Canadian Prairie Girl's Maiden Voyage To Hobby Lobby!

Last week I accompanied Mr. Frugalista to Southern Ontario to attend his Christmas party. We arrived a few days before the function so my friend Denise and I could do some retail therapy while the boys were at work (her husband is a colleague of Mr. Frugalista). On the first day, she and I headed across the border to Niagara Falls, New York.

Since I started blogging, I've been seething with envy reading about all the amazing finds my friends to the south have found at places like Joannes, Target (the Canadian stores were not the same), Kirkland's, and Hobby Lobby. Now you have to remember, I live in the Canadian prairies where border crossings to the U.S. are more than a day trip.

Canadian Prairie Girls Maiden Voyage to Hobby Lobby and Kirklands

Canadian Prairie Girl's Maiden Voyage To Hobby Lobby

Denise and I pull into a parking lot and on the building in front of us, I see those two red neon words and I swear I heard angels sing and beams coming off each letter.  My heart rate sped up and I couldn't get out of that car fast enough.

This is where I should be inserting a photo of me in front of the store beaming ear-to-ear while wiping sweat from my brow.

We enter, my friend heads towards the washrooms and I am left standing in the doorway with my mouth dropped down to my toes. I look to the left, then to the right, a few steps ahead and I can't move. Like how do you choose an aisle when you just want to run in every which direction?

An adorable wood and metal sleigh ornament

Denise found me in the Christmas aisle and I'm like a kid in a candy store. Shouting across the aisles, "OMG, look at that!" "Did you see this?" "I can't believe these prices!"  And so we walked, and walked, and walked as my shopping cart got fuller and fuller.

This is where I should be inserting a photo of my overflowing shopping cart but who has time to pull out a camera phone! 

Then we hit the furniture hardware aisle. I swear I could have sat on the floor in the middle of the aisle crying like a baby. Too much eye candy for this prairie girl to comprehend. How do you pick when there are so many choices?   Needless to say, that heavy bag went into Mr. Frugalista's suitcase.

An assortment of furniture knobs purchased at Hobby Lobby

Three hours of pure retail joy and I could have easily gone for another three. I think Hobby Lobby needs a Starbucks in the center of their stores. Shop for three, stop for espresso to refuel, and keep on keeping on.

Red metal steaming coffee mug wall art

Then we went to Kirkland's. H-E-double hockey sticks yah!!! A repeat performance by this Prairie Girl who clearly has to get out of her bubble more often.

Large metal coffee mug to hold Keurig K-cups from Kirklands

Isn't that metal coffee mug just adorable and so perfect to hold k-cups! How could I resist this Merry pillow - the green color is so perfect with my color scheme.

Green Merry holiday lumbar pillow from Kirklands

I have a thing for birds and when I saw this little shiny Noel Cardinal I couldn't resist. See the adorable skate toothpick holder on the right? I don't know how it happened, but things seemed to be landing in my shopping cart.

Silver Noel Bird and Skate Toothpick Holder from Kirklands

On Saturday morning, Mr. Frugalista and I went shopping again,..for a duffle bag to carry all this crap retail goodness home on the plane! This is where I should be inserting a photo of me slumped in a chair at the Air Canada Lounge with two bulging carry-on bags at my side.

Now that I'm back home and recovering (my post surgery knees are killing me), it's time to put away the craft apron and put on the baking apron.  So while I'm getting messy with some flour and a rolling pin, I want to remind you that this week at the DIY Sunday Showcase Party we are hosting a $120.00 Paypal Cash Giveaway.  Who couldn't use extra cash during the holidays!   One lucky winner will be announced at next week's party.

Paypal Cash Giveaway at the DIY Sunday Showcase Party this week

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Decorating Outdoor Urns with Natural Greens for the Holidays Tutorial

Once I incorporate all my recent purchases (the ones that were not gifts) into my holiday decorating vignettes, I'll be sharing more pictures with you next week.  Oh, Hobby Lobby and Kirklands, how I wish thee were in Canada!