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Mint Dining Room Hutch: Before & After | The Interior Frugalista

April 7, 2016

Mint Dining Room Hutch: Before & After

Today I'm sharing a chalk paint color I've never used on a piece of furniture before and I have to say I've fallen in love.  A client brought me her large dining room hutch that had been passed down from her parents.  Too large for her dining room, she wanted it to be repurposed for her basement family room.

She had her heart set on the color Mint and I happened to find the last can of a discontinued color called Pistachio.  Meet her new and improved Mint Dining Room Hutch: Before & After.

Let's start with the before, shall we...

Four Door Dining Room Hutch Before

...and now a sneak peek at the after.

Mint chalk painted dining room hutch before and after

Unfortunately, Mr. Frugalista was out-of-town when I took the photos. This piece was too heavy and large for me to move on my own, and away from the glare of the windows.

Don't you just love the color!

Mint chalkpainted hutch base

I took a sanding block to rough up the wood so it had some bite for the paint.  To achieve a nice smooth finish, I applied the chalk paint with a sponge roller.  It took three coats to get just the right coverage.

Left side of mint chalkpainted hutch

The hardboard backing on the top piece was painted in the color Simplicity White, which was also applied using a sponge roller.

Right side of mint chalk painted hutch

I really liked how the original hardware looked on this piece so we had the choice of spray painting them metallic gold or silver.  Silver won!

Metallic silver spray painted hardware on mint hutch

For an extra durable finish on the shelves, I applied Tough Coat.  The rest of the piece was finished with clear wax and buffed.

I use a wooden horsehair shoe polishing brush - works like a charm!  I've included an affiliate link below so you can see the brushes I'm referring to.

Mint chalkpainted hutch makeover After

For a little surprise, I lined the drawers with pretty mint striped contact paper.

Paper lined drawers on Mint hutch

I was sweating bullets while painting the drawers because, by the last coat, I literally had drops left in the can. Whew, I just had enough!

Mint two piece dining room hutch before and after

I will definitely be painting more pieces with this gorgeous Pistachio color.  Like I said above, this color is discontinued but I'm definitely going to try to replicate it by mixing my own custom version.

Would you paint a piece of furniture this color?

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