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September 22, 2016

An Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that had seen it's better days

One of my favorite days of the month is back! It's Themed Furniture Makeover Day and the theme this month is Layers. I'm sharing an Antique Scalloped Tilt Top Tea Table that is so hot off the press if you touched it you'd burn.

Nothing like waiting until three days before starting this makeover. You may wonder when looking at the photo below how this table falls into the layers category. I can attest that it may not look like it but this table had/has layers personified.

Antique Tilt Top Tea Table Makeover

This table had seen it's better days and this is how it looked when I got it...

Antique Tilt Top Tea Table Before

This is a close up of the damaged veneer, I had my work cut out for me.

Damaged veneer on Antique Tilt Top Table

The first order of business was removing the peeled and damaged veneer. I learned a trick from my friend Larissa at Prodigal Pieces who places a wet towel over damaged veneer and soaks it overnight. Here is a link to her veneer removal tutorial.

Removing the veneer from an Antique Tilt Top Table

It worked like a charm, literally peeling off with my fingers. But then the next layer was also peeling and damaged and so I threw in the towel once again.

I had about three visions for this piece and all three involved painting the base white. Because this table is mahogany and guaranteed the tannins in the wood would cause paint bleed, I went ahead and applied a coat of DecoArt Stain Blocker. Shellac also works well but I had a jar of this on hand and it worked perfectly.

It took about four thin layers of white chalk paint to get full coverage. Now here is where more layers come into play. After I applied a coat of clear wax, I hit some of the details with Silver Metallic Gilding Wax and wiped away the excess. Once that was dry I applied Pearl Wax over the entire base to give it an iridescent and glamorous shimmer.

Antique tilt top table chalk painted white

I did some searching on Google to see if I could find out the age of this table but I had no such luck. It is a numbered piece for whatever that's worth and I made sure to keep it visible.

Antique Tilt Top Numbered Table

My three visions for the scalloped tilt top were:
  1. Dry brush layers of white and soft gray paint over the raw wood for a rustic look.
  2. Decoupage the top with a mid brown color paper with musical note bars for a whimsical touch.
  3. Decoupage the top with a soft and subtle metallic paper and apply hits of silver metallic wax over the white.
Option three seemed the most fitting because it's such a dainty tea table. 

Antique Tilt Top Table with silver gilding wax

Here is the table with the top tilted...

Antique Tea Table with tilt top

I think the soft and subtle pattern on the metallic paper works with this table, don't you?

Antique Tilt Top Table with metallic papered top

You can see in the next photo how I rubbed the silver metallic gilding wax around the scalloped edge.

Antique Tilt Top Table with decoupaged top and silver wax

Now here's where I'm going to keep it real friends. This isn't one of those pieces where I fall in love and can't bear to part with it. It's been so long since I've been in the workshop (May to be exact) that I think I lost my furniture refinishing mojo.

Antique Tilt Top Scalloped Tea Table After Makeover

Part of me wants to start over and the other part is saying Marie, it will sell. I could use your help and please do not be shy about being honest. Do you think I should rethink the silver gilding wax and/or the paper top?

Tilt top tea table before and after

I always enjoy seeing what our talented DIY Furniture Girls create each month for our theme. So without further ado, let's take a look...   

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September 21, 2016

A Quick and Easy DIY Fall Scarf Wreath

Today I'm sharing A Quick And Easy DIY Fall Scarf Wreath using an inexpensive knock off plaid Burberry scarf, buttons, and burlap. My goal for making this wreath was that it had to be made with things found around the house. That wasn't a difficult task considering I keep everything! Alternatively, everything could be purchased inexpensively at a thrift store and/or dollar store.

Easy DIY Fall Scarf Wreath

If you are looking for Fall decorating inspiration, then it's your lucky week! I am so excited to be part of the Fall Inspiration Tour 2016. Each day throughout the week several talented bloggers have come together to bring you loads of Fall decorating ideas and today's leg of the tour is about Fall Wreaths.

Fall Ideas Tour 2016

As mentioned above, I did NOT use an expensive Burberry Scarf on my wreath but rather an inexpensive knock off.

It's a Fall Wreath with some class without spending a whole lotta cash! 

Fall Scarf Wreath using a scarf, burlap and buttons

How to make a quick and easy Fall Scarf Wreath

DIY Fall Scarf Wreath Materials

Materials List

Metal wreath form
Inexpensive scarf
2-inch burlap ribbon
3 large buttons
Fall stem picks
Needle with large eye
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters

Step 1: Wrapping the scarf

Acrylic plaid scarf wrapped around a wreath form

That's pretty much it in a nutshell! You could use a foam or wood wreath form as well. You want something with dimension so the scarf doesn't look flat. Simply tie a bow to join both ends of the scarf.

