewing scissors pictured below were my Mothers. I think of her hunched over her sewing machine when I was a child every time I use them.

Place the inner ring under the fabric and stretch the fabric with the outer ring, tightening the allied gridlock screw. Trim the excess fabric, leaving enough to fold over the backside of the embroidery hoop.

Memorial Ornament Using Embroidery Hoop

Flip the embroidery hoop over and hot glue the excess fabric around the wooden embroidery hoop frame as pictured below.

Memorial Ornament Embroidery Hoop Back

Embellishing the embroidery hoops

I left the wood embroidery hoop frames natural because they pulled the light brown color in the fabric of her jacket.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture from last Christmas of her wearing the jacket where she was facing the camera while smiling. I found many with her turned towards people smiling.

Using a color laser printer on the wallet size setting, to fit the 2"x3" metal photo frames, print the photo on glossy photo paper. Insert into the photo frame and hang from the embroidery hoop with white satin jewelry cording.

Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament Photo Frame
Next, I cut the greens from a small wreath and hot glued them onto the top of the embroidery hoops.

Slip green florist wire through the tops of small red and white jingle bells and attach them to the embroidery hoop.

For the ornament hanger, slipknot a strand of white satin cording around the gridlock screw and tie in a knot at the top.

DIY Photo Frame Memorial Ornament

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to complete this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you to support the costs of running this site. See my disclosure policy page.

Materials List

3-inch Embroidery Hoop
Fabric (from garment of loved one)
Small Picture Frame Ornaments
Glossy Wallet Size Photo
White Satin Jewelry Cording
Small Red & White Craft Jingle Bells
Christmas Artificial Pine Picks
Hot Glue Gun
Green Florist Wire
Fabric Sewing Scissors
Craft Scissors

DIY Christmas Memorial Ornament

I hope you found my Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament using Mom's jacket inspiring. Perhaps you know someone who has recently lost a loved one who may find this just the idea they were looking for to honor their loved one during the holidays. If so please save on Pinterest and/or share it with a friend.

How To Make Embroidery Hoop Memorial Ornament

Here is another way I honored my Mom in the Mom's Stool Got A Befitting Makeover post. This was a stool you could always find Mom on in the kitchen while doing dishes and peeling potatoes for her family of nine.

Hold on tight to those you love this holiday season. What I would do for another Sunday afternoon spent holding Mom's hand while looking out the front windows of her care facility.

You will find this project linked to these fabulous PARTIES.
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Keeping it Real: What You Don't See Behind The Scenes

After getting lost for hours on Pinterest (we've all been there), do you sometimes walk away feeling like you or your home doesn't measure up?

Has that voice in your head secretly thought bloggers must be perfectionists who have nothing better to do than making every square inch of their homes magazine worthy?

Do you often wish you could see beyond the camera lens at what's REALLY going on behind those beautifully staged photos?

Then friends this post is for you because today five of my blogging friends and myself have come together from different parts of the globe to give you a peek at what you don't see Behind The Scenes. We're going to keep it real and dare to expose our dirty little secrets about some of those familiar photos you've enjoyed while browsing our blogs.

Behind The Scenes Blogging Tour

Keeping it real Behind The Scenes at The Interior Frugalista

In reality, oftentimes I'm searching room-by-room for the best natural light and if it means having to shove all the furniture off to one side to get the perfect shot, I'll do it.

It's not uncommon for me to be sweeping away dust bunnies with my socks while doing a quick dust with my shirt sleeves when setting up for a photo shoot.

More times than I can count after spending several minutes getting the camera settings just right, as I hit the shutter button in waltzes Mr. Sexy Rexy and photo bombs that trophy shot. I should clarify that Rex is our cat.

While I looked high and low for photos depicting the scenarios mentioned above, I did find some that you might enjoy. All of them show the difference between the post-edited photos you see published on the blog from how those same photos look straight out of the camera. So without further ado, let's take a peek Behind The Scenes at The Interior Frugalista.

