Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Are you like me and avoid putting certain garments and linens in the dryer? Even with all the wrinkle free fabrics available today, some things just need to be hung to dry. Truthfully, I air dry almost all of our laundry for multiple reasons; a) to extend the longevity of clothing, avoid shrinkage, and save money on electrical bills. In the Summer I dry our clothing outdoors on a clothesline but during the subzero winter months, I hang them indoors.

Our house has a small footprint and finding valuable floor space for a drying rack is not an option. So we came up with a great alternative for drying clothes in our basement laundry room by making a Suspended Clothes Drying Rod.

Laundry Room Suspended Clothes Drying Rod Tutorial for the Ultimate Organization and Cleaning Blog Hop

Video Tutorial

You will find the detailed written tutorial and supply list further down in this post.

DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Aside from the washer, it is one of the most functional workhorses in our laundry room.  After the holidays, I hung all my table linens and holiday party outfits to dry.

Hang linens, scarves, and delicate garments to dry on a DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Ask for the hangers next time you make a clothing purchase. They are perfect for hanging pants, linens, and scarves to dry. More times than not the store clerks are happy to throw them in the bag.

Using retail plastic hangers for air drying delicate garments and linens indoors

I love using them to dry scarves after washing them in the gentle cycle.

Air dry scarves on plastic hangers on a Laundry Room DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Materials List

  • 1/8 inch Aircraft Cable
  • 1/8 inch Aircraft Cable Thimble
  • Aircraft Cable Double Wire Rope Clamp
  • Chrome Shower Rod
  • Plastic Rod End Caps
  • 3 inch Hex Head Lag Bolt
  • 3/8 inch Plastic Hole Cover
All the supplies for this project were purchased at Home Depot.

Materials used to make a DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

How to attach a DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod to the basement ceiling

Suspended Clothes Drying Rod Tutorial

Hex Head Lag Bolt 

Screw 3 inch Hex Head Lag Bolt into the floor joists where you want the rod to hang on each end (see Diagram 3).

Chrome Shower Rod

  • Measure the Chrome Shower Rod the same length as where the lag bolts are mounted in the ceiling and mark a dot on the rod with a marker.
  • Add 2 inches from your dot marks on each end and draw a line around the rod.
  • Cut the Chrome Shower Rod using a hacksaw on each line that you marked.
  • Drill a 3/8 inch diameter hole in the Chrome Shower Rod on the dot marks.
  • Attach a Plastic End Cap on each end of the rod (see Diagram 1).

Aircraft Cable

  • If you have a suspended ceiling, mark the ceiling tile where the Aircraft Cable will hang and poke a hole large enough to accommodate the Aircraft Cable using an Awl.
  • Feed the Aircraft Cable through the hole in the Shower Rod.
  • On the strand of Aircraft Cable below the rod feed the Double Wire Rope Clamp through and tighten the screws to secure (see Diagram 1).

Plastic Hole Cover

Now feed the Plastic Hole Cover through the Aircraft Cable on the top of the rod, and then through the hole you made in the ceiling tile (see Diagram 2).

Aircraft Cable Thimble

  • Feed the Aircraft Cable Thimble through the Aircraft Cable (see Diagram 3).
  • Make a loop with the Aircraft Cable around the Lag Bolt and through the Aircraft Cable Thimble (see Diagram 3).
  • Figure out the desired length you want the rod to hang (ours is hanging 7 inches from the ceiling tile to the top of the Shower Rod).
  • Tighten the screws on the Aircraft Cable Thimble to secure (see Diagram 3).
  • Cut off excess Aircraft Cable
  • Push the head of the Plastic Hole Cover through the ceiling tile so the end cap sits flush with the tile and using E6000 glue secure in place (see Diagram 1).
Close up of materials used to hang a Suspended Clothes Drying Rod to the Laundry Room ceiling

I love that when our Clothes Drying Rod is in use, it doesn't interfere with the function of our laundry room.

Adding a DIY Suspended Clothes Drying Rod to the Basement Laundry Room

In the picture above, can you see that empty void to the right of the open shelving? The gas meter used to be there before we had it moved outside. One of the DIY projects we have scheduled for January is to reconfigure the cabinets and appliances so we held off widening the shelving. You can see how me redesigned our $500 Laundry Room Makeover here in my post Laundry Room REmakeover.

Laundry Room Suspended Clothes Drying Rod

Before we move on, I thought I would leave you with a helpful tip.

How To Avoid Ironing Items Hung To Dry

(if you don't have a steam setting on your machine)

  • Place air dried clothing in the dryer 
  • Set the dryer on the low heat or air fluff setting 
  • Add a wet tea towel for fabrics that tend to wrinkle, like 100% cotton
  • Set the timed cycle to 5-10 minutes
  • Fluff in the dryer
  • Remove items while warm and fold
Now that we've got the laundry room covered, what about the bathroom? I got so sick and tired of crawling under the bathroom vanity to access toiletries. I finally got smart and built a Bathroom Vanity Sliding Shelf and I can't tell you how much I love it. Even my OPI Friar Friar Pants On Fire nail polish has a designated cubby.

What about your jewelry? I got sick and tired of the tangled mess in my jewelry box. When we purchased an inexpensive floor length mirror for our bedroom a light bulb went off in my head. Why not organize and conceal all my jewelry behind the mirror. Check out my Mirrored Wall Mount Jewelry Cabinet, I absolutely love how easy it is to find my jewelry now.

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