March 05, 2015

Update on Painted French Provincial Chair {What I Ended Up Doing}

Hey guys, thanks to your awesome feedback I put the finishing touches on the French Provincial Chair that I shared with you last week.  The consensus was that I should leave the chair As Is and add some decorative upholstery tacks around the curve of the front legs. The other suggestion was that I add a pillow with a pop of color. As soon as I read those two suggestions I knew that was exactly what this chair needed.

French Provincial Chair Update

Here it is as you all saw it last week after being chalk painted.  In case you missed that post, you can see it HERE.

French Provincial Chair with chalk painted upholstery

Well I don't call myself the Interior Frugalista for nothing. Remembering I had leftover fabric from the Kitchen Window Roman Shade that I made using an extra drapery panel from the living room. There's my pop of color!

Using leftover fabric from a roman shade for a DIY toss pillow

Then I remembered I had some leftover fabric from the Master Bedroom Faux Roman Shade that I made from drapery panels.  Perfect to use for piping on this pillow!

Using leftover fabric from a Faux Roman Shade for piping on a DIY toss pillow

While going through my stash I found some leftover clothesline cord that I used to make piping on the Bench Seat Cushion in the master bedroom. Low and behold what should be laying on the bottom of that stash but the perfect size pillow form. Happy dance was a happening in my basement storage room!

Supplies from around the house to make a DIY toss pillow

Out came the sewing machine and I got to work.

Sewing piping for a DIY Toss Pillow

It took all of 15 minutes and zero...let me dollars to make. Mission 1 accomplished - A pop of color for our French Provincial Chair!

DIY Toss Pillow for a pop of color on a Painted French Provincial Chair

It wasn't until after I took the pictures that I realized the crease in the fabric. Note to self: steam pillow!

Now onto Mission #2 - Adding Upholstery Tacks To The Chair.  I had some leftover from the Guest Bedroom Upholstered Headboard that we made.

Our living room is accented with silver and so I thought these would be perfect. NOT! Far too masculine for this chair. I could have gone online and purchased some much prettier and daintier tacks but that would require patience to await their arrival. Patience is not a virtue I was blessed with, ask Mr. Frugalista.

I had these pretty self-adhesive pearl stickers leftover from the Pier I Inspired Cone Christmas Trees I made during the holidays.  They come in strips so they were easy to line up and a little hot glue secured them in place.

Using Pearl Stickers to trim a French Provincial Chair

I think they're perfect!

Close up photo of Pearl Stickers used as trim on a French Provincial Chair

Here is a close up of both the pearls and the pillow.

DIY Toss Pillow for color and Pearl Stickers to trim a French Provincial Chair

I'm loving how the chair looks in our living room.

A French Provincial Chair After a makeover

Thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions.  I knew you'd come up with the perfect solution!

March 03, 2015

Oak Curved Front File Cabinet

I have a quick furniture makeover to share with you today.  A couple of weeks ago Mr. Frugalista left the house to so kindly wash my van.  He came home with a spic and span van along with some extra cargo in the back.

Oak curved front file cabinet before and after

The car wash is beside what used to be our local Goodwill Store.  They moved last summer but obviously not to knowledge of whomever left this sitting outside their old doorstep.

Oak curved front file cabinet before

Also in the back of the van was a large oak table that he found during a detour to our local Salvation Army Store on his way home.  That should have been a good thing right?  I should have been doing the happy dance but instead he had me reduced to tears.

If you guys only saw the amount of unfinished furniture we have kicking around this darn house right now. The basement bedroom, the upstairs guest room, the workshop, the side shed, the back shed, the media room, and even the neighbor's garage!

Swallowing back the tears I told him, "NO MORE FURNITURE, there's only one of me and in case you haven't noticed we're bursting at the seams over here"!  And his response was the same as it always is, "but how could I pass these up".

Oak curved front file cabinet after a makeover

Since I had the cans of Old White and Pebble Beach chalk paint already opened while working on my French Desk Makeover I decided to tackle this piece too.

I lightly distressed the edges like the desk and gave it a coat of clear wax. The drawer fronts got a coat of white wax to soften the grey.

Oak curved front file cabinet painted in Old White and Pebble Beach chalk paint

I lined the two drawers with the same Old World Map wrapping paper that I used on the drawers of the desk.  Waste not want not!

Oak curved front file cabinet drawers lined with Old World Map wrapping paper

I loved the original hardware so I spray painted them with Rustoleum Heirloom White and distressed them a little revealing some of the original finish.

Oak curved front file cabinet original hardware spray painted Heirloom White

Despite not appreciating it showing up amidst the clutter, I am happy to have rescued this poor little cabinet from being abandoned on a vacant doorstep.

Oak curved front file cabinet makeover Before and After

I was hoping it would have sold with the desk but no such luck.  Hopefully it'll find a new home in VERY soon!

February 28, 2015

DIY Sunday Showcase Party and Features {Feb. 28, 2015}

Whaaaaaaaat, it's Saturday already!!  Whaaaaaaaat, it's the last day of February!!  Whaaaaaaaat!! 

