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Welcome to The Interior Frugalista

Hi, my name is Marie and I am the person behind The Interior Frugalista.

Let me introduce you to my side-kick, Darcy a.k.a. Mr. Frugalista whose is also my "official" furniture buyer.

The Interior Frugalista and her side kick Mr. Frugalista

About Us

Darcy and I have been married for 29 years and are the proud parents of two grown children. In March 2015 we were blessed with our first grandchild. When he is around, the world stops!
The only child left in our nest is our feline one, Rex a.k.a. Sexy Rexy as he prefers to be known.

How It All Began

My passion for DIY and all things thrifty came out of necessity after making the big decision to leave full-time employment and become a stay-at-home Mom. It was one of the scariest decisions because I loved working and truthfully, we had no business living on one income. I was bound and determined to make it work and so that meant learning how to stretch a dollar and make something out of nothing.
Refusing to allow living on a tight budget prevent us from creating a home that we love and reflects our personalities; if I could paint it, sew it, craft it, or build it, we DIYed our way to achieving that lovely nest. In that making something out of nothing, I learned a bunch of new skill sets, including using power tools, which eventually led to the creation of this blog and my business.

How I Came Up With The Name

The Interior Frugalista came to me in a dream. I was toying around with the idea of starting a blog to share our DIY projects with family and friends. Loads of names came and went in my head but none of them felt right. I was ready to scrap the idea and then I had a dream.

I woke up with the words Interior Frugalista in my head. I leaped out of bed, instead of heading to the coffee maker I went to my laptop, ran a Google Search on how to start a blog, and the rest is history!

Why I Do What I Do

Darcy and I have renovated our 1960's bi-level from top-to-bottom with a lot of sweat equity. We work pretty well as a team, although we have certainly had our moments. We always have at least one project on the go around our humble abode.

I love leisure afternoons spent thrift shopping. I'm THAT gal, like a kid in a candy store, who runs up and down the aisles shouting, "did you see this", "what could I turn this into".  I'm the gal who will hover over a piece of furniture until it has a SOLD sign with my name on it. Bless the poor soul who tries to get near MY find!

I'm the gal who drives around our neighborhood after dark (okay, I send Mr. Frugalista) the night before Large Item Pickup. I'm the gal who gets goose bumps when a friend invites me into their basement or garage because that's usually where the good stuff is hiding.

Since my teenage years, I've had a passion for creating beautiful and interesting spaces on a budget. Later in life when I learned about the Interior ReDesign industry, based on restyling spaces using what is already in the home, I earned my certification. By applying the principals of design and a good dose of creativity, items already in the home can sing.

Our home is my art canvas and like pages in a book, every room tells a story. This doesn't always please Mr. Frugalista who often dreads hearing the words, "I just got a great idea".

My Goal

My goal is to inspire and teach others how to Refinish|Repurpose|DIY their way into creating a beautiful home on a budget. My hope is that by breathing new life into found and foraged treasures, we're saving another item from ending up in the landfill.

Our Location

The Interior Frugalista is located in a hamlet east of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the northernmost major city in North America. Our winters are long and can be very cold.


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My Work

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