Peek #1 - The photo taken amongst the chaos

Let us start with the Neoclassical Side Table makeover that I shared last Thursday.
Behind The Scenes of the Neoclassical Side Table Trophy Shot
In reality, what you didn't see was...
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the Neoclassical Side Table
The photo shoot was in my basement workshop amongst the chaos of projects on the go and ones waiting on the queue.

Peek #2 - The magical disappearing twine and electrical outlet

Here is another example from the Mid-Century Modern Record Cabinet makeover.

Behind The Scenes of the MCM Record Cabinet Trophy Shot
Sometimes when I want to hang art just above the furniture but don't want to nail a new hole in the wall, I'll attach a long strand of twine to an existing nail. Nothing that photo editing won't fix...
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Record Cabinet

Peek #3 - The makeshift backdrop

I wanted the colors on the back of this Mid-Century Modern Bar to pop by using a crisp white backdrop.
Behind The Scenes of the MCM Bar Cabinet Trophy Shot
Not having a white backdrop available, I pulled a MacGyver by placing random pieces of corrugated plastic that I had on hand for a makeshift floor and wall.
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Bar Cabinet

Peek #4 - The hidden blogger 

For the before photo of the Knitting Box Table makeover, it didn't have a hinged lid and so I had to hold it open while I took the photo.
Behind The Scenes of the MCM Knitting Box Table Shot
This one makes me laugh out loud because I'm in my pj's sporting bed head and all.
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Knitting Box Table

Peek #5 - The pseudo-nursery

For the IKEA Tarva Change Table, one would assume the photo was taken in a nursery.
Behind The Scenes of the IKEA Tarva Hack Trophy Shot
Nope, just a backdrop placed in front of the television in our media room.
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the IKEA Tarva Hack

Peek # 6 - The growing rug

This Metallic Night Stand makeover is another that was photographed in the workshop.
Behind The Scenes of the MCM Night Stand Trophy Shot
Notice the difference with the rugs?
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the MCM Night Stand

Peek #7 - The hidden tools of the trade

I could go on and on but I'll leave you with one last reality shot. This photo is of the materials used to make Rustic Holiday Signs.
Behind The Scenes of the DIY Holiday Sign Materials Shot
Pull the camera back a little and this is what you would actually see...
Behind The Scenes Reality Shot of the DIY Holiday Signs

Like I said at the top of this post, smoke and mirrors my friends. I hope a few of these made you chuckle and that next time you see those perfectly staged photos in the blogosphere, you'll remember this Behind The Scenes tour.

A Look Behind The Scenes of Six International Blogs

Please join me for the rest of the tour by pressing on each photo below to be taken to my friend's blogs. I'm so excited to see how they are "keeping it real" behind the scenes.

I hope you enjoy the Behind The Scenes Tour.

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Top 10 Posts of 2016 | The Interior Frugalista

Hello friends, I hope you all had a joyous and memorable Christmas with those you hold near and dear. We spent ours close to the home front with our family. It was so much fun seeing Christmas through the eyes of our 21-month old grandson. But what made this Christmas extra special was that our son proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve - another wedding in our future.

As our sights are on the brand new year ahead, it is time to reflect on the one about to come to a close. I want to thank each and every one of you who take the time out of your busy lives to pop in and visit me here at The Interior Frugalista. It gives me such joy when I learn that something I created and shared inspired or taught another. I feel so blessed by the connections and friendships made from this little corner of the blogosphere. I value your readership, support, encouragement, and feedback more than you know and I hope not to disappoint in 2017.

In the spirit of reflection, today I'm sharing the Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2016 here at The Interior Frugalista. Each year when I compile this list I am always surprised by which posts resonated the most with you all. What I've learned from this annual review is that you all enjoy most when I give a found an foraged piece a new purpose, which by the way are my favorite projects to work on. I plan on doing a lot more of those in 2017. So without further ado...

Top 10 Most Viewed Posts of 2016

10th Most Viewed Post - IKEA Moppe Apothecary Cabinet

For years I've been wanting something to organize our CD collection (we're old school like that). During a trip to IKEA, I was so disappointed to learn that they no longer sold Moppe cabinets because the drawers are the perfect size for holding CDs. The skies parted and the angels sang when I spotted one on my neighbor's driveway during their garage sale.

