Scrabbling for Fall (How to make a fun Fall Scrabble Tile Banner)

It's Fall Y'all! Those of you who have been following me long enough know that Autumn is not my favorite season. I know, I fall (pun intended) into a minority on this one. Don't get me wrong, I love the beautiful colors, the bountiful harvests, and mugs of steaming hot apple cider just like the Fall Lovers do. But in all honesty, Fall reminds me of death and the Snow $h_t that's around the corner. Here in the Canadian Prairies, winters can be brutal.

Whether I like it or not, Fall is here and so I either move to a warmer climate or embrace it one DIY Fall Craft after another. So today as I Scrabble to embrace Fall (sorry couldn't resist), I am sharing How To Make A Fun Scrabble Tile Banner.

Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

How To Make A Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

It wasn't difficult to make this banner and most of the supplies I already had around the house.

Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

Tools Used

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Materials List

Step 1: Making the Scrabble Tiles

Using a Metal Square, measure, and mark six square tiles at 7" x 7".

Measuring the tile pieces for the Fall DIY Banner

  • Butt the square on the right side of the tiles and using the hole on the square, mark a circle for the rope to be strung through. 
  • Flip the square over and repeat this step on the left side of each tile (see picture below).

Marking the holes to hang the DIY Fall Banner

Drawing the cut lines for the Fall DIY Banner

Cut the tiles. You can see in the photo below that I used a miter saw. The table saw was in the back of the shed and in all honesty, I am still nervous about using one because with my luck, I'll lose a finger.

If you use a miter saw like I did, in order to cut through the 7-inch height of each tile, you will have to make two cuts by flipping the board over to finish the cut.

Another option is using a straight edge and a sharp Exacto knife.

Cutting the tile pieces using a mitre saw for the DIY Fall Banner

  • Clamp all six tiles together and place in a Vice.  
  • Drill the holes using a 1/4-inch drill. Saves you loads of time rather than cutting one at a time.

Clamping the tile pieces together for the DIY Fall Banner tiles

Drilling the holes on the top of the tile pieces for the DIY Fall Banner

Step 2: Adding the Scrabble Tile Letters and Numbers

  • First, paint each tile a cream color that looks similar to that of real Scrabble tiles.
  • In PicMonkey I created Scrabble tiles to spell out the word FALL. You could use 4-inch stencils for the letters and 1 1/2" ones for the numbers. 
  • I used Scrabble Tiles from a Vintage Scrabble game as my source for assigning the correct numbers to each letter (as pictured below).
  • Use carbon or graphite paper to trace the letter/number combinations onto each tile.
  • Using a black paint pen or Sharpie marker to paint them.

Next up, adding the pretty...

Making burlap leaves for the Fall DIY Banner

Step 3: Embellishing Tile One

  • Brush fabric stiffener or Mod Podge onto the back side of burlap ribbon.
  • Once dry, use a large faux leaf as your template and trace three burlap leaves.
  • Cut them out with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the fabric fall leaves over top the burlap ones at an angle.
  • Lay them out onto your tile and hot glue them in place.
  • Glue a few clusters of faux berries in the center.

    Gluing a trio of burlap and fabric leaves onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

    Cutting a small foam pumpkin in half for the Fall DIY Banner

    Step 4: Embellishing Tile Six

    • Pull out the stem of a small foam core pumpkin and paint it with brown craft paint.
    • Carefully cut the pumpkin in half using an Exacto knife.
    • Paint the pumpkin orange.
    • To add depth to the pumpkin apply dark wax or brown glaze with a small craft brush along the ribs and blend with a clean rag.
    • Trace two small fabric leaves onto burlap ribbon and cut with sharp scissors.
    • Hot glue the leaves around the hole where the stem was removed.
    • Cut a long piece of green jute twine and with your fingers, rub Mod Podge all over the strand.
    • Wrap each piece of twine around a pencil and let dry for approximately 10 minutes.
    • Carefully remove from the pencil before it dries and adheres and let the curled twine dry completely.
    • Hot glue the jute tendrils behind the hole where the stem was removed.
    • Replace the stem and hot glue it in place.
    • Loosen up the tendrils to your liking.
    • Using hot glue, attach the pumpkin onto the Scrabble Tile (as seen in photos below).

        Embellishing and attaching a small pumpkin half onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

        Assembling the Fall Banner

        • Cut a long piece of green jute twine to the desired length of where you plan on hanging the banner.  Leave extra strands to trail down both sides.
        • Find the center of your twine and string the middle tile in place.  Because I used six tiles the middle fell between the two Ls.
        • Hot glue the twine onto the back of the tiles to secure them in place (optional). 
        • String the rest of the tiles onto the twine.

            Fall Scrabble Tile Banner

            That's it!  As you can see, I hung mine on our fireplace mantel.  I hope this inspired you to create a fun Fall Banner for your home.

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            This project was created for the Fall Edition of the Power Tool Challenge team. If you haven't heard of the Power Tool Challenge, it is a team of tool savvy, skill sharing female bloggers who encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zones and try simple projects they can make themselves using a power tool.

            Now it's time to see what Fall projects the team of talented bloggers created for this challenge.  If you like what you see, please remember to pin from the original source.

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