DIY Cake Stand With Parisian Flair From Repurposed Finds

Thrift stores are filled with great items to make beautiful cake stands for entertaining. I made this DIY cake stand with Parisian flair with a scalloped silver plater and wooden candlestick. Easy peasy and I'll show you how. Also, I'm sharing a great tip for painting silver using chalk paint that I think is worth sharing.

DIY Cake Stand

DIY Cake Stand With Parisian Flair From Repurposed Finds 

I've been on a cake stand roll these days, having recently shared my 4 DIY Vintage China Tiered Cake Stands.

The thrift store finds I repurposed to make this cake stand is a black wooden candlestick and an oval scalloped silver platter. Unfortunately, because I hadn't planned on sharing this project I didn't take before pictures. I've included affiliate links further down in the post so you can see what products I used or recommend for this project. At no cost to you, we receive a small commission if you make a purchase.

DIY Stenciled Cake Stand

I would never paint a beautiful sterling silver platter unless it was in terrible condition where polishing wouldn't restore its beauty. I even hesitate to on silver-plated ones unless they are rather plain-looking. Here's a tip for testing silver platters when out thrift store shopping.

Tip: Silver Test

Carry a small magnet in your purse. If the magnet sticks to the silver, then it is not real. Sterling silver is not magnetic.

Cake Stand With Scalloped Silver Platter

How To Paint Silver With Chalk Paint

I wanted this cake stand to have vintage charm and to achieve that finish chalk paint is a great option. However, painting silver with a brush is very finicky for two reasons; a) the paint takes much longer to dry between coats and b) you can't brush over the same area twice or the paint will bubble and peel and next thing you know, you have a hot mess on your hands. I found an easy way around that. Spray paint it with Rustoleum primer white. It gives a smooth base coat and primes the silver for chalk paint.

Budget-Friendly DIY Cake Stand With French Charm

Once the spray paint is dry, brush two thin coats of chalk paint in a warm white color. Once the last coat is dry, make those lovely scallop details pop by distressing around the edges with a 220-grit sandpaper so some of the original silver peeks through.

Add a French Graphic to the cake plate

With that beautiful scalloped edge, I added some Parisian flair with a French stencil that I had on hand using acrylic craft paint in a charcoal color.

Is the cake stand food safe?

While I did protect the platter with a clear water-resistant matte clear coat, it is recommended you use a paper doily, cloth napkin, or cupcake liners to set food on the tray. Also, it is not dishwasher safe or advised the cake stand to be emersed in dishwater. Instead, wipe the platter with a clean cloth.

DIY Cake Stand with Parisian Flair

Candlestick cake stand base

The wooden candlestick was brushed with two coats of the same chalk paint used on the platter, no need for the spray paint primer, unless you're using a silver candlestick for the base.

Once the paint is dry protect the painted candlestick with the same clear coat used on the platter. Once dry, attach the wooden candlestick by rubbing clear to the base of the tray with E6000 glue and let it cure for at least 72-hours (maximum bond strength) before using the cake stand.

While writing this post I am enjoying a fresh cup of strong coffee and one of those delicious chocolate cupcakes. I hope you found the tips I included helpful for testing and painting silver.

With the holiday season soon approaching, these DIY Cake Stands add so much charm to a buffet table when entertaining.

Like I said at the top of the post, I've made a few DIY cake stands from thrift store finds. Here are a couple more that you may enjoy. Like this Repurposed Silver Pedestal Cake Stands or this rustic Wedding Cake/Cupcake Stand, we made for our daughter's wedding.

Recommended Supplies

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DIY Petit Cateau Cake Stand From Thrift Store Finds

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