The final pop of Lime Green in the living room

If you've been following my blog over the last few months you've seen that I've been slowly redecorating our dining room and living room by removing the dark browns and lightening it up with white and hits of fresh green.

Today I'm sharing The Final Pop of Lime Green In The Living Room and now I can declare this room complete!

Adding pops of lime green in the living room

To unify our living room bookcases with our dining room built-in china cabinet I gave the backs a pop of Luscious Lime chalk paint and white wax from Country Chic Paint.

Living Room bookcase After

I love the color and how well it pairs with white - so fresh!  It has transformed these rooms from dark and lifeless to bright and cheery.

Here is picture of our dining room built-in china cabinet...

Dining room makeover

Here is what the bookcase looked like Before and After painting the backs...

Bookcase before and after left side

Bookcase Before & After Right side

Just by changing out the red for lime it made such a difference in the room!

Living room with pops of Luscious Lime on the bookcase backs

Everything on the shelves pop now too...

Close up of Luscious Lime chalk painted bookcase back 1

Close up of Luscious Lime chalk painted bookcase back 2

Sexy Rexy, our feline child, was not happy that I was disrupting his cat nap. Normally when he sees the camera in my hands his ears perk up, he grooms himself like a model before a photo shoot and makes every attempt to steal the show!

Our feline child looking unimpressed that I'm disturbing his cat nap

Mr. Frugalista was getting a little worried that our house was going to look like it threw up limes. "Enough with the green already", he said.  I think he was relieved when I declared the room finished!

Living Room Bookcase with Luscious Lime chalk painted back

A few years ago if someone had told me I would be incorporating lime green into our decorating scheme I would have laughed in their face.  It was all about the warm tones for this chick!

Living Room with pops of Lime Green

As nervous and hesitant as I was when the makeover began, I'm thrilled to have stepped out of our my comfort zone!

Would you believe the living room bookcases used to be an 80's Cherry Wall Unit?  We hacked it into two bookcases and a fireplace a few years ago.

If you want to see the other Lime Green elements I incorporated into the space here are links to each project below:

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