DIY Beach Wedding Sign

Today is our monthly Furniture Fixer Upper day and normally I would be sharing a furniture makeover with you all but it never got finished. Why? Because we were enjoying sandy toes and salty kisses in Mexico for our son's wedding. Instead of a furniture makeover, I thought I'd share this fun DIY Beach Wedding Sign idea that I made for their nuptials.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign

DIY Beach Wedding Sign

I've included links to the stunning furniture makeovers from my friends in the Furniture Fixer Upper group at the bottom of this post.

But first, I thought I'd share a few photos from the wedding.

How cute are they - you couldn't ask for a more beautiful setting.

Although not the intention but the beach wedding sign made a perfect spot for guests to drop their shoes before heading to their chairs.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign at ceremony

The great thing about this beach sign is that it fits in a large suitcase and can be assembled on site. All you have to do is no later than 24-hours before the wedding, simply attach the stake to the back of the sign using this glue (affiliate link).

The bride & groom were able to easily remove the stake from the sign after the wedding and bring it back to Canada with them to hang on a wall in their home.

So here's how I made the beach wedding sign

Pictured below are the products used to make the DIY beach wedding sign. I've included a Materials List towards the bottom of this post. It contains affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used to make this project. See my full disclosure policy.

Beach Wedding Sign Materials

Lumber used to make the sign

In order to keep the sign lightweight for travel, we used 1/4-inch thick plywood. We thought about using high-density hardboard but decided not to for two reasons; it can easily break and with the high humidity in the air, we were concerned about warping.

The plywood was cut 15"wide x 25" long. The stake was made with pressure treated 1" x 1" wood nailing strip cut 24-inches long.

Coastal patina with layers of paint

To give the sign an aged coastal appearance, layers of paint and glaze were used. First, the entire board was painted with one coat of the darkest color which is a turquoise mineral chalk paint in the color Peacock.

Next, the sign was dry brushed in teal, the main wedding color, using mineral chalk paint in the color The Gulf. Once the bottom coat is completely dry (about an hour), dry brush the next paint color layer.

To achieve a dry brushed look that doesn't completely cover the base color you simply dip just the tips of an inexpensive chip brush into the paint and offload excess onto a paper towel. With little pressure on the brush apply one long swipe of paint vertically from one end of the sign to the other. You can see in the photo below the base can still be seen in spots. Don't worry if you apply too much paint because you can remove it in spots with a damp cloth.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign Painted Layers

Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in my work that I completely forgot to take pictures of adding the next two layers using the colored glazes.

Follow the same steps as the dry brush paint technique except dip the tips of your brush into the water first to dampen the bristles (not saturate). This will help the glaze move across the sign better. Start with Van Dyke Brown glaze and let it dry. End with White Washed glaze.

Don't worry if the glaze goes on too thick in spots because you can either dip the brush in water and spread it out OR wait until it dries and dry brush over it with the previous paint color. There are no mistakes, just play with the colors until you achieve the look you want.

Custom graphic transferred onto the sign

In PicMonkey I created a graphic for the sign sized to 1500 x 2500 pixels using fonts from their wedding invitations and saved as a jpeg file. Next, I uploaded the file to the Block Posters website and enlarged it to fit the sign. It printed on six sheets of paper which I taped together as pictured below.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign Graphic

For detailed instructions on how I transferred the graphic onto the sign visit my detailed Image Transfer Technique Using Graphite Paper tutorial. You can get the gist of how it's done in the following photos.

This photo is after the graphic was traced using graphite paper.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign Graphic Transfer

This is after hand painting over the traced graphic using a script liner art brush (insert link) and two coats of chalk paint in the color Hurricane Gray.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign Hand Painted Graphic

Here is the sign assembled and on the beach before the ceremony.

As promised at the top of this post, here is the materials list so you can find the products I used to make the beach wedding sign.

Materials List

1/4" Plywood
1" x 1" Pressure Treated Wood Nailing Strip
Peacock Mineral Chalk Paint
The Gulf Mineral Chalk Paint
Hurricane Gray Mineral Chalk Paint
Van Dyke Brown Glaze
White Wash Glaze
Gator Hide Polyacrylic
Chip Brush
Script Liner Art Brush
Graphite Paper
Red Pen
Liquid Nails Glue

For the products I didn't include a link, you can find them here in my Recommended Products List on Amazon.

Next week I'll be sharing how I transformed a thrift store box into a pretty wedding card box fit for a beach wedding. In the meantime, you can find more DIY wedding decor ideas on the blog HERE.

Do you know anyone planning a beach wedding in the near future? Please share my DIY Beach Wedding Sign with them and/or saved it on Pinterest.

DIY Beach Wedding Sign Tutorial

One of the perks of having a destination wedding is that everything is done for you. But if you want to add some personal touches to your special day, making your own DIY Beach Wedding Sign is one idea for doing it.

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