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Musings of the chilly Summer of 2013!

August already??? It feels like our summer hasn't started! 
Other than a couple of days here and there it's been a rather chilly one. Finger's crossed August makes up for our brrr brrr July.

Needless to say, I haven't spent much time outdoors working on projects (and I have several floating around in my head). Swaddled indoors with sweaters and warm cups of coffee, I took the time to catch up on some online courses/webinars and a whole lot of reading.

The novels are still waiting for some warm sunny afternoons spent on the deck with a pitcher of lemonade. Finger's crossed again!

The need to create kept beckoning. Computer off, books closed I headed downstairs to the shop and had a little fun. I worked on three projects (seems to be how I roll) but those will be posted another time.

Of course, I forgot to take Before pictures of this little gal that I picked up for 50¢ at a thrift shop. It had some nice white painted chippiness going on but where embellishments once hung, were globs of old glue. After several unsuccessful attempts to remove the globs, I decided to give her a complete makeover.

I gave it a coat of Shellac to stop the glue from bleeding through followed by a light coat of Graphite chalk paint. The second coat was watered down Old White chalk paint dry brushed and wiped. To add a pop of color I dry brushed and wiped some Emperor's Red chalk paint around the base and top.

Then I stenciled and lightly pounced a Fleur-de-Lis in red and rubbed some dark wax over the top to age it and remove some of the paint. The embellishments I found at Michael's in that catch me every time impulse bins lined up by the check-outs. I have a craft drawer full of these impulse purchases so I didn't have to go far to dig for these babies!

Yes, that's a fake flower - thanks to our lovely summer the real ones haven't bloomed yet!

On my To Do List for the Fall is a digital photography course. My photos leave a lot to be desired!

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