12 Examples Of The Transformative Magic of White Paint

It is a winter wonderland here where I live and everything looks so pretty after a fresh blanket of snow. The same goes for the transformative magic of white paint on furniture that has seen it's better days. And it got me thinking about some of the projects I've shared on the blog that had night and day transformations after being painted white. And so today I thought I'd share a curated collection of 12 white painted furniture makeovers from the blog.

12 Transformative White Furniture Makeovers

The Transformative Magic Of White Paint

Even though I love painting with color, classic white is timeless and goes with everything. When I list my furniture to sell, the white pieces always go first.

The white furniture makeovers I've included in this collection are in no particular order but each has its own story. Starting with this little table that was so U G L Y.

White Farmhouse Side Table

You truly have to see the before photos to appreciate the night and day transformation of this farmhouse side table. Who knew underneath all those gooey layers was this gorgeous wood.

White Painted Farmhouse Side Table

White Floor Standing Jewelry Armoire

This makeover holds sentimental value as it was my Mom's. When my sister inherited the golden oak jewelry cabinet armoire she asked if I'd paint it white for her bedroom. Mom loved to grow flowers in the summer and so I left my sister a little surprise inside as a tribute.

White Painted Floor Standing Jewelry Armoire

White Hand Carved Stacked Books Table

This hand carved stacked book table is my favorite in our home. When I saw it many years ago at a quaint antique shop, it had to come home with me. Fast forward almost thirty years and the colors were looking dated. What a difference after painting it white!

White Hand Carved Stacked Book Table

White Fabric Painted French Provincial Chair

Have a chair in perfect condition but you hate the fabric? If the budget is too tight for new upholstery paint it instead! That's what I did on this French Provincial Chair and I share a detailed tutorial on how to do it.

White Painted Fabric French Provincial Chair

White Lattice Embossed Metal Accent Tables 

Did you know you can paint metal with chalk paint? I loved the lattice embossed detail on the top of these curvy metal accent tables but I didn't like the patina. Thankfully that didn't deter me from buying them because I knew with a fresh coat of white paint, the lovely details on these metal accent tables would pop.

White Embossed Lattice Metal Accent Tables

White Hollywood Regency Bar Cabinet

This Hollywood regency cabinet used to be a Bombay Media Cabinet with hidden television storage. A little more than paint was required for this makeover but I included it here because in the post I share a tutorial on how to paint over a glossy finish AND get a factory looking finish with paint. A pop of color and metallic accents await inside.

White Hollywood Regency Bar Cabinet

White Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs

This is another of those makeovers where you have to see the before to appreciate the after. If it hadn't been for Mr. Frugalista bringing them home, I would not have given them a second look. The seats were absolutely disgusting but look at these Farmhouse chairs now!

White Farmhouse Cane Back Chairs

White Repurposed Coffee Table Upholstered Bench

This is a great example of how you can easily turn a coffee table into an upholstered bench. But wow did the lovely details and ball & claw feet pop once it was painted white. This one has six cabriole legs, you don't come across those often!

White Coffee Table Upholstered Bench

White Farmhouse Etagere Bookcase

When three identical small tiered tables show up on your doorstep by three different people at three different times they are meant to be transformed into something special. So I stacked them, unified them with white paint, and turned them into a lovely farmhouse etagere bookcase.

White Farmhouse Etagere Bookcase

White Raised Stencil Chair Makeover

This is another of those pieces with sentimental value and I share the story behind this chair in the post. I included the chair makeover in this collection not only because it was painted white but because it includes a tutorial on how to create a raised stencil on furniture.

White Raised Stencil Chair Makeover

White Art Deco Waterfall Upholstered Headboard Bench

This Art Deco headboard bench is a perfect example of how not to be afraid of making mistakes when painting furniture. It's just paint and if you get it wrong the first time, paint it again! That's what I did on this piece after it wouldn't sell and now painted a timeless creamy white, it should appeal to more potential buyers.

White Art Deco Waterfall Headboard Bench

Last but not least is a recent makeover that I absolutely adore and wish I could keep.

White Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table With Furniture Transfer

The minute I set eyes on this Duncan Phyfe style coffee table I knew I wanted to paint it white but also that smooth top was begging for a gorgeous graphic. In this post, I share how to add beautiful colored image transfers onto furniture.

White Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table Makeover

I hope you enjoyed this curated collection of white painted furniture and left feeling inspired to try some of the techniques used on these pieces. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below or press the contact me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email.

12 Transformative White Furniture Makeovers

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