10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Those Living In Long-Term Care

Buying gifts for Mom or Grandma living in long-term care can be a challenge. Aside from the small hospital-like room, things like safety standards and rules about keeping valuables must be considered. Most facilities encourage the family to make their rather institutional-looking rooms look warm and cozy with some of their favorite things. If you are struggling with gift-giving ideas I've put together 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas that provide comfort, hold precious memories, or bring joy to those living in long-term care. I hope you find them helpful!

10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Those Living In Long-Term Care

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Throw Pillow

A pretty throw pillow with heartfelt sentiment serves as a daily reminder that Mom is loved and adds a personal touch on a bedside chair or at the head of their otherwise institutional-looking hospital bed.

Twin Patchwork Bedspread

Most long-term care facilities encourage personal blankets or bedspreads to give the room a homey feel. As we learned with my Mom, an expensive duvet can mysteriously disappear. This pretty patchwork quilt style not only conjures feelings of comfort but is inexpensive and machine washable.

Lavender Skin Lotion

Frail skin tends to get so dry and the staff usually encourage keeping a supply of body lotion on hand for them to apply before bedtime. The scent of lavender should help calm and relax Mom before bed.

Paper Flower Arrangement

While fresh flower arrangements are always beautiful, they can be a danger for those suffering from dementia or Alzheimers. This paper arrangement is a great alternative that serves as a Mother's Day card and floral arrangement that can be kept on display throughout the year.

Floral Hospital Gown

Most facilities require residents to wear an open back nightgown so it is easy for staff to slip on and off. Instead of the ones provided by the facility, make Mom feel special with a soft pretty floral polycotton gown that provides complete coverage and keeps them warm.


The hook and loop strap on these pretty Champagne color velour slippers it much easier for staff to slip on and off. They come in multiple pretty colors too and perfect for a loved one in a wheelchair.

8-inch Digital Photo Frame

I love the idea of family being able to upload photographs into a digital photo frame. I especially like that this frame comes with auto On/Off Timer so the light from the screen isn't bothersome at night. Even better is that it has a video player so you can upload video clips of special events she may have missed.

Micca 8-Inch Digital Photo Frame Auto On/Off

Multi Picture Hanging Display Frame

If the facility does not allow digital photo frames because of the electrical cord factor, this is a great alternative. This has 30 clips and adjustable twine so the family can easily interchange photos with recent events. 

Inspirational Wall Art

I think the sentiment on this adorable Metal Pigeon Heart Wall Art is so fitting. It could be hung on the wall with a photo collage or on the room door.

Summer Wreath

Most facilities encourage hanging wreaths on room doors for a personal touch but also to help residents easily identify their rooms. 

I hope you were inspired by these gift ideas and found the perfect gift idea for your loved one.

Happy Mother's Day



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