Outdoor Living Space Expansion

Finally, summer temperatures have arrived here in the Canadian Prairies. July is my favorite month of the year because we're almost guaranteed to have temperatures over 25°C. For this summer lov'n gal, that's an invitation to spend almost every waking moment outdoors and so the completion of our most recent project was rather timely. We increased our Outdoor Living Space by over 200 sq ft, in a weekend!

Outdoor Living Space Expanded by over 200 sq ft.

Outdoor Living Space Expansion

In my post Old Louvered Doors Repurposed, I gave you a sneak peek of what we were up to next. Last Fall we took advantage of the summer clearance prices on 24" x 24" patio paving stones and stored them under a tarp all winter.

24" x 24" blocks stored under a tarp for the winter

All the years we've lived in this house the area on the side of our deck has sat empty. Nothing grows there because it's shaded from our neighbor's Lilac Trees and a large Spruce Tree that sat smack dab in the middle of that space. Finally, we took the plunge and had the tree removed.

Outdoor living space expansion BEFORE

Expanding the cedar deck wasn't an affordable option so we decided to create a stone patio instead. Oh my gosh for a couple of 50+ers that was back-breaking work. Our best friend, Advil was our constant companion. Starting with a load of crushed gravel mix hauled from our front driveway to the back yard.

The first few blocks laid for our outdoor living space expansion

Those 2 x 4's on top of the wheelbarrow in the picture above were our other best friends. They carried the hernia inducing pavers hauled one-by-one across the yard.

In the area where our gazebo was being moved, we laid the blocks up against each another.

Blocks laid for the gazebo area of our outdoor living space expansion

In the other areas, we left a 4" space between each block to form a grid pattern. I should add that we built a frame with pressure treated 2 x 6" lumber along the fence to contain the mixed crushed gravel.

Patio pavers laid in a grid pattern for our outdoor living space expansion

We were so relieved when the last block was laid. If it wasn't for being so stinking tired we would have done the Happy Dance.

Final patio paver laid for our outdoor living space expansion

Next, we added an organic potting soil inside the grids and planted a mixture of Scottish and Irish Moss. Once the plants mature it should look quite lovely.

Outdoor living space expansion AFTER

Scottish and Irish Moss planted between the patio pavers in our outdoor living space expansion.

The wood planters were also purchased last Fall on clearance for $14.00 each - can't complain about that price.

Metal trough ready for our next project for our outdoor living space expansion.

Well since you asked...the metal trough is a sneak peek at our next project!

Outdoor living space expansion Before

Outdoor Living Space Expansion AFTER


Outdoor living space expansion After

Yesterday was Canada Day and after watching the parade I spent a few enjoyable hours relaxing in the sun on our new Outdoor Living Space Expansion.  Ahhh, now that's the life!

I have a question for my awesome followers with a green thumb.  Do you think we need to add more moss between the pavers?

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