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Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend! I'm so excited to share with you today my participation in a fantastic blog tour. I was invited to participate by Shelly from Minette's Maze. I've been following her blog for over a year and when I had the opportunity to co-host the DIY Sunday Showcase Party each week with her, I was thrilled. She's a gal who knows how to transform junk old stuff and put a fun and creative spin on it. She has a very generous heart and often creates treasures to donate to various organizations and events.

On with the blog tour...

Touring Through Blogland a collage of outdoor projects

Touring Through Blogland a collage of furniture makeovers

Touring Through Blogland a collage of home decor projects

What Are You Working On Right Now?
I always have an average of three projects going on at one time and a list of others going on in my head.  I'm not the most patient person in the world so while I'm waiting for the paint to dry on one I'll be waxing another and prepping a new project. Mums the Word on two projects I'm currently working on for our back yard. Okay, I'll give you a involves water and the other an old door.  The third is these two antique chairs I'm refinishing for a client.

Touring Through Blogland antique chairs in the process of a makeover

How does My Work Differ From Others In This Genre?
I have no idea because I'm just doing my thing and listening to what my little heart desires.  I love looking at objects, whether they be furniture or junk finds and asking, "so what can I turn you into"?  I find inspiration everywhere I go and then come home to figure out a way I can DIY them on a budget.

Touring Through Blogland a collage of a wall unit repurposed

Why Do I Write/Create What I Do?
Because I can't imagine doing anything else!  It's just what I do and have been doing my entire life.  Two of my favorite things are creating and writing and so having a blog gives me an outlet to express both of those sides of myself.  I was the kid sitting at the kitchen table on a Saturday drawing pictures of houses or organizing and decorating my bedroom while the kids in the neighborhood were outside playing.  

Touring Through Blogland Kitchen Before and After

How Does Your Writing/Creating Process Work?
Well this gave me a chuckle because it never stops working! I get the best ideas while showering or driving (don't hate me, I am paying attention to the road while I listen to the head chatter). Some mornings I wake up exhausted because I spent the entire night in my sleep giving a room a makeover! I keep a notepad in my purse and nightstand for jotting down ideas that randomly pop into my head. Thank goodness for the Notes feature on my iPhone too.  I have more projects in my head than I have time to make them.

Touring Through Blogland Laundry Room Before and After

Well that's me and my blog in a nutshell.  I hope you enjoyed the ride on this tour!  Now let me introduce you to three awesome bloggers.

Wendi with an i and I have been blogging around the same amount of time. Although we've never met we've become great blogging buddies. Wendy with a y is a fellow Canuck and does fabulous furniture makeovers and loves all things vintage. Karli & Kandy are an adorable Mom & Daughter blogging team and share loads of fabulous home décor and DIY projects. I was introduced to Wendy and Karli through the Creatively Made Business 2.0 Course that we took online. All three will be joining this Blog Tour on Monday, July 21st so be sure to hop on over to their blogs to learn more about them next week.

Wendi from H20 Bungalow

We simplified it all and bought a small 1950's waterside island bungalow project house. I now watch dolphins swim in our backyard and wear flip flops most of the time. Through my blog H20Bungalow, I share my creative decorating processes and professional remodeling know how. I'm bringing big style to a small home and loving every DIY minute of it!

Wendy from The Smitten Egg

I am a wife and mother to five kids (three are grown and out of the house). I have always been a collector of all kinds of stuff. The fact that collecting is cool with new words like "vintage" and "upcycling" just makes me feel all the more confident in my quest for just the right linens, jars, tables, etc. (pretty much anything by the side of the road!!) I work at a regular job by day and love to DIY in my spare time. Winter in Canada can be pretty long so it is nice to have this hobby to bring new life to pieces that appeal to me. Come for a visit and say hello!

Karli & Kandy from Kindred Style 

Mother/Daughter duo, Kandy and Karli formed the Kindred Style blog to share their unique sense of style (mostly décor inspiration, outfit ideas, and easy ways to entertain guests).  Kandy and Karli will show you how you can make the most out of what you've got while creating your own sense of style. 

Please visit these talented ladies on their blogs and give them a warm hello!  Please let them know Marie sent you.

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