The winds of change came with a melt down!

Fall backyard
Well guys, the plan was to have another pretty piece of furniture fresh off the workshop floor to share with you today.  Lord knows I tried but God, the Universe, my Higher Power decided I needed to learn a lesson instead and it came in the form of a complete melt down.
Yesterday I woke up with a plan.  I jumped out of bed, enveloped with super human powers, lined up the phone booth with Frugalista aprons, brewed some extra bold, and was ready to fly.  As I went about my mad dashes to and from the phone booth changing from Workshop Apron to Sewing Apron, to Cooking Apron, to Blogging Apron, to Painting Apron, and back to Workshop Apron panic started to set in.  The Cleaning Apron and Laundry Apron were still hanging untouched and the day was breezing by.  By the time Mr. Frugalista got home from work I was a force to be reckoned with.
"Supper, I don't have time for supper can't you see I'm up to my @$ in alligators here! In case you haven't noticed I don't run on a 9 - 5 schedule. I'll eat when I have time". The poor man, more often than not he comes home to no supper on the table and quietly goes about preparing our evening meal without complaint.

At twelve midnight all the lights are off in the house but the usual glow from my office.  He cautiously peers inside to see what all the racket is about.  I'm hunched over my sewing machine ripping the seam I tore apart three times before, stripped down to my bra with menopausal sweat dripping down my neck, and a glass of Chardonnay, he asks if I'm alright.

Let me preface this by saying I'm so lucky to have a patient, kind, empathetic, devoted husband who has willingly stuck it out for 27 years.  To say I had a moment would be an understatement.
As uncomfortable as it is to admit and share with you all, I've got to keep it real!

What was the impetus for my break down?  That I didn't have a blog post to share with you this week.  My head was racing with thoughts like;  I'm going to loose readers if I don't have at least two posts per week.  Who's going to want to come to my corner of the blogosphere if I have nothing to share? All the other bloggers are producing beautiful project posts multiple times per week so why can't I?  All the other bloggers are actively engaged in social media so why can't I seem to find the time?  Yadda yadda yadda

So what did my melt down come to teach me?  Besides bursting the delusion that I'm 30 someth'n.
  1. Comparing myself to others is a dangerous and No Win path to walk down.
  2. I can't work 7 days per week and come out sane.
  3. Existing behind my four walls, most day in my pajamas, is malnourishing my spirit.
  4. My body can't survive on coffee and grazing. 
  5. I need to regain balance by spending some time outdoors with nature.
  6. "Real time" relationships aren't going to wait around until I have time.
  7. Admitting that I'm struggling with recently becoming an empty nester - I miss my babies!
  8. Not being 150% engaged in my social media platforms isn't a mortal sin.
  9. The world won't end if I don't have at least 1 blog post per week.
  10. And that multi-tasking isn't my thang!

I also learned...
  1. I am blessed and grateful for being able to earn a living doing what I love!
  2. I am blessed to be actively engaged in my creative passion.
  3. I am blessed to have a husband that supports my blogging and furniture refinishing business.
  4. I am blessed to have two beautiful children who have become fine young adults who I adore and am so proud of.
  5. I am blessed to have wonderful loving and supportive people in my life.
I appreciate each and every one of my readers and I hope you understand those weeks when I'm only posting once that I'm probably off somewhere recharging my batteries!  I'll most likely be spending it enjoying the seasonal views from my back yard.

Fall back yard

Winter back yard

Spring back yard

Summer back yard

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