Unique Framed Fall Art With Dollar Store Leaves

Here's a unique idea for making framed Fall art with dollar store leaves that can be made in an afternoon and costs next to nothing to make. I show you how to print a graphic onto Burlap with a sentiment that will take you through to Thanksgiving.

Burlap Fall Wreath Framed Art

Unique Framed Fall Art With Dollar Store Leaves 

I have mine hanging on a wall in my living room but with its large size, would make an impact propped on a fireplace mantel or dining sideboard too. In an entry, would be a nice idea for welcoming guests during the Fall season.

I've included a free printable graphic with a detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to print it on burlap fabric so you can make your own version of this DIY Fall framed art.

Unique Dollar Store Fall Leaf Framed Art

There may appear to be a lot of steps in this tutorial but I've broken them down into small manageable steps so it is easier to follow. I promise it looks much harder to make than it is.

DIY Fall Leaf Framed Art

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Supply List

Large Wood Picture Frame (glass removed)
Burlap table runner
Fall Burlap Ribbon
Artificial Fall Maple Leaves in assorted sizes
Freezer Paper

Tool List

Inkjet Printer
Hot Glue Gun

Instructions for dollar store leaves framed art

Step 1 - Paint an old picture frame in autumn colors

Find a large inexpensive wood picture frame at your local thrift store. It doesn't need to have glass because we'll be removing it anyway.

Give it a good clean and once its dry we're going to drybrush layers of paint in autumn colors with either chalk paint or acrylic craft paint.

Dry brush technique

To dry brush paint in layers, dip just the tip of an inexpensive chip brush into the paint and dab the excess onto a paper towel. You want very little paint on the brush - hence the term dry brush. With light pressure, swipe the color in random strokes across the frame, leaving a lot of the color underneath still showing.

Repeat this step with every color. I used acrylic craft paint in the colors olive green, orange, dark yellow, tomato red, and raw umber.

Step 2 - Burlap lined picture frame backing

Now we're going to create a lovely burlap backing for the framed art.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Burlap Wrapped Backing

  1. Cut a piece of burlap table runner about four inches larger than the backing that came with the picture frame. 
  2. Starting at the top fold the burlap over to the back of the cardboard and attach it with a hot glue gun.
  3. Stretch the burlap taut and fold it over the bottom of the cardboard and attach it with hot glue.
  4. Continue onto the sides.
  5. Place the cardboard back into the frame and secure it in place. My frame didn't have clips so I ran masking tape along the back to hold it in place. A bead of hot glue works too. 

Step 3 - Printing the graphic onto the burlap

I created a free printable that reflects the spirit of a bountiful Fall harvest and Thanksgiving. You can download an unwatermarked version by clicking the graphic below.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Watermarked Printable

Now that you have the graphic saved in your computer, we're going to use freezer paper to prep the burlap for printing. It may sound intimidating but really it isn't.

Cut your freezer paper to standard letter size (the size 8 1/2" x 11").

Fall Leaf Framed Art Freezer Paper

Measure and cut a piece of the burlap table runner 9" x 12". Set iron to the steam-setting to press out any wrinkles or curls on your burlap.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Ironed Burlap

Lay the shiny side of your freezer paper down onto the burlap and line it up straight with the grain of the burlap.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Burlap On Freezer Paper

Switch iron settings to high heat with NO Steam and press onto the matte side of the freezer paper until you get a good bond, especially on the corners.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Ironing Freezer Paper

Trim the burlap the same size as your freezer paper (8 1/2" x 11").

Fall Leaf Framed Art Trimming Burlap

Important Printer Tip

It is best if you print with an Inkjet printer because the freezer paper will heat in a laser printer and could get stuck in the machine.

I took the risk and used a laser printer with mine and didn't have a problem. Do it at your own risk.

Set your inkjet printer settings to the best quality to get a crisp print. Place the burlap into the manual feed of your printer and help guide it as it begins feeding into the machine.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Printing Graphic On Burlap

You can see mine printed rather light and that is because I used a laser printer. You will get a much darker print using an inkjet. Let the ink dry if using an inkjet printer for at least two hours before handling the burlap.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Printed Graphic On Freezer Paper

I went over mine with a black Sharpie marker and it worked just fine.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Burlap Print Darkened

Carefully peel off the freezer paper from the burlap.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Removing Freezer Paper

If you are still feeling a bit nervous about this step I found an easy to follow Video Tutorial you may find helpful.

Step 4 - Frame the graphic with a colored burlap border

To add a colorful frame around the graphic I used colored burlap ribbon that I had on hand. I've included links to some other options in the supply list.

Lay three vertical strips of autumn-colored burlap ribbon behind the printed graphic and secure with hot glue.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Burlap Ribbon

Fray the edges of the burlap ribbon by pulling one strand from the outside edge of the ribbon along all four sides. Repeat until you have about six strands or more removed.

Fall Leaf Framed Art Fraying Burlap Ribbon

Eyeball the burlap graphic to the center of the picture frame and add a dab of hot glue to secure it to the burlap wrapped frame.

Step 5 - Add dollar store leaves

Hot glue layers of assorted dollar store Fall maple leaves onto the frame.

That's it, we're done!

While it may look like a heck of a lot of steps to making this, it really isn't difficult and should only take an afternoon to complete.

How do you decorate with Fall leaves? For more Fall inspiration visit my DIY Fall Ideas page.

If you have any questions about this project, please leave them in the comment section below or press the Contact Me button at the top of the blog to drop me an email. I love hearing from you!

Dollar Store Fall Leaf Framed Art

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