Old Louvered Doors Repurposed Into Garden Screen

A few weeks ago I noticed my neighbor had a stack of old louvered doors sitting by their garage.  I asked what they were doing with them and learned they were heading to the dump.  Well now like they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure and I struck gold!

When Mr. Frugalista came home he asked, "why the heck is there a bunch of old bi-fold doors leaning against our tree?"  I got the ole eye roll when I said I had big plans for those doors.

Old louvered bi-fold doors repurposed into a garden screen

Like the infamous junk drawer we have the junk pit. It's a very useful and functional pit because it houses our firewood piles, extra garbage cans for yard debris, and the list goes on. No matter how organized we try to keep it, it's still an unsightly mess that can be seen from the deck.

My neighbor's louvered doors to the rescue!  The stack of blocks under the tarp is a sneak peak at our next project.

Old louvered doors to be repurposed into a garden screen

The first order of business was removing the hinges from each set of doors.  Peak-a-boo says the photo bomber!

Removing the hinges from old louvered doors to use for garden screens

The next step was using a post hole auger to dig post holes (make sure you have the area flagged for utility lines before doing this step).  I forgot to take a picture...actually that's where I went inside...BORING.

The next part was a breeze, measure and screw the bi-folds in place onto the back of the posts. Sounds pretty simple enough but you should have heard the arguing back and forth about the silly knobs on the doors. Mr. Frugalista couldn't understand why for the life of me I would want the knobs exposed...their knobs for crying out loud! I on the otherhand argued that they added a decorative element to the doors and gave them character. As you can see from the picture below, I won!

Hanging old louvered doors horizontally onto fence posts

...and onto the next section.

Hanging old louvered doors horizontally onto fence posts to make a garden screen

After the bi-folds were attached in all three sections.

Old louvered doors hung horizontally onto fence posts

We had to get a little creative with the last section because we only had two bi-fold doors to work with. Considering we angled this section we decided to make it look intentionally different while using the same building materials.  

Cedar fence posts between old louvered doors hung horizontally to make a garden screen

The original plan was to install dense lattice between each bi-fold (which we also got from our neighbor) but the pattern was competing with the louvers.  So we went with cedar fence boards which hides the mess even more.  I have to say this choice was much easier to install, just like the bi-folds they were screwed onto the back of the posts.

A garden screen made with old louvered doors

Now this is where Mr. Frugalista ditched me and got outta Dodge.  I spray painted the doors a moss green.

Old louvered doors painted moss green and repurposed into a garden screen

Old louvered bi-fold doors repurposed into a garden screen

Then I stained the posts and fence boards with a semi-transparent Natural Cedar color stain.

Old louvered bi-fold doors turned into a garden screen

I wanted to install decorative fence post caps but Mr. Frugalista didn't like that idea.  So while the cat's away, the mouse did play!

Wood birdhouses used as post caps on garden screen

I picked these cute wooden bird houses up at Michaels and played with some paint while enjoying the glorious and long awaited sunshine.

Old louvered doors repurposed into a garden screen AFTER

Old louvered doors repurposed into a garden screen AFTER

Old louvered doors repurposed into a garden screen with birdhouse post caps

After two afternoons of elbow grease and some much needed time in the sun, no more unsightliness viewed from the deck!  So I wonder what Mr. Frugalista's going to say when he sees those bird houses...he he he.



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