A Fall Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Burlap And Tin

With the chilly days of Autumn upon us, my thoughts go to decorating the fireplace mantel and table tops with Fall decor. Each year I like to challenge myself by creating a unique Fall art project. This year I think I succeeded in making A Fall Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Burlap and Tin.

What I love most about this Fall sign is that I cut out a pumpkin from a piece of tin and created an oxidized copper patina using a fun paint technique.

Fall Pumpkin Art using burlap and tin

These are the materials I used...

Supplies to make Tin Pumpkin Art

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A Fall Pumpkin Craft Idea Using Burlap And Tin

Materials List

Old Picture Frame
Sheet of burlap *(affiliate link)
Shellac *(affiliate link)
Chalk paint in the colors Graphite and Old White
Clear Wax
Jute Twine
Sheet of tin
Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Kit *(affiliate link)
Sophisticated Finishes Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacers *(affiliate link)
Tin snips
Protective Gloves

Step 1: Refreshing an old picture frame

I found Mr. Frugalista's college diploma tucked away in a tub in the storage room but I really wanted the frame and the mat for this project.  I figured if he's had his diploma stuffed in the bowels of the storage room for several decades then it's free for the pick'ns!

Because the frame was stained red it was almost guaranteed that I would get paint bleed so to remedy that I applied a coat of shellac to seal the tannins in the wood. I brushed a coat of Graphite (charcoal gray) chalk paint for the first color. I followed it up with two coats of Old White chalk paint. Using an 80 grit sanding sponge, I distressed the corners to reveal the gray underneath. The paint was sealed with clear wax rubbed on with a clean link free rag.

Step 2: Burlap Back

I lined the cardboard backing of the frame with burlap leftover from a table runner, tacking it in place with dabs of hot glue.

Attaching burlap for the background of the tin pumpkin art

Now onto the fun stuff...

Step 3: Making a tin pumpkin

Note: For this step, you must wear protective gloves to prevent being cut by the tin.

I cut a small piece of sheet metal (you can buy small sheets at Home Depot) using vintage, made for giants, tin snips.

Cutting sheet metal with tin snips to make tin pumpkin art

I traced a pumpkin using a sheet of carbon paper onto the tin (as pictured below).

Tracing pumpkin image onto sheet metal for tin pumpkin art

Step 4: Painting and oxidizing the tin pumpkin

After I carefully cut out the pumpkin, I painted it with two coats of Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper Primer (as pictured below).

Metal Effects Primer on tin pumpkin art

Next, I painted two coats of Modern Masters Metal Effects Copper paint (sorry about the blurry photo).

Next, only on the leaf portion of the pumpkin, I applied Modern Masters Green Patina Aging Solution with a small paint brush and dabbed it with a clean rag. You can see in the photo below how it started the oxidization process.

Metal Effects Copper Paint for tin pumpkin art

After a few minutes, this is what it looked like.  Love this stuff!

With Sophisticated Finishes Blackened Bronze Metallic Surfacer and a Q-tip, I outlined around the leaf, painted the stem and ribs of the pumpkin (as pictured below).

Metal Effects Green Patina Aging Solution on leaves of tin pumpkin art

For the tendrils, I simply hot glued a strand of jute twine from the stem and to the leaf, using the printed pumpkin graphic as my guide (as pictured below).

Attaching green twine and wooden letters to tin pumpkin art

Step 5: Adding painted wooden letters

I had some wooden letters in my stash and painted them using the Modern Masters Metal Effects Primer and hot glued them in place.

I attached my Fall Pumpkin Craft into the painted frame and voila!

Here it is incorporated into our Fall Mantelscape. 

DIY Pumpkin Art for a Fall Mantelscape

When Mr. Frugalista got home from work he spotted his frameless college diploma on the dining room table and asked, "what the heck did you do with my college diploma"?  I gave him an innocent smirk and batted my eyes and he walked away shaking his head. And that wasn't the first time and it won't be the last.

Have you ever tried the Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit? If so, what did you make with it?

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