Top 12 Reader Favorites of 2021

A Year In Review - a list of the twelve most popular posts in 2021.
I enjoy beginning each year by taking a stroll through the analytics to see which projects resonated most with readers during the previous year.

It's a great way to gauge what types of creative projects I should be doing more of in the coming year. Thank you for making these budget-friendly ideas your top 12 reader favorites of 2021!

A year in review - the top twelve reader favorites of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

12 Most Popular Posts of 2021 - A Year In Review

Before we look at the top twelve, I was curious which Christmas project was the most popular during the 2021 holiday season.

Most Popular Holiday Post Of 2021

Recycled Christmas Bauble Snowball Ornaments

I had a feeling these recycled Christmas baubles might make the list because they got a lot of likes and shares on social media. With this holiday project, I shared how to recycle your old scratched and incomplete sets of bauble ornaments to look new again by turning them into personalized snowball ornaments.

Recycled Christmas bauble snowball ornaments is the most popular holiday post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

To see more of these twelve projects just click your mouse on the pink titles.

12) Eastlake Style Hexagon Accent Table

Eastlake Style Hexagon Accent Table is the twelfth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I was surprised to see this little antique hexagon table made the list because it was a furniture makeover reshare from the archives. It was destined for the trash after it had an accident at an outdoor market. Determination is my middle name and with patience and TLC, it was redeemed.

11) Used Dresser To Chic Baby Change Table

Second-hand Dresser To Chic Baby Change Table is the eleventh most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

My son and daughter-in-law needed a changing table for their nursery. They found a small dresser on Facebook Marketplace and asked me to give it a makeover in the nursery colors with a mid-century modern vibe. What a difference!

The funny thing is that at the time of this makeover, I was certain they were having a girl. Hence the princess parking sign and pink flowering plant with a silver crown sleeve on top of the dresser. To my surprise, they blessed us with an adorable grandson!

10) Faux Concrete Ceramic Bust Statue Upcycle

Faux Concrete Ceramic Bust Upcycle is the tenth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

For this project, I transformed a high gloss black ceramic bust from Goodwill into a garden statue with faux concrete. I share a video in the post of how easy it is to do. If you didn't know better, wouldn't you think it's the real thing?

9) Three Amazing DIY Water Features

Three Outdoor Water Feature Ideas is the ninth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

These three outdoor water feature ideas are budget-friendly because you can make them yourself. Most of the items needed you may already have or are easy to find. One is solar-powered and can be made in less than fifteen minutes.

8) DIY Resin Coasters For Beginners

Resin Coasters DIY For Beginners is the eighth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

These damask resin coasters were surprisingly easy to make and my first attempt at crafting with resin. I shared the process for beginners like me who may be feeling a little intimidated to try a resin craft. We love our coasters so much that I made another set to match!

7) Small MCM Nursery Bookcase Makeover

Small MCM Nursery Bookcase Upcycle is the seventh most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I am happy to see that both furniture makeovers for our grandson's nursery made the list. I shared how switching out the legs on a traditional-style wooden bookcase completely changed the look to a mid-century modern style that matches the baby change table.

6) Upcycled Dollar Store Plant Stakes

Upcycled Dollar Store Wooden Plant Stakes is the sixth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

In the spring I needed markers for my raised vegetable garden beds. I found some inexpensive wooden stakes at the dollar store and shared how to make homemade decals in two different ways for the garden markers.

5) 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Those Living In Long Term Care

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Those In Long Term Care is the fifth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

Through trial and error, we eventually figured out what items were best suited and most needed for our Mother who resided in assisted living. I knew of several readers who also had loved ones living in long-term care so I curated a list of gift ideas to help make shopping for Mother's Day easier.

4) How To Fix Wood Bleed Through White Paint

How To Fix Wood Bleed Through White Paint is the fourth most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I'm not surprised this tutorial made the list because it is a question I get asked often. I figured it was about time I wrote a tutorial on how to fix wood bleed and used an upcycled wooden tray to demonstrate.

3) Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chimes

Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chimes is the third most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I am surprised just how popular these DIY whimsical wind chimes are that I made for our grandchildren. They cost very little to make with recycled food cans, costume jewelry, and thrift store finds. Can you guess what the hanger is made from?

2) $8K Bathroom Reno For Under $4K By Doing It Ourselves

$8K Bathroom Reno For Under $4K By Doing It Ourselves is the second most popular project post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I had a feeling our bathroom renovation would make the list because the reveal post was on fire. I shared how we saved thousands of dollars by doing it ourselves, the remodel steps, renovation hiccups, and the things we learned along the way.

1) Affordable Kitchen Refresh

An Affordable Kitchen Refresh is the Most Popular post of 2021 at Interior Frugalista.

I'm thrilled to see that the most popular project of 2021 is our budget-friendly kitchen refresh because it is the room makeover we are most proud of in our small 1960s humble abode.

This is the second update to our golden oak kitchen where I share how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them AND how to repurpose a small dining room hutch into a kitchen pantry and small island.

Did you find some of your favorites on the list?

I truly appreciate your visits, comments, and thoughtful emails in 2021. They are what keep me motivated to keep on reimagining second-hand finds into reloved treasures.

I'm looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing in 2022. I've amassed quite a collection of second-hand finds to upcycle/repurpose this year. I'll also be sharing more room makeovers as we wrap up the final room on the main floor and prepare to head downstairs to give it a facelift too.

Thank you for stopping by Interior Frugalista today and wishing you a healthy, happy, and creative New Year!

A Year In Review - a list of the top twelve reader favorite projects of 2021 at Interior Frugalista. #mostpopularposts2021 #mostpopularblogposts

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  1. It's always fun to peek back, Marie and your posts are lovely to revisit. Your kitchen always makes me smile. Can't wait to see your updates in the new year.

    1. Happy New Year Kim! I so appreciate your kindness, sweet comments, and support of my work. xoxo

  2. Love your year in review Marie,! Always look forward to your creative ideas!

    1. Happy New Year my friend! Thank you so much for your continued encouragement and support, it means a lot. xoxo

  3. Can wait to see what you have in store for 2022 Marie! I knew the nursery furniture would make the list; there's still a few I have to read and catch up on :)

    1. Happy New Year! Thank you so much, Sara, for your visits, sweet comments, and friendship. xoxo

  4. Looks like you had a great year of projects! I especially love that sweet little Eastlake table!

    1. Thank you Cindy, I have sellers remorse over that sweet little Eastlake table. LOL

  5. I so look forward to your posts! You are so creative! Thank you for the inspiration!
    Alison xo

    1. I'm thrilled to hear you enjoy the projects and find inspiration here in my little corner of blogland, Alison. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you made my day! xo

  6. I remember all of these creative adventures for you. My fave was your bathroom make over. That was such a beautiful transition. Happy New Week. xoxo

    1. Speaking of the bathroom makeover, we are currently replicating the look in our small master bathroom and I'm loving it! This one is a much easier makeover because it's only a two piece bathroom. Thank you so much Kris for all the sweet comments and emails you have sent in 2021 - they are very much appreciated! xoxo

  7. All such great projects but I think my favorites are the hexagon table and the ceramic bust upcycle! Here's to another new year full of great upcycling, repurposing, and home decor posts!!


    1. Happy New Year Tania and I ditto the sentiment right backatcha!

  8. know I adore your work. And yes, no surprise your remodel work is on top BOOM! You are amazing!

  9. All such fabulous projects Marie! Of course I absolutely love those playful and colorful wind chimes. And the blue and white nursery furniture is so fun. I think thoe two pieces could go in any room actually. Looking forward to another year of creative repurposing and upcycling projects! You rock!

    1. Happy New Year Tuula and thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you, the queen of repurposed wind chimes! I agree, the nursery furniture could go in any room. I adore working on MCM pieces, despite not having any in our home.


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