Bloggers this is a great link up to showcase your work because not only will it appear on this blog but on the blogs of five of my friends.  That's five times the exposure and six opportunities to have your work featured!

If you didn't make the TOP 6 Featured here at the party you may have been featured at our DIY SUNDAY SHOWCASE TALENT BOARD on Pinterest so be sure to hop over there as well!

So without further adieu
it's time to get this DIY Sunday Showcase Party started!
The party goes Live every Saturday at 5:00pm CST and runs until the following Wednesday.



Cynthia did such a beautiful job making over this coffee table.  I think she made the perfect choice in keeping the maple herringbone top natural!

Shrimp Fried Rice, better than takeout
SHRIMP FRIED RICE by Cooking With Curls

Rainbow Pom Pom Cake Topper


Copper Wine Rack
DIY COPPER WINE RACK by Love Create Celebrate

crepes with key lime custard and blueberry sauce 1

  1. Follow your party hosts.
  2. Post a maximum of 3 of your newest DIY's.
  3. Linking to the party allows the hosts to possibly PIN your project to our DIY Showcase Pinterest Board, use your project in a round-up post (with direct links to your post), as well as Feature your project in the next DIY Sunday Showcase!
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February 26, 2015

Painted French Provincial Chair {What would you do?}

Hey guys I could really use your help!  Several years ago Mr. Frugalista inherited this French Provincial Chair and we had it reupholstered in a gold stripe fabric.  It worked perfectly with the Wedgewood Grey and gold color scheme in our master bedroom but since installing the built-ins, we no longer had room for it.

The gold color doesn't work in any other room of the house either but for sentimental reasons we don't want to part with the chair. The upholstery is in excellent condition, aside from a stain that I could not remove for the life of me. So I decided to change the color using chalk paint!

French Provincial Chair Before and After

So I got to work painting it with a 50/50 mixture of  Pure White and Old White chalk paint.  Here it is after one coat.

Chalk painting upholstery on a French Provincial chair after First Coat

I've chalk painted upholstery before by adding water to the paint to dilute it. This time I decided to dip the bristles of my brush into a pail of water first and then into undiluted paint. I have to say I much prefer this method as it goes on so much smoother. Before applying the paint I lightly dampen the chair using a spray bottle.

Chalk painting a French Provincial chair white after Second Coat

I was liking how it was toning down the gold and softening the stripes and that nasty stain disappeared quickly too.

Chalk painted upholstery on French Provincial Chair Close Up View 1

After the forth coat I gave the chair a coat of clear wax to soften the fabric. Works like buttah like buttah!

Chalk painted upholstery on a French Provincial Chair Close Up View 2

So soft and pretty!  I gave the legs a little dark wax in the grooves to make the details pop and give the chair more depth.

French Provincial Chair Upholstery and Wood chalk painted white

Then came time to style it for photos.  It looks great with the small nesting table I refinished last year.

Chalk painted French Provincial chair and matching nesting table

Since the tea was poured and the cookies were out of the package, I stopped for a break.

Stopping for tea after finishing a French Provincial Chair makeover

I'm definitely liking this chair much better in white but here's the thing.

Painting the upholstery and frame of a French Provincial Chair

...I feel like it needs something.

This is where you guys come in.  I could really use your help.  Which option would you choose if it were your chair?  

Should grain stripes be added to the painted French Provincial Chair?
Grain Sacks Drawn Using PicMonkey

If you can't leave a comment here because you're not on Google+ then I'd love it if you headed over to my Facebook Page and left a comment there.

Looking forward to reading your comments and/or suggestions.  Much appreciated!

February 24, 2015

Turquoise Sofa Table {It's Third Incarnation}

Our humble abode was is bursting at the seams with furniture.  Last weekend I bit the bullet and decided to part with some of our pieces.  Like this sofa table that we purchased several years ago at an auction.

Turquoise Sofa Table After

Originally it looked like this...

Turquoise Sofa Table Originally
Sorry, pre-blogging photo

...and then like this.

Turquoise Sofa Table After It's First Makeover
Sorry, before I knew anything about taking good pictures.

I decided to freshen it up with one more makeover before parting with it. The plan was to paint it turquoise with little distressing and silver leaf the grooves. Well this baby had a mind of it's own and no matter how hard I tried it decided it wanted more distressing.

Turquoise Sofa Table with distressing

Silver leaf in the grooves?  Heck no it wanted white!

Turquoise Sofa Table with white details

So turquoise and white it is!  I waxed the entire table with my new favorite thing...white wax.

Turquoise Sofa Table Left Side

I kept the original (original from the first makeover) glass knobs.

Turquoise Sofa Table with glass knobs

I added some pretty to the inside of the drawer.

Turquoise Sofa Table drawer lined with wallpaper

And now it is time to part with it.  Despite having no room in this house I really really really want to keep it.  I have absolutely no turquoise in this house but I still want to keep it.

Turquoise Sofa Table After

But I can't so bye bye sofa table, I hope you find a good home!


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