Red Burlap Ribbon DIY Valentine Wreath

I'm happy to be joining my friend's in the Int'l Bloggers Club to share our first DIY project of 2019. This month the theme is Love Is In The Air where we hope to inspire you with Valentine ideas. I have to admit, I'm not one who decorates the house for Valentine's Day but I always enjoy a seasonal wreath for the front door. In December I made two tabletop Christmas trees with red burlap ribbon. When I had some leftover, I saved it to make a DIY burlap ribbon Valentine wreath for our door.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath DIY

Red Burlap Ribbon DIY Valentine Wreath

If you're new around here and haven't heard of the Int'l Bloggers Club, we are a group of friends from around the globe who come together every month to share a themed DIY project. Links to my friend's Valentine inspired projects are included at the bottom of this post. In November, our last project of 2018, the theme was Christmas where I shared a Christmas Junk Angel made from a repurposed thrift store metal shelf.

This Valentine's project is a great craft to do while watching television. I made mine while binge-watching the new season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Red Burlap Ribbon DIY Valentine Wreath

This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to make this wreath. See my full disclosure policy. Pictured below are some of the supplies I used to make the wreath, minus the narrow heart ribbon.

DIY Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Craft Supplies

For This Project You Will Need:

1 1/2 Spools 1" Red Burlap Ribbon (not an affiliate link)
1 Spool 7/8" Red & White Polka Dot Ribbon
Heart Shape Wreath Form OR Bendable Craft Wire
Wire Cutters
Needle Nose Pliers
Fabric Scissors
Large and Small Pearl Craft Beads
Metal Heart Pendant Charm
Small Jewelry Jump Ring
Clear Jewelry Cord
Hot Glue Gun
Colonial Red Spray Paint (optional)

How to make a burlap ribbon Valentine wreath

First, you'll need a wreath form. You can use a ready-made heart shape metal form or make one like I did.

DIY metal wreath form

I used a grapevine heart for my template and traced the shape on a whiteboard.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Heart Template

You could repurpose a wire clothes hanger or use bendable craft wire like I did. Starting on the bottom point of the wreath, bend the wire over the heart template, holding it in place with tape as you work (pictured below). Twist the ends of the wire together with needle nose pliers and cut the excess with wire cutters.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Wire Form

This step is optional but to help conceal the metal wreath form from peeking through the ribbon, I painted it first with Colonial Red Rustoleum spray paint.

Cut the ribbon for the wreath

Here's where you may want to set yourself up in front of the television. Cut both the burlap ribbon and red & white accent ribbon in 9-inch strips.

Burlap Valentine Wreath Ribbon Strips

I used one 3 yard spool of 7/8-inch accent ribbon and 1 1/2 spools of 10 yard 1-inch burlap ribbon. The accent ribbon isn't wired because it was all I had on hand but my preference would be wired.

Add the ribbon onto the wreath

Embrace the burlap fray! Tie the strips of burlap ribbon around the entire wreath, fraying the ends as you work.

DIY Burlap Valentine Wreath Craft Ribbon

Tie eight accent ribbons spaced evenly around the wreath and with sharp scissors make a V cut on each end.

Tip: Fold the tails of the ribbon in half and cut diagonally towards the bottom of the ribbon. 

Burlap Valentine Wreath Ribbon & Pearl Beads

Embellish bottom of the wreath with heart charm

In my stash of craft supplies, I had some metal heart charms leftover from another project to embellish the bottom of the wreath. I also had a couple of costume jewelry bracelets that I never wear and took them apart to salvage the small pearl beads.

Tie clear jewelry cord onto metal heart charm. Thread the jewelry cord through three small pearl beads, one large pearl bead, and three more small beads. Tie the cord onto a small jewelry jump ring. Open the jump ring with jewelry needle nose pliers and slip the jump ring onto the bottom of the metal wreath form and close tight.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Heart Pendant

This is optional but with one strand of red & white ribbon make a rosette to accent the bottom of the wreath (as pictured above). If you've never made a rosette you can find a detailed tutorial here in my see drop cloth rosette pillow post.

Pearl trim around the wreath

Following the center of the ribbon and spaced evenly around the wreath, glue leftover pearls with a hot glue gun. A pearl costume jewelry necklace would look lovely too.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Craft

That's it, you're done and hopefully caught up on some of your favorite shows.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath DIY For Front Door

Here's another DIY Valentine's Wreath idea that is so quick and easy to make using a scarf.

Burlap Ribbon Valentine Wreath Idea

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