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Mom's Stool Got A Makeover | The Interior Frugalista

March 19, 2014

Mom's Stool Got A Makeover

I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find a picture of my Mom sitting on her stool.  Many a potato was peeled and many a dish was washed while sitting on this stool.  Three years ago when she moved into an assisted living environment the stool became a plant stand with one of her crocheted doilies sitting on the top.

During her most recent move a few weeks ago there was no room for her stool so I took it home and Mom's Stool Got A Makeover. Hopefully I too won't need it to peel potatoes or wash dishes anytime soon!

Mom's stool makeover using an apothecary label graphic

This is a picture before the makeover and how it looked when Mom spent many an hour at work on it.

Mom's stool before it received a makeover

First I painted it in ASCP Old White chalk paint. Then I headed over to The Graphics Fairy website to find the perfect graphic. It didn't take me long to find a French Apothecary Label that I knew was "the one". I then went to the Block Posters site and adjusted the graphic to the size I wanted.

Stool makeover using chalk paint and an apothecary label graphic

Using one of my favorite image transfer techniques, I printed the graphic on the laser printer.  I taped it in place on the stool and put a piece of carbon paper behind it and traced over the details with a pen.  Then I went into Word and found a font that looked like it could pass for a Pharmacists handwritten prescription and printed it to fit over the apothecary label.  I lined it up, taped it in place and again using carbon paper, I traced the script onto the stool.  

Using an artist brush and some black acrylic paint slightly diluted I handpainted over the images.  It's a lot of work but there is something about getting lost in this process and going into The Zone that I just love. It's like meditation for me!

Mom's stool makeover using an apothecary label graphic

Normally I wax my pieces but being a stool I decided to protect it with a satin polyurethane. It just wasn't giving me the look I wanted so I decided to try something new and rub a dark wax over the poly. It took the wax and I loved the antique finish it was giving me. So I rubbed the joints and bottom of each leg with more dark wax to "dirty it up".  Then I rubbed it all over the top to age the apothecary label. It gave me exactly the look I was going for!

Stool makeover using an apothecary label and chalk paint

I will cherish Mom's stool and hopefully I can find that picture I was looking for and transfer it onto the bottom of the stool for future generations to see!

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