Call For Guest Posts at The Interior Frugalista

I've been procrastinating for weeks about writing this post.  



I'd rather not think about what is ahead and so I'd just toss it right out of my mind.  

But, the date is getting closer and closer and so today the procrastination ends.

...with my asking for help.

Help is what I need and so I'm asking my talented friends in the blogging community for Guest Posts while I'm recovering from surgery between the weeks of October 13th - November 5th.

The Interior Frugalista is a blog about all things DIY where I share Furniture Makeovers, Small Home and Garden builds, Room Makeovers on a budget, Home Decor, Seasonal Crafts, and tutorials.

I'm looking for projects in the above categories that will inspire my readers to upcyle, refurbish, build, or create something new.

Not only will this be a HUGE help to me, there are benefits for you and your blog. How? By reaching a whole new audience, you can share your favorite or most popular post in the above categories and introduce yourself and your blog to my awesome readers.

I will promote your guest post on my Facebook Timeline and Business Page, Google+, Bloglovin, Pinterest, and Instagram with links to your blog after your post goes live.

If you are interested, please Sign Up HERE

A great big THANK YOU
for helping an old gal who’s fallen and can’t get up!

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