Mid-Century Modern Dresser Makeover {and a new paint sprayer} | The Interior Frugalista: Mid-Century Modern Dresser Makeover {and a new paint sprayer}
Mid-Century Modern Dresser Makeover {and a new paint sprayer} | The Interior Frugalista

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Makeover {and a new paint sprayer}

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of HomeRight.
MCM Dresser After Picture

My son's girlfriend future daughter-in-law *wink* asked me if I'd give her childhood mid-century modern dresser a makeover.  She painted it when she was 16 (and did a fine job I might add) but it was time to give it a "big girl" look.

Here is what it looked like before.

MCM Dresser Before Makeover

A short time before agreeing to do the makeover the good folks at HomeRight generously sent me a Finish Max Pro Sprayer in exchange for a product review. I knew this dresser would be a perfect project to play with my new sprayer. Oh my, and I'm not just saying this because HomeRight is sponsoring this post, I genuinely fell in love with this machine!

MCM Dresser Makeover using a HomeRight Finish Pro Max Sprayer

Guys I am all thumbs when it comes to anything mechanical.  I'm the kinda gal who tosses instruction manuals off to the side and dives right in. It's only after a lot of frustration and colorful language that I'll give in and refer to a manual. This baby is so user friendly I only referred to the manual after assembly to make sure all systems were a go.

How easy it is to use a HomeRight Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer

Sanding to the bare wood was not an option but I wanted to achieve a stained look on the exterior of the dresser.  I remembered Homestead House carried a Milk Paint Stain and so I ordered a bag in Sherwood Brown.

MCM Dresser Makeover using Homestead House Milk Stain

That's where the Finish Max Pro sprayer came in. I prepared the milk stain according to the package directions and added some bonding agent to help the stain adhere to the old paint. Yes, you can use milk paint with this sprayer but it must be strained first to avoid lumps plugging up the machine. Worked like a charm and took me a third of the time it normally does using a brush. The finish? Smooth as a baby's bottom!

MCM Dresser Makeover sprayed with Sherwood Brown Milk Paint Stain

I got excellent coverage after only two coats, however, I wasn't 100% happy with the color as it had purple undertones and I wanted more of a dark walnut color.

MCM Dresser Makeover after 1st coat of milk paint stain

I had also ordered the milk stain in Provincial Walnut and decided to give that a whirl and that's when panic ensued.  Too light, now what?  Before the milk stain had a chance to dry I took a slightly damp brush and moved the stain in an up and down motion to reveal some of the Sherwood Brown underneath.  This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it started to take on the look of wood.  Happy Dance!

MCM Dresser Makeover after a coat of Provincial Walnut Milk Paint Stain

Still not the color I was going for though.  So I started thinking because it had multiple layers of milk stain perhaps it would be porous enough for Minwax stain to absorb it.  Using a foam brush I tried a coat of Dark Walnut and *more happy dancing* it worked.  You'd be hard pressed to tell that wasn't natural stained wood!

MCM Dresser Makeover stained with Minwax Dark Walnut

Now onto the drawers.  Mr. Frugalista removed the wood pulls but I told him to hold tight on the trio of diamond blocks on the top drawer.

MCM Dresser Makeover before painting drawers

I painted all four drawers with chalkpaint in Old White.  Using a mouse sander I removed the paint on the diamonds and stained them to match the dresser.

MCM Dresser Makeover after chalkpainting drawers in Old White

After spending time on Pinterest my future daughter-in-law *wink again* decided she wanted a cartography theme.  I found these awesome rolls of map decoupage paper at Michaels.

MCM Dresser Makeover using Map decoupage paper on drawer fronts

Using thinned Modge Podge I attached the maps to the bottom three drawer fronts.

MCM Dresser Makeover with lined drawers and map drawer fronts

I had a roll of vinyl wallpaper leftover from another project and used it to line the inside of each drawer.

Next using my awesome Finish Max Pro Sprayer, I protected the entire dresser with two coats of water based Tough Coat.  I was so impressed with how streak free and smooth the tough coat went on that I will never apply it with a brush again!

MCM Dresser Makeover with floral lined drawers

To age the maps I applied a coat of dark wax and wiped off the excess.  But then the top drawer was looking too stark so I applied dark wax on it too.

MCM Dresser with close up of map fronts

I painted the legs in Old White chalk paint as well as dark wax.  I then brushed two coats of Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer to the metal feet.

MCM Dresser Makeover with white legs and bronzed feet

The original plan was to accessorize the dresser with chrome feet and pulls but when I held them up to the dresser the chrome finish was not working. I ended up using simple wood knobs purchased at Home Depot and chalk painted them in Old White followed by some aging with dark wax. Much better!

MCM Dresser Makeover with painted and dark waxed knobs

I'm so pleased with how this dresser turned out.  It's one of my proudest makeovers so far!

MCM Dresser Makeover Before and After

Having had so much fun with the Finish Max Pro Sprayer I decided to give the Air Blowing Nozzle a try.

Using the air nozzle on the HomeRight Finish Mac Pro Paint Sprayer to clean out laptop keyboard

Keeping it real guys...there was a smorgasbord between the keys of my laptop.  What can I say, I'm a blogger and we pretty much live at our computers.  All clean now!

Thank you so much to the good folks at HomeRight - this little sprayer has rocked my world!  So many projects, so little time.

HomeRight Finish Max Pro Paint Sprayer

Oh and did I mention that the Finish Max Pro is so easy to clean?  I can't say enough about my new sprayer.  All opinions in this product review are 100% my own.  I only share items on my blog that I believe in and think will bring value to my readers.

MCM Dresser Makeover After

I hope I captured the vision Miss B had for her MCM Dresser.  We'll soon find out!



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