Beach Wedding Card Box For Destination Wedding

The nice thing about having a destination wedding is that everything is done for you but if you want to add special personal touches, it's much easier on the pocketbook if you make those personalized items yourself and bring them with you.

When my soon to be daughter-in-law asked if I'd make a custom wedding card box for their destination wedding, there was no twisting my arm. The stipulations were that it couldn't take up much room in her suitcase and had to be embellished with a beach wedding theme.

Beach Destination Wedding Card Box

Personalized Wedding Card Box For Beach Nuptials

Tucked in a drawer in the workshop I had this little box. I turned my nose at it a few times thinking it wasn't elegant enough for a wedding. Off to the thrift store to find a more suitable box.

Beach Destination Wedding Card Box BEFORE

A little side note - my heart sank when uploading the before photo into this post. There's my sweet little Rexy who loved photo bombing my project shots. Last week my feline baby crossed the rainbow bridge after suffering a major stroke. I miss him terribly 😢

I digress, back to the wedding box...

After several unsuccessful shopping trips and the wedding quickly approaching, panic set in because I had no clue what I was going to use for a box.

Once again I pulled the chunky box out of the drawer and took another good hard look at it. I realized it kind of reminded me of a treasure chest - that's suitable for a beach theme. But again it begged the question, could it be elegant enough for a wedding? So I asked...

...and the bride and groom both gave me the thumbs up. These are the products used to transform the mini treasure chest into an elegant beach destination wedding card box.

Beach Destination Wedding Card Box Supplies

I've included a materials list towards the bottom of this post. It contains affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you, which supports the costs of running this site. See my disclosure policy.

Painting the box

Destination Beach Wedding Card Box Painted Teal

After thoroughly cleaning the thrift store box, it was painted inside and out in the color The Gulf, a teal that matched the wedding colors. It took two coats to completely cover the ugly orangey color underneath.

Adding the beach with glaze

Destination Beach Wedding Card Box With Brown Glaze

Now it was time to add the beach by aging the box with Van Dyke Brown Glaze, on the outside only. I simply dipped just the tips of an inexpensive chip brush into the glaze and with little pressure on the brush, swiped across the surfaces with the grain of the wood. I removed the brown glaze from the metal cornices and straps before it dried with a damp cloth.

While it definitely was starting to look beachy, it certainly wasn't looking elegant for a wedding and needed some white.

Painting the metal cornices

I added Whitewash glaze to the metal straps, letting it rest in the faux stitches and around the buckle.

White Glazed Straps On Destination Beach Wedding Card Box

It definitely helped but the box was begging for more white so I went all crazy with the glaze both inside and out and was thrilled with the results. While the glaze definitely added the wedding white it also gave the box more beach vibe.

Destination Beach Wedding Card Box with Whitewash Glaze

Adding some pretty with hardware

To add some pretty and dress up the front of the box I attached a white cabinet knob with a backplate that I purchased at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. Being a Canuck, that was a real treat and you can read about it here in my post, Canadian Girl's Maiden Voyage To Hobby Lobby.

Beach Destination Wedding Card Box With Cabinet Knob

Wooden love heart with pearls

Now for adding a personal touch to the wedding card box. I purchased a ready-made wooden heart to add to the top of the lid but it didn't look right all said and done because it was too thick. That heart didn't go to waste and was used at the wedding and you'll see it in the wedding photos later in this post.

In the meantime, I needed a much thinner heart for the top of the box so I did what any DIYer would do, I made one.

Beach Wedding Card Box Hardwood Heart

And this is how...
I traced the shape of the original heart intended for this box onto a piece of high-density hardboard leftover from another project. I cut the heart using a retractable knife and sanded the edges smooth with sandpaper. Next, I painted the heart white with chalk paint that I had on hand.

In Microsoft Word, I used the same font that was on the wedding invitations and created a graphic with their names and wedding date, sized to fit the heart. After printing the graphic, I used graphite paper and a pen to trace it onto the painted heart.