Last year right after the holidays I hit the jackpot at Goodwill when they were clearing out the Christmas wreaths, you know those ones with the dusty old felt Santas and Snowmen. I just wanted the 50¢ wreath forms so the first thing I did when I got home was wallop off the Santa and Snowman. Hence the reason for the duct tape joining both ends on the bottom (pictured above).

Step 2: Embellishing the wreath

Fall Scarf Wreath with embellished burlap bow

  • Make a 6-loop bow with 2-inch burlap ribbon. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of this step but I have included a helpful video tutorial found on YouTube.
  • Behind the bow, place three Fall Floral Stems and hot glue them in place to the back of the bow, cutting off the excess stem with wire cutters.

Step 3: Using Large Buttons instead of Fall Berries

Fall Scarf Wreath with Button Berries

Using a needle with a large eye, attach the buttons using twine by crisscrossing over the button holes and through the burlap ribbon until all three buttons are sewed in place.

Step 4: Attaching the bow to the wreath

Attaching embellishments with twine onto Fall Scarf Wreath

Thread the needle with twine once again and loop it through the back of the burlap bow and through a ring on the wreath form and tie in place. Repeat this step 2-3 times around the back of the bow to secure in place.

What is nice about this wreath is that if you ever wanted to use the scarf again, you simply cut the twine and unravel the scarf from the wreath form!

10 Minute DIY Fall Scarf Wreath

This is such an Easy Fall Scarf Wreath that takes less than 15 minutes to make. Last year for the Fall Ideas tour I also made a wreath. You can catch it here in my post, An Easy Peasy DIY Fall Wreath.

Fall Scarf Wreath above Fall Tabletop Vignette

When my daughter was visiting, I told her she could choose any of my Fall Wreaths to take home for her front door. She picked this one!

How to make a simple Fall Scarf Wreath

I can't wait to see the other Fall Wreaths made by my talented friends participating in the Fall Ideas Tour today. 

2016 Fall Ideas Tour

Wednesday - Wreaths

September 19, 2016

Fall Ideas Tour 2016: A week of Fall decorating inspiration

Happy Friday everyone! Have you been following the fun event happening this week in blog land? Twenty-eight talented home decor bloggers have come together to bring you the Fall Ideas Tour 2016!

If you're looking for Fall decorating inspiration then this is for you. The tour was such a hit in 2015 that the organizers decided to bring it back again. 

You can follow the tour below categorized by date and topic. Press the links below each photo collage to be taken to each participant's blog post. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Enjoy the tour!

Fall Ideas Tour 2016

Fall Tablescapes - Fall Ideas Tour 2016

Monday - Mantels

Tuesday -Tablescapes

Fall Wreaths - Fall Ideas Tour 2016

Wednesday - Wreaths

Fall Printables - Fall Ideas Tour 2016

Thursday - Printables

Friday - Porches

September 16, 2016

Easy DIY Fall Harvest Framed Art

Summer is my favorite season and I like to prolong it as long as I can. Normally I wait until the end of September before rummaging through the Fall decor bin but with a chill in the air and the leaves starting to turn, my thoughts have begrudgingly turned towards Autumn.

Today I am sharing easy Easy DIY Fall Harvest Framed Art using burlap and fabric leaves. I made this project a few years ago but realized recently that I've never shared it here on the blog. I've included a step-by-step tutorial along with a Free Printable so you can make your own version if you like.

Easy DIY Fall Harvest Art

This is an easy Fall decorating idea and you can find the materials inexpensively at the dollar store and/or Michaels. I started this project using a large canvas and hadn't planned on framing it. But as I improvised my way through this project, I found the perfect frame in my storage room and ran with it.

Do not be discouraged by all the steps in this tutorial, I've broken them down into more manageable steps so it is easier to follow.

Burlap and Fabric Leaves Fall Art

How To Make Fall Harvest Framed Art With Burlap And Leaves

Materials List:

Burlap Table Runner
Fall Burlap Ribbon
Fabric Leaves in assorted sizes
12 x 16 Art Canvas (optional)
Freezer Paper
Picture Frame

Equipment List:

Inkjet or Laser Printer
Hot Glue Gun

Printing on Burlap

Step 1

Fall being about harvest and giving thanks, I created a graphic that reflects the spirit of gratefulness. You can download the graphic in PDF format by clicking the link below.

Step 2

Here is where the freezer paper, burlap, iron, and your printer come in. Sounds intimidating but really it isn't. Cut your freezer paper the size of the graphic (which is standard letter size 8 1/2" x 11").

Freezer paper cut to letter size for printing graphic

Step 3

Measure and cut a piece of the burlap table runner 9 x 12. Using the Steam Setting on your iron press out any wrinkles or curls.

