Vintage-Style Spring Banner With Dollar Store Finds

The project I'm sharing today is so easy that I almost didn't blog about it. You can whip this craft up in ten minutes and everything you need to make this DIY vintage-style Spring banner can be found at the dollar store. Just like seasonal wreaths, bunting banners are another cute Spring decor idea. Hung on the fireplace mantel, draped over a mirror or chalkboard, the top of a bookcase, or on the wall above dining sideboard buffet adds a festive touch for each season. Banners are no longer just for parties!

Simple DIY Spring Banner

Vintage Style Spring Banner With Dollar Store Finds

This dollar store craft was so easy to make that I didn't bother writing a blog post about it. But when using the DIY banner to stage photos for my Repurposed Silver Tray Chalkboard Signs, many of you asked how I made it. It is hanging on our DIY Chalkboard Wall and I love how it pops against the black.

DIY Budget-Friendly Spring Bunting Idea

I share a tutorial on how I gave the banner an aged patina for farmhouse vintage-style charm further down in the post.

Vintage-Style Spring Banner

Fun stickers spell the word S P R I N G across the flag banners.

Paper Crafting Dollar Store Spring Banner

Paper Crafting Dollar Store Spring Craft

Some flags are embellished with cute tag stickers that spell the word WISH to compliment the butterfly which symbolizes change, hope, and life - fitting for Spring.

Paper Crafting Dollar Store Spring Bunting Idea

Paper Crafting Easy Dollar Store Spring Decor

More cute round tag stickers spell the word ENJOY to compliment the bike and the paths it will take the rider on this Spring.

Paper Crafting Dollar Store Craft Idea For Spring

Paper Crafting Dollar Store DIY Banner

But my favorite embellishment is the adorable crochet bird bottle cap on the first bunting flag.

Dollar Store Spring Banner With Crochet Bottle Cap

What you'll need to make the Spring banner

Pictured below are the items used to make the DIY Spring banner. This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend for this project. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

Dollar Store Craft DIY Spring Banner Supplies

Supply List

Colored Paper (similar)
Spring Scrapbook Paper (similar)
Alphabet Stickers (alternatives)
Word Stickers (alternatives)
Crochet Wrapped Bottle Caps
Colored Mini Clothespins
White School Glue, Mod Podge or Glue Stick
Burned Umber Acrylic Craft Paint
Small Sponge
Scrapbooking Paper Cutter

How To Make A Vintage-style Spring Banner

  1. The graphic above illustrates how I make templates for both the flags and flag overlays for the banner. I would suggest making them with either cardstock or thin cardboard. Cut the templates out with a paper cutter or scissors.
  2. Trace the flag template onto colored construction paper or card stock and cut them out with a paper cutter. 
  3. Use the second template to trace flag overlays onto pretty scrapbook paper and cut with a paper cutter.
  4. Glue the scrapbook paper overlays onto the colored paper flags with white school glue, Mod Podge, or a glue stick. After the glue dries, have fun embellishing the flags.
  5. Embellish the banners with whatever you have on hand or can find at the dollar store. I used word stickers from booklets I found at the dollar store. 
  6. I also embellished the first flag with adorable crochet wrapped bottle cap that came in a package of three at the dollar store.
  7. Spell the word S P R I N G with colorful stickers across the banner. You may want to dab a little glue behind the stickers for extra adhesion. 

Spring Banner Without Aged Patina

This is what the bunting banner looked like before giving it a vintage-style aged patina. This next step takes the bunting banner from looking brand new to one that has farmhouse vintage-style and looks like it's been around for years.

DIY Spring Banner Idea

Spring Banner With Aged Patina

And here is the Spring banner with an aged patina. Wouldn't you agree that it has far more character and charm now?

DIY Spring Banner Idea With Vintage-Style

How To Give The Spring Banner An Aged Patina

To age the scrapbook paper you simply pounce burned umber craft paint with a small damp seafoam sponge or scrunched lint-free rag. Instead of craft paint, dark wax will also age the paper. Much like you do when stenciling, offload the excess paint onto a paper towel and pounce in an up and down motion over the solid colored paper. Add more paint along the edges where they would naturally age over time and overlap some of the paint onto the edges of the pretty scrapbook paper too.

How To Hang The Spring Banner

Cut a long strand of twine the length of the mantel, mirror, chalkboard or wherever you plan to hang the banner. Add an extra 24 inches for the strands to trail down each side. Attach the flags onto the twine with mini clothespins and you're done!

I told you it was easy peasy! 😀

Here are a couple of mini-banner ideas that I thought you might like. Both were made for our children's weddings. This one was made for our daughter's Rustic Wedding Card Holder and this one of our son's Beach Destination Wedding Card Box.

I've made many DIY bunting banners over the years and never shared them here on the blog. This serves as a reminder that I need to write more seasonal bunting banner posts.

For more DIY Spring inspiration visit my Spring Projects Page.

If you have any questions about this banner tutorial, please leave them in the comment section below or the Contact Me tab at the top. I love hearing from you!

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Vintage-Style Spring Banner Dollar Store Craft

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  1. This is so pretty! Such lovely finds at the dollar store. Have a wonderful day!

    Tamara X

    1. Thank you so much Tamara! I love frequenting our local Dollarama stores, especially the craft aisle. I have bins of craft supplies from my shopping jaunts.

  2. Those little crocheted caps are ahhh-dorable Marie! Such a sweet idea and I love the vintage vibe! Hope your snow melts right and you have super day. XO

    1. I know, right! I wish I had grabbed a bunch of those bottle caps to keep in my stash. It's snowing again today! Wishing you a super day as well, Denise. xo

  3. I'm always focused on one thing when I go to the dollar store, or I come home with everything---I will have to look for makings for something like this---I love the aging. Interesting we make old look new, and new look old...a conundrum of sorts. LOL. Great job!

    1. How do you do it, Sandi? It is impossible for me to go into the dollar store with just one focus. I see shiny things almost the second I enter and then more and more. Some things are one time products so I can't miss the opportunity. LOL

  4. Hi Marie! This is darling! So spring-like. I love the vintage style of the banner flags. Didn't I see snow in one of your recent posts on social media? I think you need to come down to the beach! LOL!! Take care my friend! Oh, and I pinned this darling banner too!

    1. Hi Wendi, so good to see you here my friend 😀 I needed some Spring in this house because old man winter doesn't seem to want to leave. Thankfully that nasty snow has since melted and they are forecasting warmer temperatures this week. Some hot sun and a beach sounds soooooo good about now!

  5. I totally agree with you Marie, you do need to share more of your bunting crafts. It's sometime difficult to tell just looking at a photo how someone achieved the finished look. And this one is a perfect example of that. Love how you used to burnt umber to age the paper. That's such a great idea. I always have a tube of that in my painting supplies, but trying to find inks isn't so easy

  6. Thanks Michelle! This is one of the largest buntings I've made. Normally I make them around 2-inches wide. Time to make a Summer one for the kitchen chalkboard because I do have faith that Old Man Winter will eventually get the message that it's time to blow this popsicle stand!

  7. Oh, this is so pretty... love the vintage look! Hey, nice new profile photo! I would have never guessed it was you! Lovely!

    1. Thanks Julie, glad you like the banner AND the photo! The old headshot was about two years old and I've since gone short with my hair and stopped coloring it red so figured it was time for a new mug shot. LOL

  8. Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared.


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