Top 10 Most Popular DIY Projects From 2022

Happy New Year! Please join me for a trip down memory lane to see what made the top ten most popular DIY projects from 2022.

I thought a good way to begin the fresh new year would be to take a look back at the one that just ended.

A Year In Review is a great way to gauge what content resonated most with readers moving forward.

A Year In Review - Top Ten DIY Projects From 2022 at Interior Frugalista

Top 10 DIY Projects Of 2022 - A Year In Review

We'll begin with the tenth most popular DIY project of the year. Click your mouse on the project titles to see more, plus a detailed tutorial.

10) Recycled Pizza Box Heart Wreath

In 2022 I was on a mission to create unique decor using recycled materials and supplies that I had on hand. Perfect for Valentine's Day or wedding decor this pretty heart didn't cost a dime to make and I had a whole lot of fun shopping my home for the supplies to make it.

Tenth Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - heart wreath made with recycled pizza box

9) Embossed Leather Drink Coasters

These coasters (which have become the most used in our house) are so quick and easy to make with leather/pleather remnants or recycled clothing. No worries if you don't have a cutting machine, I included instructions on how to make them without one as well.

Ninth Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - drink coasters made with embossed leather remnants

8) Recycled Cardboard Tube Easter Napkin Rings

Another fun recycling idea by turning a single paper towel tube into a set of eight pretty napkin rings for Easter.

Eighth Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - Easter napkin rings made with a recycled paper towel tube

7) Upcycled Wooden Box For Tea Storage

This is a great example of how to breathe new life into something you already have and give it a new purpose. I needed a decorative container on our kitchen counter for handy tea bag storage and had this hinged Bombay-style jewelry box I was no longer using.

After a quick makeover, it was the perfect no-cost solution!

Seventh Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - repurpose Bombay-style jewelry box into handy tea bag storage for kitchen counter

6) Vintage Wooden Doll Cradle Makeover

When I saw this vintage doll cradle at a local thrift store, I knew with a little TLC it would be a perfect Christmas gift for our granddaughter. This makeover was a labor of love, fit for a princess.

Sixth Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - a vintage wooden doll cradle makeover

5) Mixed Media Wooden Book Box

This unfinished wooden book box found at Goodwill sat collecting dust for over a year. With no vision for it in mind, I decided to jump in feet first and see where it lead me.

Oftentimes when you get out of your head and let intuition take the wheel, you get the best results. I got lost in the process of this mixed-media project and found it so relaxing.

Fifth Most Popular DIY Project 2022 - a unfinished wooden book box makeover with mixed media

4) DIY Rechargeable Solar Water Fountain

I had a feeling this DIY solar fountain flower pot would make the list. Made with a battery-powered water pump with a rechargeable solar panel, the fountain operates on stored power at night and is illuminated with lovely white or multi-color LED lights.

Fourth Most Popular DIY 2022 - how to make a solar rechargeable light up water fountain with a large plant pot

3) Small Wooden Trunk Makeover

This small decorative trunk from the thrift store had definitely seen better days but I knew it had so much potential. This is a great example of how quick and easy it is to breathe new life into inexpensive second-hand finds for a night and day transformation.

Third Most Popular DIY 2022 - a small second-hand wooden trunk makeover

2) Easy Oak End Table Makeover

Instead of replacing tired or dated wooden end tables, I share how to give them a brand new life with a little paint and gel stain. This is a great beginner's furniture makeover project!

Second Most Popular DIY 2022 - how to update tired and dated solid wood end tables with paint and gel stain

1) Recycled Plastic Drink Bottle Bunnies

I was thrilled to see this was the most popular DIY project of 2022 because they were so much fun to make and a hit with my grandkids! Another fun recycling craft idea for turning small plastic water or soda bottles into adorable Easter bunnies.

Most Popular DIY 2022 - how to recycle small plastic drink bottles into adorable Easter bunnies

Thanks for stopping by the Interior Frugalista today! I hope you were inspired by the most popular budget-friendly DIY projects of 2022. I love that they included a mix of budget-friendly DIYs, upcycled furniture and home decor, and seasonal crafts.

Did any of your favorites make the list?

I'm so appreciative of your visits, especially considering I did not produce near as much content in 2022 thanks to some recurring health battles and major projects. I enjoyed each and every comment left on my posts and the thoughtful emails. They are what keep me motivated to reimagine second-hand finds into reloved treasures.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and creative 2023!

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A Year In Review of the top ten most popular DIY projects from 2022 at Interior Frugalista. Aside from budget-friendly DIY ideas, there are furniture makeovers, upcycled home decor, and seasonal craft ideas.

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  1. Marie, you are a creative makeover genius! It was fun to peek back at all your lovely projects. I'm looking forward to seeing more in 2023! Happy New Year!

    1. You are very kind, Kim, thank you so much! 🤗 Happy New Year backatcha!

  2. I love them all Marie! You are so creative... I mean come on... a pizza box!?!😃 Loved taking another peek at all these projects and even stumbled across a few I haven't seen. Thanks for sharing my friend. Can't wait to see all your creative ideas in 2023! Pinned!!! XOXO

    1. Thank you so much, Denise for taking the trip down memory lane with me and your sweet comments. Cheers to a creative 2023! xoxo

  3. Happy New Year Marie! All great projects but I think my favorite of all time is the plastic drink bottle bunnies!! Those are SO cute and SO creative!!

    1. Happy New Year backatcha Tania! The drink bottle bunnies were a favorite of mine too because they were made with love for my grand babies.

  4. Good Sunday Morning Marie. I remember almost all of these. My fave was the bunnies from bottles. Too cute. Have a good start to the new week. xoxo Kris

    1. The bottle bunnies were a favorite of mine too Kris because they were made with love for my grandkids. Wishing you a terrific week as well! xoxo

  5. I love those leather coasters Marie. I recently bought a maker and the fabric wheel, but wasn't sure it would do a good job of leather. Thank you for the info.

    1. Hi Leanna, that is awesome you got a Cricut maker - your crafting world just got bigger! There are two wheel cutters so make sure you use the one specific for heavier fabrics (see my coaster tutorial for details). Have fun with your Cricut!

  6. It was nice going back and seeing your most popular projects! I didn't remember the pizza box heart and that one is awesome. Love those little rosettes!

    1. Thank you very much Allyson! The pizza box heart was a fun project to make, especially because it cost absolutely nothing.


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