Ironing burlap table runner before printing a graphic

Step 4

Lay the shiny side of your freezer paper down onto the canvas.  Line up the edge of the paper to the grain of the burlap.

Sizing Freezer paper to iron onto burlap

Step 5

Switch the setting on your iron to High Heat with No Steam and press onto the matte side of your freezer paper until you get a good bond, especially on the corners.

Ironing freezer paper onto burlap

Step 6

Cut the burlap to the same size as your freezer paper (letter size 8 1/2 x 11).

Cutting freezer paper bonded to burlap

Step 7

In your printer settings select Best Quality for a dark print.  Place the burlap into the Manual Feed of your printer and help guide it as it begins feeding into the machine.

Printing Fall Harvest graphic onto burlap

Step 8

You can see mine printed rather light and that is because I used a laser printer.  You will get a much darker image using an inkjet.

Warning: If you have a laser printer do this step at your own risk because it will heat up the freezer paper and you risk it getting stuck in the machine.  I took the risk and didn't have a problem.

Fall Graphic printed onto burlap

Step 9

I went over mine with a black Sharpie to darken the image. Worked like a charm!

Darkening graphic printed on burlap

Step 10

Remove the freezer paper from the burlap by carefully peeling it back.

If you are still feeling a bit nervous about this step I found an easy to follow tutorial on YouTube that you may find helpful.

Removing freezer paper from back of burlap print

Creating A Colorful Burlap Border

Colored burlap border around Fall Harvest Art

Step 1

With autumn colored burlap ribbon lay three vertical strips behind the printed graphic and hot glue them in place.

Fraying border on burlap printed Fall Art

Step 2

To fray the edges pull one strand from the outside edge of the ribbon along all four sides.  Repeat until you have about six strands removed (or more if you prefer).

Repurposing A Picture Frame

Find a large inexpensive wood picture frame at your local thrift store. Another option is purchasing a black poster frame.

Dry brush layers of paint in Fall colors using either acrylic craft paint or chalk paint.

Tip: Dry brushing simply means applying paint to just the tips of your brush and dabbing the excess onto a paper towel so there is very little paint left on the brush. 

Paints used:

Craftsmart: Olive Green, Orange, Dark Yellow
Americana: Tomato Red and Raw Umber

Painting layers on an old picture frame
  1. Remove the glass/plastic from the picture frame.
  2. Using another piece of the burlap table runner cut it about four inches larger than the cardboard backing of the picture frame.
  3. Starting at the top fold the burlap over to the back of the cardboard and attach it with a hot glue.
  4. Stretch the burlap taut and fold it over the bottom of the cardboard and attach it with hot glue.
  5. Continue onto the sides.
  6. Place the cardboard back into the frame and secure it in place.  My frame didn't have clips so I ran masking tape along the back to hold it in place. 

Creating A Double Frame

Adding art canvas to picture frame

Note: You can skip this step and glue the burlap and leaves directly onto the burlap wrapped frame. This just adds another layer for dimension.

Lay an inexpensive art canvas (mine was purchased at the Dollar Store) to the center of the frame and attached it with dabs of hot glue.

You can see in the photo above, Mr. Sexy Rexy wasn't impressed that I was using his cat post as a work surface.

Attaching The Burlap Onto Canvas

Fall Burlap Graphic attached to art canvas

Add a dab of hot glue on each corner of the burlap and carefully eyeball it onto the center of the canvas.  

Attaching Fabric Leaves

Randomly hot glue assorted sized fabric leaves onto the canvas (or burlap wrapped frame).

That's it - you are done!  See, it wasn't so difficult and despite all the steps, can be done in an afternoon. 

Enjoy your DIY Fall Harvest Framed Art with pretty Fall colors. This would look great hanging above a fireplace and incorporated into a Fall Mantelscape or in a front entry. It would also look great hung above a buffet or sideboard in a dining room. Or you could do what I did and hang it above an end table in the living room. 

Fabric leaves glued onto art canvas

How do you decorate with Fall leaves?

Looking for more Fall decorating inspiration? Visit my post on how to make a Fall Scrabble Tile Banner. Or if it's a Fall wreath you would prefer, I shared a tutorial on how to make An Easy Peasy DIY Fall Wreath. Need something for your front porch, how about some Painted Pumpkin Topiaries.

Before I go I'm so excited to tell you about a fun event happening next week. The Fall Ideas Tour is back again this year. Yay! Be sure to come back on Monday for some Fall Mantel inspiration. I promise you won't be disappointed.

September 14, 2016

The Nifty Fifties - Portrait Of An Empty Nester

Fifty and fabulous, that's the theme of an exciting event happening today in blog land. We are a group of strong and talented bloggers in the 50+ age range who refuse to let the numbers on our birth certificate zap our joy or slow us down!

