Easy 5 Minute Cardboard Tube Napkin Rings For Spring

Do you ever debate whether or not to keep that empty paper towel roll because it just might come in handy for a really good craft? I do it All.The.Time and I'm so happy I did because I'm going to show you how to make these easy 5-minute cardboard tube napkin rings for spring.

With just one paper towel roll and less than forty minutes of your time, you can make a set of eight of these budget-friendly DIY napkin rings for your Spring or Easter table. How pretty would these be on an outdoor tablescape if you live in a warm climate and can eat meals alfresco in the Spring?

How to make easy napkin rings for spring with cardboard tubes.

Easy DIY Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Rings For Spring

The homemade spring napkin rings cost me absolutely nothing to make using what I had on hand. I'm on a mission to deplete my craft stash and I've had the twisted paper ribbon for almost thirty years. It's about time I put it to good use!

Pretty napkin rings for spring made with toilet paper rolls.

Alternatively, the napkin rings could be made with colorful raffia ribbon instead if it's easier to find. As mentioned earlier, to make a set of eight you'll need just one empty paper towel roll OR three toilet paper rolls. The pansies and daffodil stems were found at the dollar store.

An easy Spring or Easter cardboard tube craft napkin rings.

The motivation for making the pretty napkin rings is that it's time for another monthly International Bloggers Club Challenge. We are a group of bloggers from around the globe who come together on the third Monday of every month to share a DIY project with a common theme.

Pretty floral napkin rings made with cardboard tubes.

This month our challenge is Cardboard Creations, a great way to recycle the cardboard tubes I've been saving. For our previous All Bottled Up challenge, I made recycled plastic bottle Easter bunnies filled with jelly bean treats for my grandchildren.

You'll find our talented group's cardboard creations projects at the bottom of the post. Please be sure to check them out before you go.

Easy DIY Floral Toilet Paper Roll Napkin Rings

What You'll Need To Make The Napkin Rings

Besides the cardboard tubes, these are the supplies I used for this toilet paper roll craft.

How to make pretty spring napkin rings with twisted paper craft cording and dollar store floral picks.

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Supply List

Paper Towel or Toilet Paper Rolls
Twisted Paper or Raffia Ribbon
Spring Flower Stems (daffodil and pansies from the dollar store)
Hot Glue Gun
Scissors or Craft Knife

How To Make Spring Napkin Rings With TP Rolls

Cut the toilet paper or paper towel roll into 1 1/4 inch wide rings with scissors or a craft knife. Again, you'll need either three toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll to get a set of eight napkin rings.

A simple toilet paper roll napkin ring craft for Spring or Easter.

In my craft stash, I had both lavender and pale green twisted paper ribbon in the perfect colors for Spring and Easter. Whether you use twisted paper or raffia ribbon, cut it into eight 24-inch strands, four of each color. Before moving on to the next step you'll need to untwist the paper or raffia ribbon.

How to make DIY napkin rings with pretty twisted paper cording.

Secure one end of the ribbon to the inside of a cardboard tube with a bead of hot glue.

How to make a pretty napkin ring craft with cardboard and twisted paper.

Then start wrapping the untwisted ribbon around the cardboard tube, adjusting the tension, and straightening the ribbon as you work.

How to make an easy spring table napkin ring craft.

Trim the end of the ribbon to the halfway point inside the cardboard tube and add a bead of hot glue to secure it. I highly recommend using these handy silicone fingers during this process so you can safely press on the paper for a good bond.

Easy five minute toilet paper roll craft napkin rings.

What artificial flowers are good to embellish the floral napkin rings?

You'll want to use spring artificial floral picks to embellish the napkin rings. I found my daffodil and pansy stems at the dollar store. Alternatively, artificial tulips, crocus, hyacinth, forsythia, lilac, cherry blossoms, or small pussy willow stems would be lovely too.

Floral Napkin Ring Tip

You'll want to embellish the napkin rings with faux florals in odd numbers. For example; use one larger flower like a tulip, three medium-size flowers like daffodils, or five small flowers like pansies.

Remove the flowers from the floral picks and trim the stems to about an inch long. Slide the floral sprigs into a ribbon fold and secure them with dabs of hot glue.

A quick and easy spring napkin ring craft.

My pale green napkin rings are each embellished with three daffodil sprigs.

Easy 5-minute DIY napkin rings embellished with faux daffodils.

My lavender napkin rings are embellished with five pansy sprigs.

Easy 5-minute DIY napkin rings embellished with faux pansies.

And that my friends are how simple these spring napkin rings are to make! Thanks for stopping by the Interior Frugalista today. I hope you were inspired by this spring toilet paper roll craft.

Spring Floral Napkin Rings Easy DIY

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  1. These are SO pretty! Those daffodils and pansies are the perfect flowers to embellish these with. BTW, thanks for the tip; I have to get myself some of those silicone fingers!

    1. Thank you Sara, I'm glad you like them! Oh yes, I don't know how I lived without those silicone fingers all these years.

  2. I can't tell you how much I love these Spring napkin rings, Marie. They're so bright and cheery. I'd be using them all year around just as a reminder of the best season in the year.

    1. Awe, you're so sweet, Michelle, thank you so much! xo I was going to wish you a happy first week of spring when I realized you are now entering the fall season. Happy first week of Fall! xo

  3. Your napkin rings are so pretty and cheerful Marie. Love the colours you chose!

    1. Thank you very much Tuula, I'm looking forward to using them soon. Now if only we didn't have all this dang snow so it felt like spring.

  4. These spring napkin rings are gorgeous I cannot believe you made them with upcycled cardboard tubes.
    Happy spring,

    1. Thank you Kippi, I'm thrilled with how they turned out. I had my worries going in. LOL Happy Spring backatcha!

  5. These are so pretty Marie, I love the colours and the flowers. My dogs would hate you, they follow me to the loo every time and wait for the empty toilet roll. They love to chew them up seems like a treat for them. lol

    1. Well then there's a craft for you Anita, making those TP rolls look like dog bones! LOL

  6. Oh goodness Marie, these are fabulous!! So pretty and what a brilliant idea! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I can't wait to make some, thanks so much!

    1. Thank you very much Jenna, and I'm thrilled to hear they inspired you to make some for yourself!

  7. My goodness! These are just adorable, Marie!

  8. Marie, these are adorable and will look so beautiful on spring tables! I love them. Thank you for sharing the DIY on Farmhouse Friday. I'll be featuring them tomorrow! Pinned :)

    1. I'm thrilled to hear you'll be featuring them today. Thank you so much, Cindy! xo

  9. So beautiful!! Now I know at least one craft to make using the cardboard tubes I've been saving!! I knew I could use them for something, just took a while to find it! Thanks Marie!

    1. It's music to my ears to hear my napkin rings may have inspired an idea for the cardboard tubes you've been saving. Have fun making them!

  10. Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

    1. You are most welcome Keira! I'm happy you stopped by for a visit and Happy Spring 🌷


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