Easy DIY Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow

If you can sew a straight line, then you could easily make this cute Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow and it'll only take about 15 minutes to make. It's a great way to use up fabric remnants that you may have on hand. You don't need a sewing machine to make this pillow but it is a lot quicker if you do.

Fleece Remnant Heart Pillow

Easy DIY Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow

It all started with this fleece remnant that I found in my fabric bin. I think it's leftover from a project my daughter made in high school and she's now married with two children. That tells you how long it's been sitting in the bin.

Over the next week or two, I'll be sharing three Valentine's ideas made with this one red and white heart fabric remnant.

Red And White Fleece Fabric Remnant For Heart Pillow

But for now, we'll focus on how I made the heart pillow.

Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow

For This Project You Will Need:

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As you can see in the photo below, you don't need many supplies to sew this pillow.

Before we get into the tutorial, I should mention that this isn't a professional sewing tutorial. I am a self-taught novice behind the sewing machine. I made a makeshift sewing pattern and figured out how to make the pillow as I went along. Which is a testament to how easy this pillow is to make?

Fleece Heart Pillow Materials

Materials List

Red & White Fleece Fabric (Remnant)
White PomPom Trim (Dollar Store)
Polyester Fill
Red Thread
Hot Glue Gun
Bond Printer Paper

Step 1 - Make a heart pattern

First, we need a heart pattern. I drew just one half of a heart freehand on a sheet of letter-size bond printer paper.

Note: I haven't included a seam allowance on the pattern. You can add one before cutting your heart but I added mine as I cut the fabric (you'll see how in Step 3).

Fleece Heart Pillow Pattern

Step 2 - Pin heart pattern on the fabric

I folded the fabric, the wrong side facing out, towards the center on both ends to form the fold for both the front and back pieces (pictured below).

Pin the pattern onto the fabric with the center of the heart on each fold.

Fleece Heart Pillow Pattern Pinned To Fabric

Step 3 - Cut the fabric

I added a 1-inch seam allowance by sliding a ruler along the heart pattern and cutting as I went (pictured below). As mentioned in Step 1, you can add the seam allowance to your pattern before you cut out the heart if that is easier.

I wanted the heart as big as I could get it on letter-sized paper so I had no room left to add a seam allowance.

Fleece Heart Pillow Cutting Fabric

Step 4 - Pin the heart pillow

With good sides together, pin the front and back pieces together. Make sure to mark a 4-6 inch opening for adding polyester fill later. I marked my opening with double pins on each end.

Fleece Heart Pillow Pinned With Opening

Step 5 - Sew the heart pillow

I cut the fabric with a 1-inch seam allowance but actually sewed the pillow with a 5/8-inch seam allowance. Only because it is an easier guide on the sewing machine plate AND it made the pillow a little bigger.

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can stitch this pillow by hand with a short running stitch. It wouldn't take very long for a pillow this size and it's a good task to do while watching your favorite television show.

A helpful tip for threading a needle when the old eyes ain't what they used to be:

If you’re like me and at a certain age where threading a needle causes colorful words to come out of your mouth is a challenge, you may find this tip VERY helpful. Hold a piece of white paper behind the sewing needle and the eye of the needle will magically appear before your very eyes!

I always keep this little piece of paper in the storage compartment of my machine and another in my sewing basket.

Fleece Heart Pillow Threading Needle Tip

To remove bulk around the curves of the heart, clip straight lines perpendicular to the seam, making sure you don't clip too close to the seam (pictured below).

Fleece Heart Pillow With Clipped Curves

Step 6 - Add filling inside the heart pillow

Turn the heart pillow right side out pushing the bottom point out with your finger. Fill the pillow with polyester fill. I used what I had on hand. Fold in the seam allowance on the opening and pin closed.

Fleece Heart Pillow Stuffed With Polyester Filler

Hand stitch the opening closed with an invisible stitch called a ladder stitch. If you're unfamiliar with this stitch I found a great ladder stitch video tutorial on YouTube that you may find helpful.

Step 7 - Add pompom trim to the heart pillow

I used white craft pompoms meant for attaching with a hot glue gun. There are pompoms available with a trim meant for sewing them inside the seam but we're going to keep things simple for this pillow.

Just run a dab of hot glue over the seam beneath each pompom. Easy peasy!

Fleece Heart Pillow With Pompom Trim

That's it, fifteen minutes later and we have a cute fleece heart pillow for Valentine's Day.

Fleece Heart Pillow For Valentine's Day

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I share other Valentine DIY ideas on my seasonal Valentine's Day Page on the blog or my Be My Valentine Board on Pinterest.

Fleece Valentine Heart Pillow

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  1. LOVE your heart pillow and I love sewing. Pinned!
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Thank you Kippi! You'd have this easy pillow whipped up in no time. Thanks for the pin and a great weekend back to you. 😊

  2. This is too cute, Marie! I would love to have these nestled in cozy places all over my house! <3

    1. Thank you very much, Kristi! It was so fun and super easy to make. I have leftover fabric to make another.


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