Today I'm sharing how I started blogging in my fifties with A Portrait Of An Empty Nester. In all honesty, I've never felt more comfortable in my own skin. The term nifty fifty describes this major milestone perfectly, at least it has for me, and I’ll be graduating in less than two years.

Portrait Of An Empty Nester

A Portrait Of An Empty Nester

I started blogging in my mid-50’s after my youngest graduated from high school. Thank goodness, because when we became empty nesters shortly thereafter, I would have been lost without this blog. To my surprise, the empty nest hit me hard…real hard. The pin-dropping silence permeating this house drove me crazy and the stereo became my constant companion.

That’s when I decided to take advantage of the uninterrupted time and immerse myself into blogging, taking it from a hobby blog to a let’s get down to business. Besides, Mama hung up her apron and semi-retired from kitchen duties and needed a Dine Out Fund!

I also needed a space to create my new found love of breathing new life into furniture and home d├ęcor, the content aspect of my blog. So I took over the man cave a.k.a. basement workshop. Slowly the shelves filled with chalk and craft paint and work tables were erected in the middle of the room. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it here at She Ain't Pretty But She's Functional.

Grandma's Basement Workshop

While in the workshop, this ole gal started reading the power tool manuals (insert Tim The Toolman Taylor grunt here). No longer HIS power tools, Mama’s Christmas Wish List went from bath salts and perfume to Scroll Saws and Bench Planers.

Grandma Learns To Operate Power Tools

With an Interior Redesign/Home Staging certification under my belt, one of my first post-empty nest projects was converting a now empty bedroom into a guest room. A warm and inviting space that how could the kids resist coming home for the holidays, despite living only a ten-minute drive away.

Empty Nest Guest Room

The next big project on my To Do List was getting rid of the dark fingerprint/dirt-concealing cabinetry and painting it white. I started in the kitchen and worked my way towards the living room and dining room.

Kitchen Cabinets Painted White

Empty Nest White Painted Kitchen Cabinets

You can see how our kitchen used to look like the inside of a wooden box here in my post, Kitchen Makeover On A Budget.

Living Room Built-In Fireplace And Bookcases 

Would you believe these built-ins used to be an 80's wall unit? You can see how we repurposed it here at A Repurposed 80's Wall Unit and how I refreshed it with A Pop Of Lime In The Living Room.

Empty Nest DIY Fireplace And Bookcases

Dining Room Makeover

The dining room was a dark and dreary space that I couldn't wait to tackle. As with the kitchen, a can of paint completely transformed this space. You can see the before pictures here in my Dining Room Makeover post.

Empty Nest White Painted Dining Room

Changing The Furniture

After the rooms were lightened and brightened, so too needed the furniture. One of the perks with children leaving the nest is that you can send them off with the furniture you no longer want.

All the furniture in our dining room (pictured above) were thrift store finds that I refreshed with chalk paint and new upholstery. Because this thrifty gal did not want to dip into the Dine Out Budget for new furniture.

The armchairs in the living room were found online for a song and refreshed with white chalk paint and new upholstery with a Parisian flair. The round swan table in the center also received a makeover.

If you would like to see how they were refreshed you can catch those projects here at Duncan Phyfe Dining TableDuncan Phyfe Dining Chairs, Repurposed Headboard Dining Bench, Armchairs Get A Fresh New Look, and A Swan Table Makeover.

Empty Nest Gets White Chalk Painted Furniture

Then this happened

Empty Nesters Become Grandparents

…and life in our home came full circle.

That pretty guest room now looks like this for when he has sleepovers at Grandma & Grandpas…

Nursery At Grandma's House

And the stereo that filled the void of silence now looks like this…

Baby Proofing Grandma's Stereo

Those fresh white painted cabinets now have these on each door…

Grandma's Cabinets Go On Lock Down

…and when the first grandparent proof child proof lock was installed (different style than pictured) we had to have our daughter come over because we locked ourselves out of the cabinet!

Our refinished Duncan Phyfe dining room chairs now have one that looks like this…

Grandma's Dining Room Gets A Highchair

When guests come and go they have to navigate their way through this...

Baby Gate At Grandma's

And every time after we send him home to Mommy and Daddy loaded with sugar, our living room looks like this…

Grandma's Living Room After A Visit

Even our cat is looking down from a chair scoping the mess (look closely at the reflection in the fireplace glass).

And we wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!
- Life is good -

I invite and encourage you to visit the other Fifty and Fabulous gals in The 50+ Crowd.
The Fifty Plus Crowd Blogging Group
Press the links below to be taken to their blog posts. Be prepared to be touched, inspired, and encouraged with a sprinkle here and there of laughter. Enjoy!