Round Chalkboards Made From Thrift Store Silver Plates and Chargers

Chargers and tarnished silver plates come a dime a dozen at thrift stores.  Normally I rummage through the silver plates in search of the good quality ones to polish and reuse for their intended purpose. Charger plates I walk right by unless they come in a set of at least six.

Inspired by Pinterest and fellow DIY bloggers, I've given those mismatched chargers and poor quality silver trays a second look and recently found a couple to use for my Spring and Easter vignettes.

How To Turn Thrift Store Silver Plates and Chargers Into Fun Chalkboards

Charger Chalkboard Plate

Transformed thrift store charger plate

Silver Chalkboard Plate

Transformed thrift store silver plate

This is what they looked like before...

Chalkboard Trays Before

These are the vignettes I created after I painted each plate. They could be hung on a wall, displayed on a plate stand or used as a base for a tablescape.

Chalkpainted thrift store charger plate

Chalkboard painted thrift store silver plate

How to create chalkboards on silver plates and chargers

Clean the silver plate with denatured alcohol to remove any grime and to give the paint some bite. You can paint directly over the silver without any more prep using chalk paint. The important thing is NOT to paint over the wet paint twice or you will have a hot peeling paint mess on your hands.

I personally prefer priming them first. I've primed them two different ways and each worked perfectly. One is to brush the plates with Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer OR spray paint them first. 

Chalkboard trays primed

I didn't have any black chalkboard paint on hand but did you know you can use chalk paint to make chalkboards? An added bonus is that chalk paint dries much faster between coats too making these a jiffy to make. I painted mine with the color liquorice from Country Chic Paint. It only took two coats to get full coverage.

I dry brushed white chalk paint over the raised details on the silver tray.  To protect the edges I rubbed clear wax over the rim ONLY, being careful not to get any on the chalkboard center.

Silver tray painted Liquorice & Simplicity White

On the charger plate, I painted the rim with Americana Decor Chalky Paint in the color Serene.  I rubbed Pearl Wax over the rim, again being sure not to get any on the chalkboard center.

Using 220 grit sandpaper, I gently removed some of the paint around on raised details and edges for a distressed finish.

Charger plate painted in colors Liquorice & Serene

That's it folks - easy peasy.

Chalk Typography - How To Look Like A Pro

Before you bring out your inner chalkboard artist, you must season the board first. To do this you simply run the side of a stick of white chalk along the board and with a dry clean cloth or paper towel, wipe away the excess chalk.  

In PicMonkey, I created the typography and printed them on bond paper. Next, I rubbed white chalk onto the back side of the paper directly behind each word. Place the chalk side of the paper onto the plates and trace over each letter with a pencil. If the chalk didn't transfer dark enough, go over the letters with a sharpened stick of chalk or liquid chalk pen.

Easter chalkboard charger plate

Spring chalkboard charger plate

I hope this has inspired you to look twice at those inexpensive silver plates and mismatched chargers at the thrift store. If you enjoyed this DIY Round Chalkboard tutorial please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

Easter & Spring Chalkboard Plates

The Spring Banner shown in the photos was made last year and you can find the tutorial here at Spring Mantel DIY Banner.

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