Beach Wedding Card Box Heart Graphic

Beach Wedding Card Box Love Graphic Transfer

With a script liner artist brush and black chalk paint that I had on hand, I simply painted over the graphic. Once the paint dried, I glued the heart to the center of the lid with liquid nails glue.

The heart added more wedding white to the box but the elegance came from embellishing it with pearl beads. They are self-adhesive pearl bead strand stickers and I reinforced them with dabs of hot glue.

Beach Destination Wedding Card Box

You may have noticed the metal cornices are looking much whiter in this photo and you would be correct. After adding the pure white heart it just felt like the box needed more white and so I added the same white chalk paint color as the box over the whitewash glaze.

But I wasn't done... 

Wedding invitation decoupaged inside

I mentioned earlier in the post that the interior of the box was also painted green but it was layered with only the whitewash glaze.

For that element of surprise when opening the box, I decoupaged their wedding invitation onto the inside of the lid.

Wedding Card Box Decoupaged Invitation

The invitation was decoupaged with Mod Podge and protected with two coats of Dixie Belle Clear Coat. Like the heart on the exterior, the invitation was embellished with the same pearl bead stickers.

Wedding Card Box Interior

This is a photo of the wedding card box on the guest table during the reception...

Wedding Card Box At Beach Destination Reception

See the heart leaning up against the box? That was the original heart I was going to use on the top of the box and was so happy to see it being used on the guest table.

DIY Wedding Card Box Banner

The little banner behind the wedding card box was made with painted dowels glued inside the stem of chrome furniture knobs. The flags were made with scrapbook paper in the wedding colors and blingy self-adhesive letters glued to a strand of pearlized jewelry cording. Easy peasy!

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Beach Destination Wedding Card Box
As promised, here is the Materials List so you can see what products I used for the wedding card box.

Materials List

Small Wooden Box With Lid (or thrift store)
The Gulf Dixie Belle Paint
White Chalk Paint
Black Chalk Paint or Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Script Liner Artist Brush
Van Dyke Brown Dixie Belle Glaze
Whitewash Dixie Belle Glaze
Matte Dixie Belle Clear Coat
Matte Mod Podge
Chip Paint Brush
Foam Sponge Brush
High-Density Hardboard
Retractable Knife
Graphite Paper
Liquid Nails

For the products in the list that do not have a link, you can find them in our new Interior Frugalista Amazon Influencer Shop HERE

You asked and here they are...
You've been asking to see wedding photos and so these are the ones I've had permission to share. Being the Mother-of-the-Groom, I wanted to take in every second of our son's wedding and left my phone in my purse.

Monica, the wedding coordinator and the staff at Dreams Huatulco Resort in Mexico did an outstanding job! Their attention to detail is impeccable. We were a large group of 30 and the resort staff made us feel so welcome and went above and beyond to make our stay special.

These are the tables at the beach|pool side reception. The illuminated tables, globe strand lights, paper lanterns, and paper bag luminaries surrounding the reception area created such beautiful ambiance.
Beach Destination Wedding Illuminated Tables

Zooming in closer to the tables, these were the pretty centerpieces. Tall glass vessels filled with sand from the resort, a layer of sea glass, and a candle. The table markers are IKEA frames spray painted in the wedding colors with scrapbook paper and self-adhesive numbers, made by the bride and groom.

You can see the illuminated infinity pool directly behind the reception. There may have been some dancing in the shallow end of said pool.

The flowers that were hanging on the pergola during the wedding ceremony...
...were brought over to the head table.
This is a photo of the illuminated dance floor with the ocean directly behind. See the blue lights on the rock formation? Those are colorful interchanging LED lights that moved 360° around the reception, illuminating various rock formations in the ocean and the walls of the resort. It was absolutely beautiful!
What wedding isn't complete without a cake fight.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found the wedding card box tutorial inspiring. In case you missed it, I also made a sign for the beach ceremony and you can see it here DIY Beach Wedding Sign.

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