A Small Bookcase with Big Boy Personality

Those of you who follow my blog know about my Furniture Fairy. Earlier this summer a small shelving unit appeared in my back yard. As soon as I saw it, perhaps because I have a new grandson, I saw a Small Bookcase with BIG BOY personality.

Small bookcase shelves painted Rustic Charm and Fresh Mustard

Small Bookcase With Big Boy Personality

A small bookcase with Big Boy Personality After Makeover

This is what it used to look like...

Small Shelving Unit Before

The inspiration for this piece came from wrapping paper I had leftover in my stash from a Curbside Desk Makeover for my neighbor, a.k.a. The Furniture Fairy.

I applied the wrapping paper onto a piece of hardboard, cut to size, using wallpaper paste.

Wrapping paper attached to hardboard using wallpaper paste for a bookcase back

In my paint stash, I happened to have Country Chic Paint colors that matched the stripes perfectly; Midnight SkyRustic Charm, and Fresh Mustard.  After a light sanding, I rolled the entire bookcase with Midnight Sky.

No feminine scalloped heart trim would do for my Big Boy With Personality Bookcase. I had some mini garden picket fence posts in my stash leftover from decor I made for my daughter's baby shower back in March. I knew I was saving them for something and luckily I had exactly the amount I needed to trim up the top of the bookcase.

Covering scalloped heart trim with mini garden fence pickets

First I painted them in my chalk paint trio and then simply attached them with wood glue.

Midnight Sky, Rustic Charm, and Fresh Mustard chalk painted picket trim

Also in my stash, I found four furniture feet and gave them a fresh coat of Rustic Charm before attaching them to the bottom of the bookcase.

Furniture feet painted green for the base of a small bookcase

For the shelves, I alternated the Fresh Mustard and Rustic Charm colors.

Small bookcase shelves painted Fresh Mustard

To add some personality to the sides of the bookcase, the wooden screw plugs were painted in Rustic Charm.

Wooden screw plugs on the side of small bookcase painted a contrasting color

This was a fun project and I think I accomplished my goal of adding Big Boy Personality!

A small bookcase makeover for a boys room After

I had just as much fun rummaging through the shed and storage room shelves for remnants of our children's childhood toys to stage this piece for pictures.

The comic books, marbles, and model cars are from Mr. Frugalista's childhood.

There's nothing on those shelves from my childhood. Wah-wah! I'm the eldest of seven so by the time my stuff made it down the chain it was long since lost or broken.

Small Bookcase Makeover with Big Boy Personality

I hope this shelving unit makes one Big Boy with Personality very happy.

Safety Note

Always have brackets attached on the back to secure the bookcase to a wall.