4 Easy DIY Vintage China Cake Stands

Do you have a china cabinet or box filled with inherited mismatched china? The ones you don't want to use because there are only five dinner plates and 9 bowls and you don't have the heart to get rid of them because, well their Grandma's.

They are not honoring Grandma by collecting dust on a shelf or stuffed away in the basement storage room. What if they could be repurposed and on display at every family gathering? Today I'm sharing an easy way to turn them into 4 Easy DIY Tiered Cake Stands.

Easy DIY Cake Stands using four styles of vintage china

DIY Tiered Cake Stands: 4 Easy To Make Styles Using Vintage China

This is such an easy peasy DIY that you'll wish you had done this years ago. Even Grandma would be proud to see her china displayed so beautifully on the Thanksgiving Dinner Table or Christmas Eve Buffet. They don't have to be used as tiered cake stands, they also make fabulous jewelry holders in a bedroom too.

Now let's get busy repurposing some glass dollar store candlesticks and that pretty mismatched china, shall we?

Materials List

  • 4 glass dollar store candlesticks 
  • Industrial Strength E6000 Glue
  • 4 dinner plates or small platters
  • 4 salad plates or bowls 

    Alternative Stem Idea:

    Rather than dollar store candlesticks, you could put Grandma's mismatched wine glasses to use instead.

    While I wasn't fortunate enough to use inherited china, mine were purchased at the thrift store. I used four different styles of dishes. A German Democratic Republic Kahla Porcelain dinner plate and salad plate.

    DIY Cake Stand using GDR Thrift Store dishes

    The other stand was made with Liberty Blue English Transferware Independence Hall salad plate and Old North Church bowl.

    DIY Cake Stand using Liberty Blue English China

    Another (not pictured) was made with pretty soft green Johnson Bros. Snowhite dinner plate and bowl.

    The largest tiered cake stand is also made with English Johnson Bros. china and I used an oval platter and matching serving bowl.

    Assembling The Cake Stands

    • Run a bead of industrial strength E6000 glue along one end of the candlestick or wine glass.
    • Starting with the largest plate or platter place the candlestick or wine glass in the center of the plate and press firmly to ensure a good bond.
    • The glue starts to get tacky in about 2-minutes and sets in about 10-minutes. Let the glue cure for at least 24-hours.
    NOTE: It's a matter of personal preference which direction the candlesticks or wine glasses face when gluing them onto the dishes.
    • Run a bead of E6000 glue onto the opposite end of the candlestick or wine glass and secure onto the bottom center of the matching smaller plate or bowl. Again, press firmly to ensure a good bond.
    • Let the glue cure another 24-hours.

    Helpful Tips:

    • Wipe away any oozing glue with a cotton swab dipped in mineral spirits.
    • Depending on the temperature and humidity, the glue will take between 24-72 hours to completely cure. Keep this in mind before holding the stands by the stem. I would err on the side of caution and not use the cake stands for at least 72-hours.
    • These DIY Cake Stands are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. I do not recommend soaking them in water either. Wash with warm soapy water and a dishcloth or sponge.
      Assembling DIY Cake Stands using glass candlesticks

      Assembling DIY Cake Stands using old china

      ...and here they are assembled, starting with the Liberty Blue English Transferware Cake Stand.

      Two tiered Liberty Blue English China DIY Cake Stand

      The Kahla German Democratic Republic Cake Stand...

      Two tiered Kahla GDR China DIY Cake Stand

      The pretty green Snowhite English Johnson Bros. Cake Stand...

      Two tiered Snowhite Johnson Bros English China DIY Cake Stand

      The larger oval English Johnson Bros. Cake Stand...

      Two tiered Oval Johnson Bros English China DIY Cake Stand

      It's that easy!

      The hardest part of this project is waiting for the glue to completely cure.

      ...and perhaps getting over the guilt of messing with Grandma's china.

      But when your pretty tiered cake stands are filled with delicious cupcakes & squares and the family recognizes Grandma's old dishes and starts reminiscing about family gatherings long since passed, you'll soon get over the guilt.

      Easy DIY Tiered Cake Stands using mismatched inherited china

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