Creating A Hallway Gallery Wall

Since moving into this house, I've been struggling with a small wall at the end of our hallway. I've tried adding interest by hanging a large mirror, of which I disliked because who wants to watch themselves walking down the hallway en route to the powder room.  Then I tried a trio of watercolor prints hung vertically, which looked alright but had little personality.  My last attempt was painting the wall red to echo the one in our front entry, both of which can be seen from the living room.

My rule was that all the elements used in the gallery had to be DIYed from things found around the house.

Hallway Gallery Wall

Creating A Hallway Gallery Wall using elements shopped from the home

Here is what the wall looked like before I began...

Hallway Gallery Wall painted red

Repurposed Clock Frame

Starting with the frame of a wall clock that broke a few years ago.  I removed the broken mechanisms and attached a sheet of striped scrapbook paper onto the clock face with double sided tape.  I had a French Postal Graphic decal in my stash and applied it to the paper.  VoilĂ , instant art!

Hallway Gallery Wall with repurposed clock frame

Rustic Moss Monogram

I wanted the initial of our last name(s) included in the collage. I say names because despite being married for 28 years, I still go by my maiden name. Thankfully our sir names both begin with the letter B.

Hallway Gallery Wall with Moss Monogram

I simply covered a wooden letter B with self-adhesive sheet moss.  To add some contrast against the red I whitewashed some pieces of cedar tongue and groove boards, leftover from another project, and attached the B with a hot glue gun.  Then I remembered two plate shelves I recently whitewashed and planned on selling.  I love the added interest it gave to the gallery wall!

Wooden Finial

When I saw the large decorative wooden finial at Michaels, I knew it would be perfectly incorporated into the gallery wall. It is the only item I purchased.

Hallway Gallery Wall Large Wooden Finial

Metal Fleur De Lis Framed Art 

Several weeks ago I won the bid on this Fleur De Lis metal framed art at a local online auction site. The frame was dark wood and the metal a brushed antique gold. To better suit our color scheme I gave the wood a whitewash and rubbed silver gilding wax over the gold.

Hallway Gallery Wall with framed metal Fleur De Lis art

Framed Scrapbook Paper

I had the small white wooden frame in my stash and I simply added pretty Chandelier felted scrapbook paper inside and voilĂ , more instant artwork!

Hallway Gallery Wall with framed scrapbook paper

Small French Plaques With Glass Knobs

The two small fabric decoupaged frames with pretty glass knobs were hanging in our bedroom. The edges of the frames were black and so I added some contrast by whitewashing them.

Hallway Gallery Wall with decoupaged plaques

Beveled Mirror

Last but not least, a small beveled mirror was added to the mix. I know I said earlier that I disliked having a mirror hanging at the end of the hall but hung off center it isn't reflecting our every move as we walk down the hall.

Upper portion of Hall Gallery Wall

Lower half of Hallway Gallery Wall

I'm quite pleased with how I finally succeeded in transforming a rather blah wall into one with lots of personality and character!

If you've been following my blog you may remember how I gave Mom's Stool that she used on a daily basis, a special makeover. Finally, I found the perfect spot to showcase this sentimental piece.

Hallway Gallery Wall with sentimental stool

Easy Peasy TIPS for creating a Gallery Wall

Creating a Gallery Wall in four easy steps


Tape craft paper together the same size as the area of your gallery wall.  In our case, it was the entire back wall of our hallway.


On the floor lay out the elements for your gallery onto craft paper.  One rule of thumb is to create a symmetrical configuration by lining up the edges of the art on each side to form a square or rectangular shape.


Once you are happy with the placement draw an outline around each piece with a pencil.  Hang the craft paper on to the wall with painters tape and check it using a level to ensure it's hanging nice and straight.


Measure where the hooks are on the back of each element and mark it on your outlines.  Add nails or wall anchors where necessary and take down the sheet of craft paper.  Hang up your art and that's it!

Hallway Gallery Wall

I hope this has inspired you to create a gallery wall in your home using items that you already have!

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