Repurposed Headboard DIY Monogram Wall Decor

Wait! What? You know I can turn that into something, right?

Sound familiar? Those were the words out of my mouth when I saw Mr. Frugalista loading the van with a completely salvageable rattan light cover from an old vintage headboard that was heading to the landfill.

Rodents and moisture got the best of the mid-century modern headboard destined to become a bench that had been stored under a tarp in our back yard. Thank goodness I went outside when I did because that headboard light cover has since been repurposed into unique DIY monogram wall decor for above our front door.

Repurposed Headboard DIY Monogram Wall Decor

Repurposed Headboard DIY Monogram Wall Decor 

This was such an easy project and it only took a few hours to make. The longest process was waiting for paint to dry.

DIY Monogram Wood Sign

Unfortunately, the headboard was dismantled and loaded in the van before I could take before photos. To get an idea of what it looked like here is a similar headboard that we turned into a Vintage Headboard Faux Fireplace a few years ago.

Monogram Wall Decor Repurposed Headboard Before

Instead of sliding glass doors like the one above, this one had a stationary rattan frame with a light behind it.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Rattan Light Cover Before

Thankfully, unlike the headboard, the rattan survived the outdoor elements and was in perfect condition. Doesn't it look like it was begging to be turned into a monogram wood sign?

DIY Monogram Wall Decor

To think that lovely rattan goodness would be rotting in a landfill right now had I not stepped outside at just the right moment. This style of headboard can often be found at thrift stores or Habitat ReStores.

DIY Wooden Monogram

Other options for hanging large monogram wall decor

While the monogram wall decor looks great hanging above a door it could also be hung above a large window. I could see it hanging above the bed in a guest room or master bedroom. Another option is above a long sideboard in the dining room. In the living room, it could hang above a piano, a media cabinet or a wall mount television.

What you'll need to make it

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Supply List

Rattan Headboard Light Cover (salvaged)
Granny Smith Green Apple Chalk Finish Paint
Dark Wax
Graphite Paper
Script Liner Art Brush
Black Acrylic Craft Paint
Black Wood Letter
E6000 Glue
2 D-Hook Picture Hangers

Here's how I made the monogram wall decor

After removing the light fixture that was attached to the back of the rattan light cover it needed a good scrub with an old toothbrush to remove the cobwebs.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Cleaning Rattan Headboard

One of the corners had come loose on the frame and so it was repaired with wood glue in the joint and clamped for several hours until it cured.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Repairing Rattan Headboard

Once it dried, I painted the rattan granny smith apple green to match the decor in our living room and dining room which have sightlines to our front entrance.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Painting Rattan Headboard

To revive the dry wood frame, dark antiquing wax was brushed over the wood and the excess wiped and buffed with a lint-free rag.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Dark Wax Rattan Headboard

Next, was adding the monogram with a large black wooden letter B, the first initial of our surname(s). Yes, plural, I kept my maiden name when we married but thankfully both of our surnames start with the letter B. The letter is attached to the center of the frame with E6000 glue and held in place with tape until the glue cured.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Black Wooden Letter

While that was curing I went to the PicMonkey website and created a typography graphic. Each element was created separately to print onto legal-size paper, including the flourishes. I didn't include a free download for you because should you decide to make this project, the graphics need to be sized to fit your specific board and of course, the year will be different.

It was a little challenging transferring and painting the typography onto uneven rattan but you can't tell from a distance.

DIY Monogram Wall Decor Painted Typography

Instead of writing a detailed tutorial on how to transfer the typography onto the rattan, here is a link to my detailed Image Transfer Technique tutorial.

Once the paint was dry on the typography, I added two D-ring picture hooks onto the back and it was ready to hang. I've included helpful tips on how to hang art with double picture hooks perfectly straight EVERY SINGLE TIME here in my No-Measure Tips For Hanging Wall Art tutorial.

Here are some more DIY Sign ideas that you may like. If you have any questions about this project, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

DIY Monogram Wall Decor From Repurposed Headboard

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  1. Hi Marie,
    You have such great vision and re love things so beautifully. Love this.
    Have a great rest of the week.

    1. Thank you so much, Kris! Initially I was just going to paint the ratan and wax the wood but during the makeover I kept thinking about a monogram and well the rest is history. LOL Hope you have a great week too my friend and hugs backatcha. xo

  2. It looks really great Marie. Love the monogram idea.

  3. What a great upcycle. I love the pop of green. I am a color person and need color vs. the sterility of just neutrals! I think I have seen 1 too many farmhouse kitchens that I could use the kitchen counter to do surgery on!

    1. That last comment nearly had me spit up my coffee! LOL I need some color in my world too. If anything, I have to hold myself back from going a little overboard with it. Glad you liked this one Kathy and thanks for stopping by 😊 Have a great weekend!

  4. When I saw the picture of your entryway, I had to come look for more pictures! It is very similar to mine.
    Great use for the light cover!
    :) gwingal

    1. Hi Gwingal, nice to see you here! That's too funny because I've done the same thing with other bloggers who have similar entryways. It's nice to finally have something hanging above the door, I've been wanting that for years.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! It's nice to finally have something hanging above the door.

  6. A lovely week back to you, Marilyn and thanks for the share and pin! xo


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