3 Unique Recycled Sweater Ornaments

Do you save your old sweaters too worn for the donation bin? I have a tub full that I've been saving for future craft projects or pillows. That one day is today but instead of pillows, I made three unique recycled sweater ornaments mix and matching different sweaters together. They are so easy to make and I'll show you how.

Three Recycled Sweater Ornament Ideas

3 Unique Recycled Sweater Ornaments

I still have a lot of the red and grey sweater leftover so I think I'll make that pillow after all. It'll look lovely in the living room with the ornaments but more about that project another day.

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It's Day 6 and we are sharing DIY Ornament Ideas!

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These are the garments used to make the recycled sweater ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Garments

I've included affiliate links for your convenience so you can see what products I used or recommend to make these ornaments. See my disclosure policy.

To make these ornaments you will need:

Ornament 1 - Red Knit Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Red Sweater Ornament

Ornament 2 - Plaid Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornaments

Ornament 3 - Red & Grey Felted Sweater Ornament

Festive Recycled Red And Grey Sweater Ornament

These are the items used to embellish the sweater ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Embellishments

The instructions to make all three ornaments are pretty much the same except for minor adjustments to both the plaid and red & grey ornaments. We'll discuss those later in the post but these are the instructions for the basic assembly of the ornaments.

Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Trio

Red Sweater Ornaments

  • Cut salvaged sweaters in squares about 1-inch larger than the embroidery hoop.
  • Lay the fabric, good side facing up, over the inner ring of the embroidery hoop.
  • Line up the pattern so it's straight.
  • Fit the outer hoop over the inner ring.
  • Pull the fabric taut.
  • Tighten the embroidery hoop screw.
  • Pull the excess fabric over and tuck it into the inside of the hoop.
  • Run a bead of hot glue to secure in place.
  • Trim the excess fabric.
  • Tie jute twine around the embroidery hoop screw to form a 4-6 inch hanger.

Red and Grey Felted Sweater Ornaments

The only difference with this ornament is that I added an eyelet trim from the felted wool sweater to form a pocket on the bottom half of the ornament.

Recycled Grey Eyelet Felted Sweater Ornament

Tuck a sprig of faux flocked evergreen with small pine cone inside the eyelet pocket and hot glue in place.

Festive Felted Sweater Ornament Evergreen Sprig

Make a small bow with a 3/8-inch plaid ribbon and hot glue on the top of the ornament.

Festive Felted Sweater Ornament Plaid Ribbon

Plaid Sweater Ornaments

When using a wool scarf for this ornament, use a section of fabric with the fringe.

Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament Fringe

We want them to hang on the bottom of the ornament (pictured below).

Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament Embroidery Hoop

When trimming the extra fabric around the embroidery hoop, keep the fringe that was cut off on both sides.

Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament Salvaged Fringe

Glue the salvaged fringe to the back of the embroidery hoop. This adds a nice fringe detail to the plaid ornament.

Recycled Plaid Sweater Ornament With Fringe

Hot glue a sprig of faux flocked evergreens to the top of the ornament with three red berries.

That's it! They are so quick and easy to make and I had all three finished within 15 minutes. They don't have to be hung on the Christmas tree. I made six and have them hanging on three tall grapevine screens on a wall in my living room. They look lovely!

3 Festive Recycled Sweater Ornament Ideas

Scroll down for more DIY Ornament Ideas for the holiday season.

I share my projects at these inspiring link parties.



  1. This post came up as I was scheduling your other sweater wreath on Tailwind. I was glad I saw it too! I love these and can hardly wait to make them. If I get around to it, I'll make sure and give you credit. The one with the pocket is perfect for us. We don't get very many Christmas cards in the mail (maybe we don't have many friends), so I can see adding them in the pocket! Love it. Pinned

    1. Great idea for the pocket ornament, Cindy! If it makes you feel any better, we don't get very many Christmas cards either. Sadly, I think they are becoming a thing of the past, just like snail mail letters. 😭😢


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