IKEA Hack Apothecary Cabinet
IKEA Moppe Apothecary Cabinet

9th Most Viewed Post - Outdoor Portable Beverage Bar Cart

We had nowhere on our deck to set up a bar when hosting Summer soirées and building a permanent structure was out of the question considering the small footprint of our deck. When we stumbled on a wooden lattice tiered table, I instantly knew it would make the perfect portable beverage cart.

Portable Beverage Bar Cart
Outdoor Portable Beverage Bar Cart

8th Most Viewed Post - DIY Computer Monitor Stand

The lack of work surface on my small home office desk was getting rather frustrating. By repurposing part of a footboard leftover from another project and two antique chair spindles, I built a stand to raise my computer monitor. It has a) provided room on my desk to keep my day timer and b) raised the monitor to eye level, eliminating neck strain I had been feeling.

DIY Computer Monitor Stand

7th Most Viewed Post - Antique Chair Back Bird Feeder

While sipping my morning java down in the workshop I glanced over at a bucket of antique chair parts. Taking a closer look at the chair back it reminded me of a butterfly and I wondered what I could possibly make with it. Just at that moment, I heard a bird chirping from the open window and a lightbulb went off in my head.

Antique Chair Back Bird Feeder
Antique Chair Back Bird Feeder

6th Most Viewed Post - Antique Chair Spindle Wooden Garden Caddy

That same bucket of antique chair parts mentioned above also inspired building wooden garden tool caddies and using chair spindles for the handles.

Wood Caddy with Spindle Handle
Wooden Garden Caddy with Antique Chair Spindle Handle

5th Most Viewed Post - Chalkboard Menu With Oyster Shell Patina 

Playing with layers of paint, I created an Oyster Shell Patina on a metal thrift store frame. Then I painted over the art with chalkboard paint to turn it into a fun chalkboard menu.

Oyster Shell Patina Chalkboard Menu
Chalkboard Menu With Oyster Shell Patina

4th Most Viewed Post - Bathroom Vanity Sliding Shelf

This old gal crawled under her bathroom vanity one too many times in search of toiletries. Deciding enough was enough I built a very handy sliding shelf with cubbies. Now even my OPI Friar Friar Pants On Fire nail polish has an easy to access home.

Sliding Bathroom Vanity Shelf
Bathroom Vanity Sliding Shelf

3rd Most Viewed Post - Farmhouse Side Table Makeover

This solid wood table had seen it's better days and I knew with some elbow grease that the character under all that brown paint could have farmhouse charm. A friend came over one afternoon shortly after finishing the makeover and swooped that table out the front door.

Farmhouse Side Table Makeover

2nd Most Viewed Post - Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

With all the wrinkle free fabrics available, some things just need to be hung to dry. How do you do that during the winter with subzero temperatures? We designed a fabulous indoor suspended clothes drying rod for our basement laundry room.

Suspended Clothes Drying Rod
Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Top Viewed Post of 2016 - Thrift Store Jewelry Box Repurposed Into Remote Control Storage

This being my most viewed post completely surprised me. Obviously, I wasn't the only one in need of something display worthy for hiding all those pesky remote controls.

Jewelry Box Remote Control Storage

Favorite Post of 2016

Alzheimer's Busy Blanket: A Special Gift For Mom

This is a brand new post that I shared last week. I normally don't get personal here on the blog but this was a project that was near and dear to my heart and a special Christmas gift for my Mom who has been battling Alzheimer's for the last seven years. I'm happy to report that instantly her restless hands started playing with the multi-sensory elements on the blanket.

Alzheimers Busy Fidget Blanket
Alzheimer's Busy|Fidget Blanket
If you missed my Year In Review last year, you can catch it here 10 Most Popular Posts of 2015.

If you enjoyed my Year In Review, please share your favorites with a friend and/or save them on Pinterest.

Top 10 Posts of 2016

I'd love to hear which one was your favorite and why?

 Wood Slice Cocktail Coasters
Wood Slice Cocktail Coasters

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year


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