April 14, 2014

The Easy Project That Wasn't {Twin Headboard Makeover}

Good Morning Everyone!  Hope you all had a nice weekend.  Finally the snow has melted and the temperatures have gotten warmer...when I say warmer I mean above zero.  In these parts when we hit the double digits the tops come off...as in convertibles!  So this Mama spent some time outdoors...with her top on (wouldn't want to scare the neighbors) getting her hands dirty.  Oh how I long to spend weekend mornings sitting on the deck in my pj's with a cup of coffee listening to the birds sing.

Last week one of the projects I was busy working on was this Twin Headboard.  The project that was going to be whipped up in an afternoon!  Ha, I think it heard me and decided, "oh lady you just wait and see, muahahaha".

Twin Headboard Makeover

Mr. Frugalista brought home this sweet Twin Headboard and as soon as I set eyes on it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it...or so I thought.

Twin Headboard Makeover Before

After repairing the knicks and giving it a coat of shellac, to avoid bleed through, I painted the entire headboard with Simplicity White.

Twin Headboard Makeover Simplicity White

I gave the silver medallions a light buff with Silver gilding wax to tone down the shininess and then decided to gild some of the edges of the headboard as well.

Twin Headboard Makeover with silver gilding wax

When I came back down to the shop after letting the white paint dry I discovered it had crackled and the panic button went off.  I gave it a light sanding in hopes it would remove the cracks but no such luck.  So a third coat of paint went on and I called it a day.

The following morning...surprise...it cracked too.  So much for that smooth clean look I was going for!  This thing had a mind of it's own and obviously wanted to have an aged antique look.  Alrighty then...next!

Twin Headboard Makeover with crackled finish

I had a roll of pretty Quatrefoil patterned paper set aside for this piece and so out came the wallpaper paste and I got right to it. I let it dry for about an hour and when I returned it looked like a sheet of bubble wrap!  Sorry, I was in such panic mode that I didn't take a picture.  I meticulously peeled it off and started all over again.  This time I used Modge Podge on the back of the paper and a brayer roller to ensure there would be no air bubbles.

Day 3...surprise, more bubbles!  This time when I removed the paper it took some of the paint off. Did you notice I didn't use the word "meticulously" this time?  And yet again in panic mode I forgot to take a picture but you can see the pretty paper I had in mind in the picture below.

Twin Headboard Makeover with wallpaper choice

Sanding the bits that came off wasn't working so I removed all the white paint and started over again.  This time I painted a coat of white primer first and a couple coats of Simplicity white.

Day 4...four bloody days for a simple headboard...good grief!  I opened the shop door and SURPRISE, crackled paint again.  At this point I threw my hands in the air and said, "oh well"  "@#$%&*"!  Out came the Frog Tape and I created vertical stripes.  I painted the stripes with the color Perfection chalk paint.  It took three coats before I got the coverage I wanted.  The purple didn't crackle, WTH? In the end I decided that I liked the contrast of the two finishes.

Twin Headboard Makeover

I gave it a coat of clear wax followed by dark wax, working it deep into the cracks.  So my Modern Twin Headboard Makeover ended up being an Antiqued Twin Headboard Makeover.  While I'm not happy with the time it took to complete this project, I am pleased with the results.

Twin Headboard Makeover

I still have the Stenciled Table and I think they would compliment each other nicely in a girl's bedroom.

Twin Headboard Makeover with matching Stenciled Side Table

I'm not going to lie, I'm so happy to see the back end of this project! Next up a coffee table makeover with a hand painted graphic.

April 12, 2014


It's time for another DIY Sunday Showcase Party

Hope you're having a great weekend!  Finally Spring has Sprung in our neck of the woods and while this party goes live, Mama is outside enjoying some fresh air and getting the deck ready for some serious relaxation this summer.

Each week it gets harder and harder to pick our favorites. This week we had 252 links to choose from you wonderfully creative and talented bloggers. If you didn't make our TOP 6 Features be sure to check out ourDIY SUNDAY SHOWCASE TALENT BOARD on Pinterest because your link just may be featured there!


The party goes Live every Saturday at 5:00pm CST and runs until the following Wednesday

Meet the Hosts:


My Pick:

EASTER EGG FORTUNES by Crafty Lumberjacks

Jen's Pick:

Megin's Pick:

Shelly's Pick:
SPRING FRONT PORCH by Daffodils At Home 

Katie's Pick:

Erin's Pick:

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  2. Post a maximum of 3 of your newest DIY's.
  3. Linking to the party allows the hosts to possibly PIN your project to our DIY Showcase Pinterest Board, use your project in a round-up post (with direct links to your post), as well as Feature your project in the next DIY Sunday Showcase!
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April 08, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Side Table Makeover

This fella has me stumped!  Inside the drawer of this piece is stamped KF.  I searched high and low for a manufacturer who used this marking between the 1950's and late 70's but was unsuccessful in my attempts. Hesitating to give this Mid-Century Modern Side Table a makeover until I knew it's history, I put it aside.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

Whenever I stepped foot into the shop I would get a glimpse of it off in the corner and it was calling my name.  After several weeks of taunting I broke down and decided regardless of it's manufacturer this handsome fella had seen it's better days and was in need of some TLC.  

Mid Century Modern Side Table Before

This is a picture of the manufacturer's stamp inside the drawer.  If any of you are familiar with this stamp, please pretty please could you leave me a comment below?

Mid Century Modern Side Table Manufacturer's Stamp
You get a glimpse of the terrible shape the top was in from this picture.

The plan was to paint it white and line the bottom shelf with bold geometric patterned paper.  At the risk of sounding a little loopy, these pieces speak to me and this fella was saying very loud and clear, "I'm a natural kinda guy".  Respecting his wishes I pulled out the power sanders and striped him down to the buff.

Mid Century Modern Side Table striped to bare wood

Wanting a high contrast I painted the insides, base and the drawer pull in white using Simplicity by Country Chic Paint.

I stained the outside of the table and drawer front with Dark Walnut Minwax Wood Finish.  It took about four coats before I got it to where I wanted.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

Then I stenciled a little retro Flower Power to the bottom shelf with Chocolate Tart by Country Chic Paint, Greek and Louis Blue by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Mid Century Modern Side Table with stenciled base

The entire table has two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a clear satin finish.

Mid Century Modern Side Table

I'm quite happy with how debonair this little fella is looking after his makeover.  Hopefully he'll find a suitable home soon!

Mid Century Modern Side Table

  Next up on the workbench is a twin headboard.


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