12 Fun Mid-Century Modern Furniture Makeovers

There was a time not long ago when I rolled my eyes at the resurgence of Mid-Century Modern Furniture. I'm dating myself by saying this but been there - done that - wore the groovy t-shirt.

Then my daughter-in-law (as of yesterday) (more about that soon) asked me to refinish a Mid-Century Modern Dresser from her childhood followed by a couple of tiered tables.

...and I wanted more.

Thus began my quest for finding MCM furniture - the pieces that have seen their better days and that I'm not devaluing with a paintbrush. I've transformed many since that first dresser and thought it might be fun to share a curated round-up of 12 Mid-Century Modern Furniture Makeovers with you today.

12 Mid Century Modern Furniture Makeovers

12 Fun Mid-Century Modern Furniture Makeovers

We'll start where it all began with my daughter-in-law's childhood dresser. I do have to apologize for the poor quality photo. It was taken in the very early days of the blog before I had my big girl camera.

MCM Map Dresser Makeover

It had been painted multiple bright colors but needed an adult makeover for their new home. Using a paint sprayer and various milk paint colors, I was able to give the dresser a faux stained wood look.

Mid Century Modern Map Dresser Makeover

MCM Tiered Teal Table Makeover

This is one of the two tables my daughter-in-law had me refinish next. Both the tiered end table and matching coffee table were light blonde wood with shiny Arborite tops. I painted them both her favorite teal color and gave the tops a modern faux tin patina.

Mid-Century Modern Faux Tin Table Makeover

MCM Nightstand Makeover

One of my favorite combinations, that works with both farmhouse or mid-century modern furniture is dark walnut stain paired with pure white chalk paint. I had a little fun with some flower power stencils while I was at it.

Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

MCM Cedar Chest Makeover

This makeover didn't go without a hitch. I was thrilled with the results after I finished the makeover but when I came back in the workshop the following morning, I had one hot mess on my hands.

Mid-Century Modern Cedar Chest Makeover

MCM China Cabinet

Prior to this makeover had anyone told me I'd fall in love with the color mint, I would've told them never in a million years. The siding on our house is mint and I absolutely hate it. Then a client asked me to paint a hutch she inherited from her parents in the color mint. I was a little worried about this one but couldn't have been more happy with the results, and so was she.

Mid-Century Modern Mint China Cabinet Makeover

MCM Headboard Bench

Another client asked me if I could look for a mid-century modern headboard with clean simple lines that could be turned into an entry bench with shoe storage. Well, we found the perfect headboard set and I share a tutorial on how we turned it into that fabulous entry bench.

Mid-Century Modern Headboard Bench With Shoe Storage

MCM Bookcase Funky Bar

This bookcase was in very rough shape when I got it but thankfully still had the original glass sliding doors. I turned it into a bright and funky bar and was so happy to see it go to a young couple who just finished renovating their first home. FYI, that chevron back is not paper!

Mid-Century Modern Bar Makeover

MCM Metal Nesting Tables

Speaking of bright colors, here's another throwback from the '60s. I had so much fun giving these rusty old metal nesting tables a fun beach vibe. If I was lucky enough to have a pool, these would've stayed with me.

Mid-Century Modern Metal Nesting Table Makeover

MCM Knitting Box Table

To be totally honest, I had no idea what this little table was used for when I got it. I imagined it would be perfect for storing needlework when not in use and kept near a chair facing the television. It wasn't until after I posted the makeover that a reader informed me that in fact, that was exactly what these tables were used for.

Mid-Century Modern Knitting Box Table Makeover

MCM Record Cabinet

This little cabinet was pretty ugly when I picked it up. It still had some of the original wood slats for holding record albums upright but most were missing. I gave it a fun makeover with the intention of it being used as a home office credenza or storage in a craft or children's playroom. The gentleman who purchased it was using it for his record album collection. Dang, should've kept those slats!

Mid-Century Modern Record Album Cabinet

MCM Legless Cabinet Makeover

When Mr. Frugalista brought home this ugly banged up cabinet that had no legs I thought, "what the heck am I suppose to do with this". Obviously, he had faith that I'd find the perfect use for it and now that little cabinet is a gorgeous nightstand in the master bedroom. You've got to see the before picture to truly appreciate the after.

Mid-Century Modern Legless Cabinet Makeover

MCM Office Armchairs

When we acquired a pair of office vintage teak armchairs I knew instantly that they would get a bright and bold flower power makeover. I was thrilled when I found the most fitting retro print at a local fabric store. These chairs went to a young couple who were sourcing modern furniture pieces for their first home. There's a funny story that came with these chairs.

Mid-Century Modern Danish Armchair Makeover

It was such fun curating this round-up of Mid-Century Modern Furniture makeovers and my hope is that it inspired you to breath new life into pieces you may already have stored in the garage or basement and re-love them into your living space.

My plan is to do many more MCM pieces and focus on larger dressers, sideboards, stereo cabinets, and hopefully, more flower power upholstered chairs too.

I would so appreciate it if you shared this curated roundup with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.
12 Fun Mid-Century Modern Furniture Makeovers