September 03, 2015

Rustic Shopping Bag Corner Table

I can't believe it's September already!  In the spirit of Fall,  I did a fun little furniture makeover using the colors of autumn.  

Small Corner Table Rustic Makeover with a shopping bag top

I call this a Rustic Shopping Bag Corner Table because I decoupaged the tops with this...

Shopping bag used to decoupage on the top of a table

I can't remember where I got this bag, but I remember thinking when I got it that someday it would come in handy and this is that day.

My neighbor a.k.a. The Furniture Fairy gave me this cute little table a few months ago. I forgot I had it until rummaging through the shed one day. The same day I just so happened to be rummaging through my scrapbook paper stash and B I N G O, inspiration hit!

Here is what it looked like when I got it...

Small Corner Table Before

The first thing I had to do was address the lifting laminate by gluing and clamping it.  Once dry I had to address the red stain color which would guarantee bleed so I gave it a couple of coats of shellac.

Now for the fun part, adding the pretty!

I painted the top and bottom shelf with Country Chic Chalk Paint in the color Rocky Mountain.  The rest of the table was painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Primer Red for the first coat and dry brushed with Emperor's Silk for the second.  Once dry I lightly sanded to reveal more of the Primer Red for a rustic look.

Corner table painted with Rocky Mountain, Primer Red, and Emperor's Silk chalk paint.

Then came the bag.

Corner table using a shopping bag on the top and bottom shelf

I placed the bag onto the top and figured out roughly which part I wanted to use.  Then I generously cut the bag to the shape of the top.  Brushing wallpaper paste onto the back of the paper I slowly laid the paper onto the top, rubbing out the air bubbles with a Mod Podge Smoothing Stick (a credit card works too).

Once dry I brushed two coats of Mod Podge over top the paper to protect the finish.  After that was dry I used a craft knife to remove the excess paper along the edge and sandpaper to smooth out the rough bits.

Decoupaged shopping bag on the top of a corner table

Using a clean rag, I rubbed dark wax over the entire table, including the paper tops.

Small Corner Table gets a rustic makeover

You'd never know it was the same table!

Corner Table AFTER makeover painted red and decoupaged with paper

Red is my favorite color and if I had a spot in my house,
believe me I looked in every nook and cranny, 
it would be staying.

Rustic Corner Table Makeover AFTER using a shopping bag

Buuuuut unfortunately there wasn't a nook or a cranny to be had so it will soon be listed for sale.

Rustic corner table decoupaged with a shopping bag

So if any of you local folks think this would be a good fit for your home, please press the SHOP Tab at the top of the blog.

September 01, 2015

Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest {REmakeover}

Hi guys, remember the MCM Cedar Chest Makeover From Hell that I shared last week?  Well after walking away from it for 24 hours I was able to come back to that hot mess with refreshed eyes and a much calmer demeanor.

So today I bring you the Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest REmakeover after stripping the paint and stain from the entire front and starting again from scratch.

MCM Cedar Chest after a REmakeover

It was worth the extra time and effort because I was able to get a much nicer finish on the stain and a crisp edge on the white painted triangle.

Can you see the difference between the picture above and the picture below?  

Below was after my feeble attempt at fixing the hemp oil mishap.  Not terrible until you saw it up close and personal, yucky!

MCM Cedar Chest from hell after attempting to fix mishap

  Here is a close-up...

MCM Cedar Chest after attempting to repair stain mishap

...and here it is after I stripped it back down to the raw wood and restained it.

MCM Cedar Chest  dark walnut stained After

Big difference eh!

Here is a close-up of the chalk painted triangle where the hemp oil stain goo ran down into the paint and my feeble attempt at fixing it...

MCM Cedar Chest after attempting to repair paint damage

...and here it is after stripped and repainted.

MCM Cedar Chest chalk painted triangle After

Much Better!

After reading your awesome comments, I realized I might have scared some of you off from ever giving Hemp Oil a try.


Hemp Oil is an awesome product and I'm not being paid to say that.  It worked beautifully on the chalk painted sections of the chest.  Here is a close up...

MCM Cedar Chest painted and stenciled top After

I've since used it on two more chalk painted pieces and the finish is fabulous.  Like clear wax, it deepens the paint color but...

wave your hands in the air and start doing the happy dance

...there is no buffing!  Just a wipe with a clean cloth to remove the excess oil and that is it!

It also works fabulously on old wood.  I was amazed at how it restored the wood on my Antique Radio Cabinet.

So I urge you to give Hemp Oil a try. The only caution, from my experience, is that it doesn't like a fresh stain.

I like the simple round chrome knobs with this piece.

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover with chrome knobs

On the interior, all it needed was a good cleaning.

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover inside

This is what the cedar chest looked like when I first got it...

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover BEFORE

I'm quite pleased with its transformation.

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover AFTER

Here is a link to my MCM Cedar Chest Makeover From Hell post in case you missed it.

I'm happy to report that since the REmakeover, the MCM Cedar Chest has SOLD!  Better yet, it sold before I listed it.  Love when that happens!

August 29, 2015

DIY Sunday Showcase Party and Features {August 29, 2015}

Wow, this week was another hard one to pick a favorite. I had so many favorites that it took a good half hour flipping back and forth between them all before I could narrow my choice down to just one. So much talent in the blogosphere!

Bloggers this is a great link up to showcase your work because not only will it appear on this blog but on the blogs of our five co-hosts. That's six opportunities to have your work featured!

