September 23, 2015

An Easy Peasy DIY Fall Wreath {Fall Ideas Tour}

Hey guys, on Monday I told you about the Fall Ideas Tour that is going on this week in Blogland.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour so far.  If you missed Monday and Tuesdays tours follow the links at the bottom of this post.  

I'm so honored and excited to be a part of this tour.  Today seven of my blogging friends and I share our Fall Wreath creations.  So without further adieu lets get today's leg of the tour started shall we!

An easy DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour
My Fall Wreath is so easy peasy to make I almost feel guilty.  

Materials used to create a DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

Materials List  *(Affiliate Links included)

The How To

Step 1
Wrap the entire roll of ribbon around the wreath form, ensuring there is a long strand left to use for a double bow. 

Wrapping Fall ribbon around a wooden wreath form

Step 2
Cut each stem off the fabric leaf picks and simply insert them behind each fold in the ribbon, working your way around the entire wreath.  

Attaching fabric leaves around a wreath form for the Fall Ideas Tour

Step 3
Insert four acorn picks evenly around the wreath.  Sorry, I was so engrossed in my fun project that I forgot to take pictures of this process.  You get a good idea of where I placed them in the photo below.

Adding acorn picks onto a DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

Step 4
Make a double bow with the strands of ribbon.  I've included a Bow Tutorial that I found on YouTube that might be helpful.

Adding a double bow to a DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

Step 5
Simply insert a cute Scarecrow pick in the knot of your bow and cut off the excess length of the pick. To secure it even more, hot glue the back of the hat onto a leaf.

Adding a cute Scarecrow to a DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

Step 6
I was sure I took pictures of how I made the Scrabble tiles but for the life of me can't find them.  All I did was cut hardboard that I had in my stash into 2" squares using a compound mitre saw.  You could use real Scrabble game tiles as well.  Keep your eyes peeled for them at your local thrift stores.

Step 7
Draw letters and their corresponding numbers with a pencil and then fill them in with a black Sharpie marker.

Step 8
Cut a strand of green jute twine long enough to reach across your wreath. Starting in the center and working your way outwards on each side, hot glue your tile pieces onto the twine. Next tie or hot glue your twine onto the wreath, letting it droop a little.

DIY Scrabble Tile Banner on a Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

That's it!  It took me all of an hour to make this wreath.  Probably would have taken less time had I not been checking my iPhone every two minutes.

If you're wondering why my wreath isn't hanging on a door.  We got a brand new factory painted finish door and Mr. Frugalista will not allow a single thing to hang from that $$$ door!  Insert sad face here.

DIY Fall Wreath for the Fall Ideas Tour

Now it's time to see what my seven talented blogging friends created for their Fall Wreaths, you can find the links at the bottom of this post.

But wait, you may have missed Monday's Fall Mantle Tour or Tuesday's Fall Tablescapes.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, at least for us Canadians, you don't want to miss these!  

Come back tomorrow for the Thrifty Crafts tour.  I know you are sure to be inspired by this talented group!  

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I hope you enjoy the tour and leave with loads of inspiration and pins on your Pinterest Inspiration Boards!  

Thank you for joining us!

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