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Jennifer at Pink When

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Alli at An Alli Event
Marie (moi) at The Interior Frugalista

♥♥♥ Our Features From The Last Party ♥♥♥

If you are not one of the six featured here today you may have been featured at our DIY SUNDAY SHOWCASE TALENT BOARD on Pinterest so be sure to hop over there as well!


I am still swooning over Deb's fabulous sign and want one for our basement media room!


dryer vent pumpkin


rustic apples made from scrap wood 2x4 pieces
DIY SCRAP WOOD APPLES by Meatloaf and Melodrama


Fresh Peach Tart | Cooking on the Front Burner
FRESH PEACH TART by Cooking On The Front Burner


DIY TRUMEAU MIRROR by Patina Paradise



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August 27, 2015

Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover

Today I was going to share a Mid Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover that I could be proud of.  I took great pains in stripping the wood down to it’s natural finish and was dancing for joy with the beautiful dark walnut stained finish.

The Simplicity White chalk paint was fabulous too.  I was doing the happy dance when I had a nice crisp edge with absolutely no bleed through (thanks to Frog Tape) to my geometric pattern on the front.

Instead of sharing a beautiful MCM Cedar Chest with you today I’m bringing you the makeover from hell!

Que in the climactic music

MCM Cedar Chest makeover gone awry

Why, because the unthinkable happened (okay, I'm being a little over dramatic).

I decided to try out this Hemp Oil I've been hearing about all over the blogosphere.  If I can skip the step of labourously applying and buffing wax, why not!

I brushed it over the white chalk paint and was thrilled with the results.  I added a stencil to the top and was pretty proud of the overall look of the chest.

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover with stenciled top

Then everything went to hell in a handbasket.    

Que in more climactic music

MCM Cedar Chest dark walnut stain ruined with hemp oil

Perhaps the stain wasn't completely dry, despite it being over 24 hours since its application, or you can't use Hemp Oil over a stain.  If anyone knows the answer to this, I'd love it if you shared in the comment section.

But that lovely Hemp Oil proceeded to turn that beautiful dark walnut stain into liquid goo that dribbled down my perfect painted geometric pattern.     

Insert crying here and few expletives.

MCM Cedar Chest painted geometric pattern ruined from stain bleed

Every attempt I made to repair the mess made it worse. I had the stain on paint and paint on wood. Not willing to admit defeat, bound and determined to get er done, I persisted in my feebish attempt to make her pretty.

MCM Cedar Chest makeover stained finish gone awry

Look how awful the finish is on the stain...and this is after my attempt to fix the mess.  You can see a dribble line on the foot in the picture below.

MCM Cedar Chest walnut stain gone awry

So guess what I'm doing today? Stripping the entire front of the chest and re-painting and staining it.

MCM Cedar Chest makeover after it went awry

I won't stop until I know the finish is perfect.  Then the stain is getting my trusted polyurethane finish.

Oh, I almost forgot, this is what the chest used to look like...

MCM Cedar Chest Before

I know many of you who upcycle furniture have been there...done the t-shirt.

I'd love to hear your project from hell stories!

August 25, 2015

Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs

Hi guys, remember last week I shared how I tweaked a Vintage Sideboard that I was having trouble selling?  I'm happy to report that it worked - I have viewings scheduled for this week!

I'm embarrassed to admit keeping it real, I had one other piece that just wasn't moving.  A Faux Fireplace that we upcycled from a vintage headboard.  My guess wasn't moving because I was selling it without candles or an insert.  Perhaps it was difficult to image what to put inside or too time-consuming to shop for something suitable.

So I took care of that problem with an Easy DIY Faux Fireplace Insert With Real Logs.

DIY Real Log Faux Fireplace Insert

This is the headboard before we upcycled it into a Faux Fireplace.

Vintage Headboard before upcycled into a faux fireplace

Those of you in my age group will probably remember, or had one growing up, a headboard like this with the sliding cubby doors.  This one is extra special because it has pretty stained glass doors.

If you missed my post where I share how we transformed the headboard you can see it here Faux Fireplace.

The How To
We foraged through the wood pile in our back yard to find some logs that stacked well together.

Wood Piles = Mice

Mice = Screaming Woman Running Down The Street

Thankfully no mouse was found in the making of this firelog insert!

Assembling logs to make a faux fireplace insert

After we found the perfect log configuration we flipped the stack upside down and screwed them all together using 8 x 2" construction screws.

The logs are from an old tree that fell down in our backyard this Spring during an unwelcomed snow storm.  The cut ends of each log were still green so I aged them with "giggle juice".  I always have a batch at the ready in a sealed container.

Giggle Juice Recipe:
Grade #0000 Steel Wool soaked in apple cider vinegar.
Apply using a sponge or brush.
Reapply until you reach the desired aged appearance.

Next we burrowed holes into the logs to insert glass votive candleholders using a 2 1/2" Hole Saw Bit attached to the drill.

Creating holes in the logs to hold glass votive candleholders

For safety reasons, I placed battery operated tea lights into each holder.

Real Log Insert with votive tea lights for a Faux Fireplace

I like the juxtaposition of the faux fireplace with real fire logs.

Real Log fireplace insert for a faux fireplace using battery operated tealight candles

One side of the faux fireplace...

Left side of Faux Fireplace with Real Fire Log Insert

...and the other side.

Left side of Faux Fireplace with Real Log Insert

So which picture do you think makes this fireplace more sellable?

A)  How it was listed the first time with a notice that accessories were not included?
Cancelled Faux Fireplace Listing

B)  How it will be listed the second time?
New Faux Fireplace Listing

Here it is with the candles glowing...

DIY Faux Fireplace with Real Log DIY Insert

With Fall being right around the corner I am hoping this will sell soon.